Arsenal Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season Revealed: Photo

The design of Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season has been revealed on the Internet.

Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season will feature the classic red shirt with white sleeves. However, the design also features what appears to be a charcoal rounded collar and charcoal or black bottom to the sleeves. Also of note is that Arsenal’s crest has reverted to their previous design, before the 125th year anniversary shirt, with the exception that a navy blue color has been introduced.

The source of the design is the reliable Arsenal Insider website. In previous years, they’ve revealed the new Arsenal shirt several months before the official photos had been unveiled. For this particular shirt, they have a photo of the shirt itself, but in order not to incriminate their source, they’ve created a design of the shirt from the actual photo.

Don’t be surprised if you have people who respond to this article by posting comments that the shirt is fake. The same thing happens every year, and we always find out later that the designs or photos were, in fact, accurate.

Having said that, what’s your opinion about the new design of the Arsenal home shirt? Love it? Hate it? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “Arsenal Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season Revealed: Photo”

    1. Arsenal Insider said themselves that they have seen an actual photo of the shirt, and they photoshopped this one based on the photo they have seen. They couldn’t post the actual photo.

  1. It reminds me of the Asenal shirt from ’92-94, but let’s hope that Nike doesn’t go with the headache inducing design of the same years for the away shirt.

  2. That’s fake, you can see where the addition of the white and navy stripe on the sleeves are extremely blurry compared to the sharpness of the rest of shirt, it is a bad photoshop. Not to mention it doesn’t line up with the rest of the sleeve, someone took the 10-11 shirt added a horribly drawn collar and added crappy blurry sleeves.

    1. “For this particular shirt, they have a photo of the shirt itself, but in order not to incriminate their source, they’ve created a design of the shirt from the actual photo. “

  3. Shirt is not my headache! Whatever they like, let them wear! I just want a trophy, shikena(hausa/nigerian language meaning end of story)

  4. Come on, Nike. I expect better than this. Judging on this and the new Brazil kit, it seems that they’re going with the thick bands around the sleeves look in all their shirts.

  5. This is a terrible design. Why can’t Nike realize that EVERY Arsenal home shirt should be red with white sleeves. The shirt from ’08 was terrible with the white stripe down the sides. Experiment with the away shirt.

  6. Gotta do better than that. Current Arsenal kit is very classy. Like it a lot. My favorite in the league is Newcastle’s home kit…hands down! I’m frightened at what will happen to Liverpool’s kit next year. Warrior is making it, not Adidas? Warrior’s website is crap.

    And they make “EXTREME” clothing for hockey and lacrosse.

    Maybe they’ll make a baggy-snowboardy-jean kit with skulls on it for Liverpool. Fingers crossed (sarcastically).

  7. It wouldn’t be as bad if they removed the red stripe on the sleeves. I don’t mind the charcoal collar and sleeves but I think they would look better in navy, in order to tie the shirt back to both their away kit and the crest on the front.

  8. Fake or not – it is consistent with Nike’s new Brazil template, with its bizarre cuff-like ends on the sleeves. I’m still scratching my head on this one.

  9. Pick a color for the rings. I like the just red rings, but if you want to do something like that, don’t do red, white and black rings. ugh.

  10. Gaffer, there’s no new colors in the crest. Since the redesign in the early 2000s there’s always been a bit of blue along the sides of the crest. Nothing new about that. I think it’s interesting that the sleeves almost look like they have French flags on the ends of them. Interesting. I’d have to see a proper picture before rendering my judgement, but I’m skeptical I’ll like it.

  11. I agree with the person who said it seemed very NHL. It looks a lot like the NHL’s Winter Classic sweaters. Kind of a throwback design. Think of it as wearing those tall striped socks from the 1970’s, only on your arms. If this ends up being what Arsenal wear, I like it.

  12. LOL…looks like the french flag on the arms….perfect for the french national squad development project that is arsenal.

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