1.377 Million Viewers Tuned In to FOX to Watch Chelsea vs Man Utd On Super Bowl Sunday

FOX’s live airing of Chelsea against Manchester United on February 5, 2012 delivered an average 0.8 rating with 1.377 million viewers, which was approximately 119,000 viewers more than the viewing figures for the Arsenal versus Manchester United match shown live on FOX on January 20, 2012. The audience for the Chelsea versus Man United match was 1.258 million.

Excluding Super Bowl programming on NBC, the Chelsea against Manchester United match was the top-rated broadcast event of that weekend among young viewers including men 18-34 and men 18-49. The top markets airing the game live were New York and Washington DC, which led all markets with a 1.6 rating, followed by Portland, Birmingham and Austin with a 1.5.

FOX also showed the game live on FOX Deportes. When the ratings for FOX and FOX Deportes are combined, the total viewing audience was 1.843 million, with a combined rating of 1.1.

According to a spokesperson for FOX Sports, there are no new plans to report currently regarding the chance of any additional Premier League matches being shown live, or on tape delay, on FOX for the remainder of the season. Eric Shanks, FOX Media Group co-President and co-COO, recently told the press that he expects there to be one more live match shown next season compared to this.

21 thoughts on “1.377 Million Viewers Tuned In to FOX to Watch Chelsea vs Man Utd On Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Why do you keep reporting that the EPL games on FOX was Live. it was never a live game. the proper description will be a delayed broadcasted game. the Chelsea FC VS Man Utd was close to about 45mins(estimated) late been shown on FOX. the life game at Stamford Bridge was done and i know the scores but it was still been played on FOX and still before half time.
    i guess its so easy to fool “the not so hard core soccer fans”……..right !

    1. The vast majority of FOX stations nationwide showed the game live. There were 15 by my count that showed it on delay.

      The Gaffer

      1. Not sure what you’re on about. I watched the match LIVE. It was on my TV at the correct current local time in England and the live online scoring was in exact agreement with what was on my TV. If you watched where there was tape-delay then of course what you were seeing and what you could “know” would be entirely two different things.

  2. in the SF Bay area it was not on ktvu fox 2 it was on a sub station channel 6. if people check in on the main station and its not on are they going to check the smaller affiliates / sub station? probably not.

  3. How do Fox’s numbers compare with ESPN2? Which game on ESPN2 has so far had the most viewers? Might be interesting to know how the two networks compare for viewership.

    1. Record numbers for ESPN2 so far is 528,000 for Manchester United-Arsenal, December 2010, while for FOX Soccer, it’s 418,000 for Chelsea vs Liverpool, February 2011.

      The Gaffer

  4. I think just about the same number of people have Fox and ESPN/2 because all basic packages carry them. A very miniscule number get their TV over the air via an antenna.

  5. The failure to follow up by not showing further games is a mistake if true. I would say one a month for the remainder of the season would be about right and showing a game on the final day that means something would be a good test of viewer interest.

  6. A useful experiment, something for everyone in terms of analysis.

    If Fox aired a live Prem game on FSC and then cooked down a one hour Match of The Day package for affiliates to air before or after NFL coverage, that would seem to be a good approach, with the occassional special live Fox OTA/FSC dual broadcast.

      1. Don’t worry. When your grown children or grandchildren know more about the NFL and only keep a vague interest in the EPL you will then have witnessed firsthand the inexorable power of the acculturation process. 😉

        1. True story. Last Sunday, my 7-year-old daughter overheard a conversation I was having with my 15-year-old daughter. We were talking about whether we would be watching the Super Bowl (both my 15-year-old and I agreed that we weren’t going to watch it). My 7-year-old daughter asked me, “Daddy, what’s the Super Bowl?” It was a beautiful moment.

          All she knows, at least for now, is soccer — which she watches now and again with me. That will change, but for now, she’s oblivious to the NFL.

          The Gaffer

  7. What Fox should do is replace their NFL football games timeslot from the end of the playoffs in late January with EPL matches (delayed) or something along the lines of a review show of the weekend’s action. That would introduce more viewers to the EPL.

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