Fabio Capello Resigns As England Manager

Fabio Capello has resigned as England manager. The fallout from The FA’s decision to remove John Terry’s England captaincy must certainly have been a key issue in the decision by the Italian to resign.

The decision by Capello to resign was given after his meeting with The FA. The discussions focused on The FA Board’s decision to remove the England team captaincy from John Terry, and Fabio Capello’s response through an Italian broadcast interview.

In a meeting for over an hour, Fabio’s resignation was accepted and he will leave the post of England Manager with immediate effect.

David Bernstein said: “I would like to stress that during today’s meeting and throughout his time as England Manager, Fabio has conducted himself in an extremely professional manner. We have accepted Fabio’s resignation, agreeing this is the right decision. We would like to thank Fabio for his work with the England team and wish him every success in the future.”

Capello is quoted in the Italian media as saying:

“They really insulted me and damaged my authority. What really hit me and forced me to take this decision was the fact the much-vaunted Anglo-Saxon sense of justice, as they are the first to claim that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In Terry’s case, they gravely offended me and damaged my authority at the head of the England side, effectively creating a problem for the squad. I have never tolerated certain crossing of lines, so it was easy for me to spot it and take my decision to leave.”

A media conference with David Bernstein and the Club England Management team will take place at Wembley on Thursday at 12 noon.

The timing of the decision comes on the same day that Harry Redknapp was cleared of tax evasion charges. Surely, Redknapp will be approached regarding the immediate opening and will be strongly favored as the frontrunner to take the job. If Redknapp takes the England job, you have to wonder if Capello will take over Redknapp’s role at Tottenham Hotspur.

What’s your reaction to the decision? Do you think England will be better off without Capello? And do you think Redknapp should become the next manager? If not, who?

31 thoughts on “Fabio Capello Resigns As England Manager”

  1. Wow, I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming, especially before Euro 2012. But I honestly think it is a good decision, and a good showing from Capello to back the true captain so staunchly. Apparently JT is already guilty, even though he hasnt been to trial yet. While I think Redknapp will be a better manager for the team (Capello barely speaks English), I don’t think he’s the man for the job either.

  2. Kudos to Capello. He’s the Manager so it’s his choice of Captain. As I said in the other post let the trial decide Terry’s guilt or innocence, until then he has not been convicted. If he should be convicted I’d like to see him fade away into obscurity.

    It’s interesting that the Italian Manager has more knowledge of the legal system than the FA.

  3. Wow, didn’t even consider Mourinho for the position before I saw it on the poll. That could be extremely interesting. I could also see Harry taking it and Jose taking Spurs over. Going to be an extremely interesting few weeks

  4. The FA has really outdone themselves this time in sabotaging the England team before a major tournament. Perhaps they should go one further and kneecap half the team thereby ensuring historic losses against The Faroes and San Marino.

    When Sepp Blatter retires from FIFA we all know a nice warm spot is waiting for him at the FA. Exchanging one inept organisation for another inept organisation overloaded with cronyism is fair exchange I’d say.

  5. Capello absolutely made the right decision. The FA acts like the mafia and do whatever they want to without being anwerable to anyone. They never practice what they preach either. Rooney was found guilty by UEFA and banned for 3 matches only for the FA to appeal it. An EPL team wouldn’t be allowed the same due process.

    Why didn’t the FA contact Capello and ask for his opinion before they made their decision? That would have been the right thing to do. It’s because they feel they are the law unto themselves.

    Good for you Capello. Showing the Anglo Saxons that talking about being innocent until proven guilty is not the same as actually putting it into practice. The FA failed in applying the “inccocent until proved guilty” legal protection in England.

  6. Hadn’t thought about Mourinho. Interesting possibility. As for Spurs taking on Fabio if Harry gets the job…..wouldn’t that be like a death wish?

  7. Pearce should take over for the Euro. Afterwards, Harry can take over and prep team for WC2014.

    As for Terry being a “true” captain give me a break. It’s clear what he said, he should have owned up and taken the consequence. He probably would still be ENG captain if he did.

    I agree that an Englishman should be named manager for the squad. I actually think every nation should be managed by a person who is from that country. Something tells me that I am in the minority on that one though.


  8. Capello has every right to decide who should and shouldn’t be the captain of his team. Capello is the coach and should have had the say on matters involving setup of his team but instead the dictatorial decision to leave him out and make decisions without involving him is ridiculous from English FA.

  9. I was never that enthused about Capello as England manager but I have added respect for the man for his principles. It’s something the FA does not have any at all. If the FA wants to decide on personnel matters why do they need a manager?

    This whole episode shows the FA for what they really are, a bunch of idiots. Any future England manager should think twice before taking the job.

  10. Capello has the right to resign. The FA has the right to name who captains their team, although it would have been best if they left it to the manager to make that decision.

  11. I’m shocked that no one is reading between the lines here. England/FA wanted to fire Capello after the 2010 World Cup but they didn’t want to pay him 9 million/year for the next 2.5 yrs for nothing.. So they were going to ride out his contract until after the Euros. The Terry situation gave the FA an opening to challenge Capello and gave Capello an opportunity to resign under the guise of defending his Captain instead of as a failure. This allows both sides to save face and allows the FA to save money while negotiating the financial terms of Capello’s resignation. I think both the FA/Capello have wanted out for a while but Capello didn’t want to walk from the money and the reputation and the FA didn’t want to buy him out.

    The Terry stuff is all a smoke-screen.

  12. Martin o’neil should get it but Harry will get the job. David moyes will replace Harry at spurs and everton will get relegated within 2 seasons

  13. Capello comes out looking good in this episode and the FA as the villains. Unfortunately the FA doesn’t care what anyone thinks as they are answerable to no one and therefore will do anything they want.

    I wasn’t happy with some of Capello’s tactics andselections but on this issue I am on his side. The fact that the FA took such an important decision without input from the manager shows arrogance of the highest order. This entire episode shows the FA for what they are, a bunch of bullies.

  14. Wow! Who would have thought that Anton Ferdinand would be the reason that Team England is in disarray 4 months before the start of the Euros??

  15. Yeah, I hope you feel good about yourself Anton. Never good enough to play for the national team so you tried to ruin JT’s chances of representing his country. Pure jealousy, nothing else. Since when did Anton Ferdinand start caring about race? The guy earns like 150k pounds a week, he’s set for life. He doesn’t have to worry about being discriminated in jobs or housing. He probably lives in a posh West London apartment and by the time he retires, he’ll have mad more $$$ than all the blacks in England make in a year….

  16. Capello actually showed some backbone and like it or not he is right, the FA screwed this thing up, they should have included them in the decision making process.

    Harry should NOT take this job, although he will want too the whole damn country from pundit and players like Rooney via twitter doing the same make it very difficult for him to say no to joe public want him to take it. All except myself and fellow spurs fans. he would get england playing the same great beautiful football that spurs play, and with that probably get us to the euro final, but he shouldn’t do it.

    He should say no and here are some thoughts why, he has just finished a 5 year battle in court because of a tabloid and vindictive detective. He walks in on a ridiculously awkward situation with the england squad and in particular the defensive players and the cancer of the england team john terry.

    It was harry that managed terry, lampard and ferdinand (amongst others) at west ham through the academy making it even more awkward than someone without any ties to those players. Add to that his recent heart attack and the reality that the tabloids welcome all managers with this fan fare only to criticize and maline every aspect and decision that is made by an england team manager. For his own health as well as the health of my spurs DO NOT DO IT!! England doesn’t deserve you, especially those damn arsenal fans!!

  17. (1) A lot of people think Harry Redknapp is a sure thing to be appointed England manager. My question: is John Terry still an issue with the FA? If the FA tries to hire ‘Arry, will they also say he can’t put Terry in the squad? Will Mr. Redknapp, having been, in his mind, unjustly accused of tax evasion, see John Terry’s viewpoint and refuse to leave him out of the team? Or is the John Terry deal a smokescreen, as “US Stoke Fan” has written above?

    (2) The FA; UEFA; FIFA: who has the biggest idiots in charge?

  18. Saw this coming a mile off as I mentioned on Twitter Tuesday evening. The FA could never condone an England captain to be convicted of racial abuse charges after the stink they threw up about Blatter last year, and Capello’s stubbornness indicated a collision was on the cards.

    I think this is positive. If they pick a part time Redknapp with Pearce as co-manager to handle team practices while Harry fulfills Tottenham obligations, we’ll have some upside for the Euros.

    Please, please, no Hodgson, Bruce or Curbishley as caretakers. I take Hiddink ahead of them in the short term.


  19. Harry would be a fool to take the England job. All the fans who are demanding he’s gets the job now will be calling for his head after the inevitable disappointing performance and early exit from Euro 2012. It will be explained away as due to him not being in the job long enough and he’ll stay long enough to be given the push after a quarter final World Cup exit in 2 years time

    Why put himself through that and be out of a job in 2 years when he has built a team who are flying high at Spurs, is sure to lead them back into the Champions League next season and all he has to do is stay above Arsenal – which shouldn’t be difficult for the next few seasons, and there is no real expectation for them to finish in the top two league places

  20. So the FA has appointed Stuart Pearce as manager on an interim basis after Capello walked out due to the Terry situation that was about race relations in the EPL. How many people are aware that Dennis Pearce, Stuart’s brother, is a member of the BNP and who ran as a candidate on the platform that Blacks don’t belong in England. I do believe that Stuart Pearce has distanced himself from his brother’s position but given the way in whcih the British press works how long before Stuart Pearce becomes an issue if he were to say or do anything even remotely controversial that involved a Black player.

    Good luck to Pearce and the next England manager because working for the FA will not be easy especially if they make decisions without the manager’s input.

  21. Since when did Patrice Evra and Anton Ferdinand decide that they were the VICTIMS of racism? I mean excuse me, but you guys are millionaires. You earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a WEEK, which is what an entire black neighborhood in an English city would make in an entire year. Victims of racism is when the overwhelming majority of prisoners in countries like the USA are black, where poor, young, black men are the most likely to be criminalized. In England, police officers patrol the streets of black neighborhoods and an overly suspicious attitude towards black civilians. In a world where the poor people are dying of hunger and starvation, and the rich keep buying new homes and yachts from their taxpayer-funded bailouts, that’s what you call BEING A VICTIM OF RACISM or anything!! not when you are an overpaid athlete and some one says something to you on a football pitch and it hurts your feelings and ego. Gimme a break.

  22. Just read that Harry wants Scholes to go to the Euros. More proof if anyone needed it that Harry is NOT the right man for the job. Martin Samuel and Garry Neville made excellent points this weekend in the Mail. What England needs is a plan, a strategy for the next 2 tournaments with a manager who commands respect and is not a “players coach”. Everyone including the FA seems to think Harry is the answer. No doubt Spurs are a good team but its mostly down to their non-English players which is the point Martin Samuel was making. Neville was right too. England should a young squad for the Euros that that can still be around for the world cup. So bye bye Gerrard, Terry, Lampard etc. Harry is another Kevin Keegan more than he is another Terry Venables or Bobby Robson. Remember, this is a man who signed Peter Crouch not once but TWICE! It will be kick and rush and out before you know it. Who is the best qualified manager out there to build a young team with the likes of Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshire? Yep, Arsene is the man the FA should go for. But they won’t because they are clueless and will pander to the media. And the joke that is England will go on and on.

      1. I’m not. But I am an England fan and one that is tired of the circus surrounding the team. I don’t mind Harry but just think Wenger is a better option if the FA tries to learn from the cricket and rugby teams. In both those sports, there was a vision to build the national team into the best in the world. It took ten years to turn English cricket from a joke into the #1 team. The rugby team is just starting out again down that path. But all the FA seems to have is the next man on the list. No plan, no strategy, nothing. Whats so funny about that? You must be Scottish!

        1. Are you and England fan ? or english? anyways, I laugh because wenger is not exactly a shining example of how to manage english players, he has managed a sub version of the french national team with the occasional exception. Why hasn’t wenger used the arsenal academy to develop english players? he has been in a great position to do so but hasn’t. Walcot is not good enough, and please don’t try to argue he is, Wilshire is average and cleverly of Manutd will take his place. Oxlade chamberlain is probably the best English player on that arsenal squad and Harry loves him and has publicly stated so.

          Again…Arsenal has been great for the french national squad, but please after 15 years, where is the english talent he has developed?

          As far as I am concerned harry should stay at spurs, but I’m a spurs fan as well as an englishman. Fergie should do it, but that is me being selfish as a tottenham fan.

          As for the crouch comment, crouch (44 caps and 22 goals) has the second highest goal scoring ratio vs appearances for england behind Rooney.
          What about the play at tottenham do you honestly think is kick the ball out and rush forward? take the spurs system and replace each player in that system with and english player if need, (personally i think Kyle Walker could play left back and Mica Richards right back, glen johnson is a back up now sucks and cole is just not good enough anymore).

          You honestly think that with the choice of all Englands players that the fluid system harry plays wouldn’t create a team that could dominate and win?

          As for a plan, of course a plan is needed, but the england manager is not responsible for the entire structure of the fa and english football or youth development. That is the FA’s responsibility. The sync of the premier league in particular and the FA is crucial to development of english players.

          English rugby? union or league, union is in disarray, and as for cricket, finally its better but the one day performances aren great are they… so that is why i LOL

          whats wrong with the scotts? I love the scotts, the SPL sucks but the the country and people are awesome

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