Poll: Who Should Be Manchester United’s Starting Goalkeeper?

Manchester United recently lost to Liverpool in a very closely contested match at Anfield. The last goal by Kuyt, in my eyes, was easily stoppable if de Gea would have divede to smother the ball with confidence instead of whatever it was he did.

Notice I said WITH CONFIDENCE. David de Gea at many points looked very nervous not just against Liverpool but all season long. At one time, many would have been willing to give him a free pass because he is young and new to playing in the EPL, but now the excuses are running out. Considering the defensive issues that have plagued Manchester United this season, de Gea should be stepping up to do his part. Instead, fans have seen shocking losses come at the expense of his nervousness and let’s face it, when teams sense a nervous player, they will take to it like a shark takes to blood in the water. It was evident against Liverpool. After Kuyt scored the second goal, Liverpool looked hungry to finally put MUFC away even with 2 minutes left.

Anders Lindergaard has slowly but surely gotten more starts than de Gea and sooner or later Sir Alex will have to choose. It’s becoming clearer that Lindergaard is a better choice. He is confident, calm and clear minded. He communicates well with his defense and it shows. In his short stint at starting goalkeeper, he already has 7 clean sheets to de Gea’s 5. But it seems like de Gea has the advantage of youth and potential on his side and he was a big transfer coming in and that is what is blocking Lindergaard from being the number 1. Having said that, Lindergaard is now out for four weeks with an ankle injury.

Regardless, SAF has to decide who his number 1 will be going forward this term if he wants to be number 1 for a 20th time in the end.

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  1. harry cee February 2, 2012
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