Protester Handcuffs Himself to Goalpost During Everton-Man City Match: Photos

Unbelievable scenes happened at Goodison Park Tuesday night when a protester entered the pitch and handcuffed himself to one of the goalposts. The incident forced the referee to stop the match for approximately five minutes until the man and the handcuffs could be removed from the goalpost next to Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart.

While the police tried to free the man from the handcuffs, the managers from both sides used the time to speak to their players and to give them some team tactics.

The irresponsible move by the protester not only delayed the game, but it also resulted in nobody knowing what he was protesting. The man became quite irate when the police tried to shake the handcuffs. And for a few minutes, the protester spoke to the Everton players.

Here are the photos from the incident.

7 thoughts on “Protester Handcuffs Himself to Goalpost During Everton-Man City Match: Photos”

  1. No worries for the Toffees fans ! He might even be a good omen as Everton won today. If they had lost, he would have been hunted down by half of the city

  2. He has only gone on to embarrass his supposed daughter. He’s lucky he didn’t pull this stunt in Brazil. What a self-absorbed idiot.

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