UPDATED: Tottenham Hotspur Planning 2012 U.S. Summer Tour, Says Report

Tottenham Hotspur is planning a three-city US tour this summer, says a report in Sports Business Journal.

UPDATE: Tottenham is scheduled to play New York Red Bulls on July 31 or August 1, 2012 at Red Bull Arena, according to the New York Post.

Baltimore and Los Angeles are two of the cities poised to host the games, while the third city has not yet been determined.

Ravens President Dick Cass has said the team wants to bring international soccer back to the stadium in 2012 after not hosting a game in 2011. International soccer exhibitions were played at the 71,000-seat M&T Bank Stadium in 2009 and 2010.

It definitely helps US soccer fans that Under Armour, the Baltimore-based sportswear manufacturer, has inked a deal with Tottenham Hotspur to provide its kit/uniform for the next five years beginning with the 2012-13 season.

If Los Angeles and Baltimore will be two of the cities where Tottenham plays, which US city should be the third one? Add your vote in the comments section below.

In addition to the expected visit of Tottenham Hotspur to the United States this summer, Liverpool and Chelsea (two teams with US connections) will be playing friendlies on these shores in July.

53 thoughts on “UPDATED: Tottenham Hotspur Planning 2012 U.S. Summer Tour, Says Report”

    1. No chance…almost certainly a team from another demographic will play LFC. LOTS of Portugese and Brazillians to sell tickets to. With that said LFC could play a local high school team and sell out Fenway easily.

  1. Game at the Rent in Hartford would be cool and they would get to play on a real grass field unlike 90% of the football stadiums games will be played at which will be artificial turf with sod rolled over it. I saw team USA play the Czech Republic in a WC warm up in 2010 and Liverpool has played Celtic there as well.

  2. I agree with Columbus, Ohio being a great destination. I will definitely be going to see them in Baltimore, and I would drive out for Columbus as well.

  3. try “youtube yid army” see fans from all over the world 3 million in british isles 179 million worldwide…I enjoy american history love to visit boston, new york…ic-casuals dudes posse outlaws london spooks!

  4. Philly, although im trying not to be greedy since Baltimore is well within range. But hey, I’ll see them twice if I have to

  5. Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver (in that order)!

    What’s with people asking for San Jose — you can’t drive a couple hours south?

  6. How about Toronto Canada, but anywhere central or eastern US is good with me……COYS………3rd Place EPL is great, but let’s push on higher & place extra presure on the Manchester Teams!!!!

  7. The current MN Vikings ownership is trying to get a new stadium built and have said they would also be interested in bringing a MLS team to Minnesota also. I think bringing the Spurs here would be a great way to build excitement for soccer in Minnesota and could help with the Vikings quest for a new stadium.

    Bring them to the Twin Cities!!!

    1. Like who> Kyle Walker and Vedran Corluka? That is all they will have left after ‘Arry leaves by the end of the week to manage the Three Lions, Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart jump the sinking ship and NO ONE except for Luis SAHA signs in the summer. Oh, and Ade will go back to City. Don’t waste your gas OR your money. sp*ds wont even be able to play The Crew’s stars!

  8. IN The southeastern United States there are more soccer clubs and fans than anywhere else in the US. Atlanta, GA is the “soul” of the south and the Totenham Spurs would be given a huge welcome. Ask anybody that has been here and they will tell you that the people are friendly and love to share whatever they have. Ya’ll just bring them Hotspurs here and see for yourself.

    1. They would fit right in with the Hawks, a team that once in a blue moon in relevant and ALMOST makes it past the second round of the playoffs, then goes back to being awful. YOU DO NOT WANT SP*DS ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR CITY, REGION, STATE, COUNTRY, HELL I DON’T EVEN WANT THEM THIS SIDE OF THE POND!!!

  9. Is there any way of predicting where the next major natural disaster will be? We should send them there! Baring that maybe some tiny out of the way place like Truth or Consequences New Mexico. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT send that sh*t club anywhere near my beloved home cities of Cleveland or Los Angeles!

    1. You must be an Arsenal fan to be acting like a douche bag. And why in the hell would anyone want to go, much less a top club want to play in Cleveland? Shut your mouth and keep crying. Arsenal will be better in 10-15 years.

  10. As a Spurs fan in Baltimore, this would make my year! As for the other city, how about KC? Nice stadium. Middle of the country.

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