Could You Afford a Season Ticket If You Lived Near Your Favorite Premier League Club?

Imagine for a minute that you lived in England and that you finally had the chance to watch your favorite Premier League club in person. Like me, if you’re such a die-hard supporter of your team, you would definitely look into how much it would cost to buy a season ticket so you wouldn’t miss a home match.

But then — shock, horror — you look at the sticker price to see how much it would set you back.

Season ticket prices differ greatly in the Premier League depending on the club. But at the high end, the club with the most expensive season ticket prices is Arsenal. The cheapest season ticket is £925 while the most expensive one is approximately £5,200. In US dollars, that’s between $1,448 and $8,142. No matter how wonderful Arsenal is to watch, those are extremely aggressive prices even if the wages in London are higher than in other parts of England. And those prices don’t include the cost to become a member just so you have the right to purchase season tickets.

And that’s the price for one season ticket. Just imagine if you wanted to bring your partner, friend or child with you to home matches throughout a season!

Yes, season ticket prices for other clubs are less expensive than Arsenal, but if you lived in England, could you and would you pay for a season ticket for your favorite club? Would you draw the line and say it’s too expensive, or would you fork over the hard-earned cash? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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