FOX Soccer to Air Everton vs Fulham FA Cup Match Live On US TV Featuring Donovan vs Dempsey

FOX Soccer has made special arrangements to televise a live broadcast of Friday’s FA Cup match between Everton and Fulham, which will possibly feature Clint Dempsey playing against Landon Donovan for the first time since 2006.

The FA Cup match between both sides wasn’t originally scheduled for television, but EPL Talk understands that Everton gave FOX Soccer special permission to use its live feed of this important fourth round FA Cup match.

Friday’s match will kick off at 3pm ET on FOX Soccer. Meanwhile, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go will be broadcasting Watford against Tottenham Hotspur beginning at 2:45pm ET.

In addition to Dempsey and Donovan, American goalkeeper Tim Howard may make an appearance. All three Americans played for their respective teams when they played in the FA Cup third round. However, Everton plays home against Manchester City on Tuesday, while Fulham plays on Wednesday against West Bromwich Albion, so there remains the possibility that managers David Moyes and Martin Jol may want to rest some of his key players.

Landon Donovan has been one of the best players for the Toffees since rejoining Everton on loan, while Clint Dempsey has scored 15 goals in all competitions so far this season, and is currently on fire after scoring a hat trick at Craven Cottage against Newcastle United.

UPDATE: FOX Soccer personalities JP Dellacamera and Eric Wynalda will serve as play-by-play and analyst, marking the first time Americans have called an FA Cup match on FOX Soccer.

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19 thoughts on “FOX Soccer to Air Everton vs Fulham FA Cup Match Live On US TV Featuring Donovan vs Dempsey”

    1. Buddle’s trial with Everton has ended and it looks like he might sign for a club in Belgium instead.

      The Gaffer

    1. The decision was probably more to do with a choice versus JP/Wynalda and the Everton FC commentator, so I would argue that FOX’s decision is a good one. At least it’ll be a more even commentary instead of a very one-sided and probably not as professional Everton commentary.

      The Gaffer

  1. I just hate the short shrift we get in the USA when it comes to announcing in a booth in Los Angeles or someplace just as far from the match. I’d be down with Dellacamera and Wynalda if they were on site. GolTV has the same problem for me.

    1. It’s too short notice for FOX to send commentators to England. They only just made the decision to air the game a few hours ago.

      In fairness to FOX, they broadcast several live EPL games on TV each weekend. If they had just one, like ESPN, it would be easier to send a team to that ground.

      The Gaffer

      1. C’mon Gaff, we know FSC wouldn’t have sent their own commentators if this was on the calendar for a decade.

        The English commentary of the international feed used by FSC is fine. But I’ll always prefer ESPN’s method in its current form. FSC has the feel of a real shoestring budget. Incidentally, their MLS coverage has vastly improved, really since the switch to HD.

        1. Sorry, I thought you were talking about this specific game. FOX has been using more correspondents on-site before games, but so far, it’s been a conscious decision not to have people on-site. That may be economics. FOX pays a boatload of money for the rights to show the Premier League, while ESPN sub-licenses 1-2 Premier League games a week from FOX. ESPN also has a UK station and UK-based commentators (Ian Darke and Macca), so it’s easier for ESPN to do what they do.

          The Gaffer

  2. Only thing that would make this better is if fox aired it on another one of their “live” tape delays! Watch out, espn! Fox in now the leader in world sports!

  3. Good Job Fox. It shows you care and your listening to this site and other fan forums out there. It also shows the growing interest in soccer in America and the desire to follow the US stars where they may be playing.

    Yes Fox has been behind over the years on the technical presentation side of things but it created in large part the interest in the EPL in the country and has greatly contributed to the soccer boom in America.

    I also again will have to thank the Gaffer for being the fans voice and working to get what the US fan wants onto our TV screens, computers, or i-pads etc.

  4. That was the single worst English football viewing experience I have ever had. The horrible American announcers who knew nothing other than Dempsey/Donovan/Howard, the horrible, distant camera angles, the horrible sound. if they want Americans to get excited about soccer it won’t be listening to John Harkes talk out of his a***. I don’t know how they could have made it any worse of a viewing experience for their regular viewers.

    1. I guess I’m glad I missed it. I watched Watford against Tottenham. In fairness to FOX, the TV feed was directly from Everton, so FOX had no control over the video or sound. The commentators were JP Dellacamera and Eric Wynalda.

      The Gaffer

    2. This is the single worst criticism I have ever seen. You couldn’t even get the commentators right in your criticism.

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