How to Contact Your Local FOX Station If They’re Not Showing Arsenal-Man Utd

If you live in one of the seven regions in the United States where your local FOX station is not showing the Arsenal against Manchester United game live tomorrow, you should be mad as hell — even if you don’t support either club.

Why? Because next time a Premier League game is only shown live on FOX, chances are that the station may show the game on tape delay again, or maybe not at all. Next month, it’ll be Chelsea against Manchester United on Super Bowl Sunday. But if the ratings are impressive for tomorrow’s Arsenal-Man United match, then there’s a good chance that FOX may be showing many more Premier League matches exclusively live on FOX.

The important thing to remember is that you should not take your local FOX’s decision for granted. One of the only ways it’ll consider changing its mind is if they get enough people contacting them and complaining. To make it easier, I’ve listed the contact information below for each of the FOX stations that are not showing the Arsenal-Man United game live tomorrow.

Be sure to contact them today:

If you know of any other FOX stations not showing the game live, please add them to the comments section below.

By the way, if you do get to talk with someone from their programming department and they give you the line “Well, it’s being shown on tape delay later,” ask them how they would feel if the NFC Championship game was shown later in the day on tape delay. How would they like that?

If you’re serious about watching the game live, you may want to consider checking to see if there are any other FOX stations near your area of the country carrying the game. For example, if you live in Miami, WSVN won’t be showing the game until midnight. But if you drove north one hour to Palm Beach County, you could watch the game there on WFLX in one of the pubs there (or my house).

The other idea is to check to see if you can use rabbit ears on your TV set to pick up other FOX stations out of your area.

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