1990 World Cup Panini Stickers Featuring Some Familiar Faces: Photos

I went through a stack of Panini stickers from the 1990 World Cup today, and picked out eight different stickers that I thought you would be interested in. Click on the above photo for a larger photo.

A lot can change in 22 years. Kasey Keller went from the goalkeeper with a mullet to a baldie. Eric Wynalda looks so young with a stuck-in-the-80s hairstyle. Klinsmann, Robson and Lineker look the same. Gascoigne looks normal in the above sticker. Alex McLeish looked like a bright young spark. Little did he (or we) know that he’d be delivering dour football to us two decades later as manager of Aston Villa. But my favorite one of the above is Mick McCarthy. He seems like such a lovable bloke, and I’m sure the 1990 version of him was just as witty and interesting.

The football kits on display are quite different than today’s modern designs. I particularly like the simple, back-to-basics, one that Wynalda is wearing. It’s dated, but it’s a classic Adidas shirt that is so iconic. I like the England one, too, but with the collar unbuttoned. Lineker looks like a vicar in the above picture. The Republic of Ireland top is also elegant. While the fabric looks like it would be a little uncomfortable to wear, I like the lighter shade of green. The one that Eire currently uses is a much darker shade.

6 thoughts on “1990 World Cup Panini Stickers Featuring Some Familiar Faces: Photos”

  1. Gaffer! If you’re gong to talk about kits, that Scottish kit might have been their best ever! Beautiful shirt!

    1. True that is, but the photo didn’t reveal much of it. It was a classic design. Was it an Umbro design?

      The Gaffer

  2. The Ireland one was top notch also, Euro 88 with the mesh in the sleeves LOL still have the home and away shirts that I brought with me to the states in 1990. Also have a Russia Euro 88 jersey with CCCP on the front! Classic

  3. Can’t get over Kasey Keller’s hair in that photo. I’m so used to him being bald. The Mick is making the same exact face that he does on the sidelines today, too funny!

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