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Liverpool and Chelsea Planning 2012 Summer Preseason Friendlies In US, Says Report

chelsea liverpool1 Liverpool and Chelsea Planning 2012 Summer Preseason Friendlies In US, Says Report

Liverpool and Chelsea are both planning summer tours to the United States to compete in preseason friendlies, which may include Liverpool playing AS Roma at Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park baseball stadium, says The Boston Globe.

The newspaper reports that in addition to Liverpool possibly playing Roma at Fenway Park, that other preseason friendlies which may include Liverpool and/or Chelsea playing in Chicago (at either Comiskey Park or Wrigley Field) and at Yankee Stadium in New York. Toronto has also been rumored as a consideration.

Dates have not been set, according to the newspaper, but Liverpool has made reservations, in preparation for the tour, in the Boston area from June 20 through July 4.

Seeing Liverpool and Chelsea playing friendlies this summer in the United States will be a welcoming sign of the Premier League’s continued growth in the country as well as the economic boost that the English clubs receive after playing in front of sold-out crowds. However, don’t expect a lengthy tour by either Liverpool or Chelsea due to Euro 2012 (June 8 to July 1) and the Summer Olympic Games (July 27 to August 12).

With Liverpool owned by Fenway Sports Group, this undoubtedly was a major factor in seeing Liverpool return to the United States on tour. The last time Liverpool played in North America was in 2004 as part of the Champions Tour when they played Celtic and AS Roma. The last time Chelsea played in North America was the summer of 2009 when they completed a successful tour as part of the World Football Challenge.

The tour is expected to be announced shortly. But which cities would you like to see Chelsea and Liverpool play in?

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51 Responses to Liverpool and Chelsea Planning 2012 Summer Preseason Friendlies In US, Says Report

  1. eric says:

    los angeles!!

  2. Matt says:

    Kansas City. Great complex, draw from KC, StL, Oklahoma City, and Omaha, which are all good soccer markets. Depending on the MLB schedule, it could be the only event that weekend in that part of the Midwest.

  3. Yespage says:

    Come on Akron! :^D

    But Chicago could be doable.

  4. jerryjones says:

    this is really god news since im a liverpool supporter. the only bad thing is that the euros and olympic games are going on this summer. therefore most likely the European players will not feature. at least the ones playing in the tournaments which may be almost half the squad

  5. daS says:


  6. Mitch says:

    Liverpool need to come to Philadelphia! The mighty Reds playing in front of 80,000 at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia would be a Dream. Come. True!

    Chelski aren’t welcome and won’t get any brotherly love here! Dirt bags ain’t got no history!


    • CTBlues says:

      Philly = worst/dirties fans. You guys boo santa and attack Iraq vets when they wear their Rangers jerseys in Philly.

      • gsnardo says:

        Stereotype much? Santa thing was 40 years ago. The incident with the Ranger fan happened miles from the stadium. If Philly is so bad how come we’ve hosted the likes of Man United(multiple times) Real Madrid,Everton and quite a few European sides over the years? I just wish Spurs would tour the US

        • gunnerforlife says:

          It should come as no surprise that for someone in Philly to be a Spuds supporter. America’s sh*t city and London’s sh*t club, a match made in heaven!

  7. Jeepers says:

    +1 for Philadelphia (I’m obsessed with LFC). Soccer is on the rise here in a big, big way.

    We need a supporters group Mitch — the PhilaPudlians, no?

  8. Jorge says:

    Chelsea to the West Coast, mainly SF! Let it happen please!

  9. Jon says:

    As a Yankees and LFC Fan, Yankee Stadium would be perfect, but Boston is plenty good as well.

  10. endrit says:


  11. Andrew says:

    I’d love to see LFC play in Houston, TX. It could happen right? At least Kenny Dalglish’s son Paul lives here in Austin and has ties with the Houston Dynamo.

  12. CTBlues says:

    Chelsea better play at Yankee Stadium. Those dirty scousers can stay up in Boston with the Red Saux.

  13. harry cee says:

    Will go see the game if it’s close enough on the east coast!

  14. Glyn Davies says:

    At Redbull Arena.

  15. Deano says:

    Liverpool should come to Seattle. EPL teams always draw a great crowd when they play in the Emerald City.

  16. FCAsheville says:

    This would be epic…already planning a Fall trip to Anfield & the UK. LFC twice in a matter of months would be great….at Fenway and Anfield too!!

  17. Billyv says:

    KC, had a huge crowd for ManU (Arrowhead Stadium, 50k+) two summers ago and a nice crowd at Livestrong last year for Newcastle.

  18. Sacto Blues says:

    I am hoping for Chelsea to play in the Bay Area.

    • the bay area has no decent outdoor stadium facilities save for AT/T which was too awkward for the Man City game. Plus, real football fans are always turned off by the fact that a premier league or La Liga team is always up against Earthquakes or some Mexican side

  19. LFCTaank says:


  20. Kevin Bennett says:

    Any chance of going further south? I live in Atlanta and am already planning this trip but if there is a possibility to go any further south i.e. DC? could you?

  21. Behrad says:

    Chelsea should play in Washington, DC or Baltimore!

  22. Mahlon Christensen says:

    I missed Man City when they played in SF last year, so any EPL team that comes to the Bay Area I’ll go see.


  23. Can,t wait to follow king kenny and the reds over the pond to boston and n,y in the summer,,The hardest bit will be breaking the news to the wife..,,JUSTICE 96..Y,N,W,A.

  24. Sarah says:

    chelsea. chi town baby. love love love

  25. Peaches says:

    O calling all gods . . . concentrate . . . concentrate . . . Blues v Scousers in Chicago . . . only eight hours to drive . . . (actually rather drive there from MSP than have the match here).

  26. Word on the street is Kentucky… Coming to play for me. Cause I’m the only LFC fan here. Even still… YNWA

  27. katie says:

    chelsea in philadelphia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please oh please oh please!!!

  28. gsnardo says:

    Philly seems all but certain to host one of these sides as it was announced today the Union will host the 2012 MLS All Star Game July 25

  29. LFCfan says:

    LFC To Toronto Please!

  30. pat says:

    Chelsea to play @ Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Huge Soccer market in the Tri State Area, Ohio South YSA is a massive organisation and it would give the locals a chance to see at last a truly successful Footballing Franchise in the flesh…Boom Boom!!

  31. Elan says:


  32. paul says:

    saw liverpool play here in 04 great game vs roma would love to see them play in philadelphia against union

  33. Mike says:

    at Fenway is a possibility for Liverpool FC, but i would love to see them play in D.C at Fedex Field!!! YNWA!!!

  34. Brett says:

    I would love for the match to be in Toronto, due to the fact that I live in Ottawa. That being said, no matter where it is, I will get there if any games are on a time I am not working, even if the story is wrong and they play in LA, Texas, or Florida. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  35. Nick says:

    Chelsea to chi town go blue

  36. silas says:

    NEW YORK!!!!!!!!! preferably yankee stadium!!

  37. Lin says:

    Yankee stadium plz plz plz. I live in NJ and an expat… Liverpool have been my team for the last 35 years…

  38. Junior says:

    L.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!

  39. brion says:

    Liverpool vs los angels galaxy. Robbie keane vs Luis suarez and against the pool

  40. Danny says:

    Texas !the Dallas cowboys stadium is perfect

  41. oscar says:

    chelsea should come to MONTREAL !!!!

  42. Aaron says:

    Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina

  43. Nadia Corey says:

    ATLANTA……………PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! im a huge fan of futbol

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