Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 21: Open Thread

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had an open thread, but this weekend’s Premier League fixtures offers plenty of opportunities for some of the underdogs in the league to register an upset. With no early and no late kick-offs today, you have seven Premier League matches kicking off at 3pm GMT/10am ET. Potential upsets are Bolton against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Wolves against Spurs at White Hart Lane, Stoke City against Liverpool at Anfield, and Sunderland against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Then again, we may see a string of no surprise victories for the top teams in the Premier League.

Other games kicking off today include Aston Villa against Everton, Blackburn versus Fulham and West Bromwich Albion against Norwich City.

Suffice to say, there’ll be plenty of action to get everyone busy for two hours today. And then it’ll all be over until tomorrow! As always, feel free to post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

18 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 21: Open Thread”

  1. Interesting. Christopher Samba isn’t included in the matchday squad for Rovers against Fulham today due to “illness.” Sounds like a good story.

    I’m watching Blackburn against Fulham, and Man United against Bolton — and will be switching between games depending on how exciting/boring each one is.

    The Gaffer

    1. Blackburn against Fulham game is starting to warm up. Yakubu has been red carded, so it’s 11 against 10. Hoping for a more open game now.

      The Gaffer

  2. Why pay for Fox Soccer Plus (Directv) when the Man U vs Bolton game not even televised except for ESPNDesportes?
    Now they wonder why people stream games on the internet

    1. ESPN has the rights to the Man United against Bolton game, so FOX Soccer Plus can’t show it live. In addition to ESPN Deportes, it’s also being shown live on

      The Gaffer

    2. I suppose FOX Soccer Plus might have still had value today if your league didn’t revolve around Manchester United? I’m under the assumption most United fans are capable of appreciating other matches (and are realistic when, once in a blue moon, their team isn’t shown live).

  3. So how long until FSC realizes their crowd feed on Chelsea – Sunderland is about 7 seconds behind the live action? Half time? Do they even notice it?

    I hope Chelsea scores so we can hear the crowd roar on 7-second delay.

    1. It’s pretty amazing that people, particularly on this blog (where the Gaffer seems to have some inside knowledge at FOX and uses it) are still in the dark as to how television production can work. Though we shouldn’t be surprise that two-out-of-three football fans seem to love complaining more than the game (me being one of the two).

  4. Watching Pool/Stoke City on FS Plus. That poor ball has a legitimate lawsuit against both teams for intentional infliction of emotional distress. God, this is awful, might as well be a Premier League game back from 1962. Kicking and running, creativity at negative 32, this must be the “honest” football a lot of Brits keep reminiscing about. Kenny, you can’t win the Premier League with anti-footballers and horticulturalists…

      1. Vorm has done well, but the rest of the Swansea team have been paying their dues. Same applies to Arsenal and Blackburn.

        The Gaffer

  5. Watching highlights of Chelsea/S’land at half time made me ponder on something.

    As a Liverpool fan, I can say that El Nino Torres w/ one good leg, low on confidence (missing an empty net v. United) and during the worst spell of his career, is still levels above a misunderstanding like Carrol at his best (scoring a game winner for Newcastle at the Emirates).

    The much malligned Mike Ashley arguably made the best deal in the recent history of English football. Please, take him back, Mr. Ashley! Pretty please!!!

    And one may argue that Suarez and Torrez would not work together up front b/c they have similar style of play, but, who knows; if you pair up those 2 up front, that would provide the much needed mobility of an extremely stale and static Liverpool attack as seen this season.

  6. Liverpool show once again how pathetic they are. Another home draw. They created nothing all game long. I wonder what Daglish’s excuse will be this time? All that possession and absolutely no cutting edge and end product. He also sent out a side with 5 fullbacks. At home. By tomorow they will be in 7th place which is where they rightfully belong.

  7. What a waste of my morning watching Liverpool vs Stoke. Liverpool truly look like a midtable team. They didn’t test the Stoke keeper once all game long. Had a couple of feeble attempts at goal which were easily gathered by Sorenson. You could buy a whole team with the 100 million Daglish spent on those overhyped British players and that team would score more goals than this awful Liverpool team. This game was a bore and showed that Daglish hasn’t yet entered the 21st century tactically.

  8. Daglish doesn’t get the type of criticism the foreign managers get for his side’s mediocrity. All his British buys have been flops. An overrated British manager with overrated British buys. Liverpool’s only chance of getting into Europe is by winning the Carling Cup so that they get a place in the dreaded Europa League. They sacked benitez for finishing 7th. I wonder if they’ll sack Daglish when they finish 8th (that’s where they’ll end up).

  9. I don’t think Daglish will be sacked because he just signed a lucrative 4-year contract and his payoff will be huge. Unless Liverpool are in relegation trouble, which is not likely, Daglish will stay. Not sure if the owners will give him any more money to spend on players though given his poor record of signings so far.

    Some Liverpool fans are hoping he might voluntarily step down at the end of the season but I doubt it.

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