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Win Gold adizero F50 Boots, 5 Pairs To Be Won

Messi GoldenBoots 20818 600x399 Win Gold adizero F50 Boots, 5 Pairs To Be Won

Leo Messi’s place at the pinnacle of world football was confirmed by his third consecutive Ballon d’Or, but he didn’t do it alone. To celebrate his win, Leo has thanked everyone who has supported him in his career, from his team-mates and family to the fans that help make football the most beautiful game of all:

To honour Leo’s third Ballon d’Or adidas has sent him a pair of very special boots for his upcoming matches. The customised adizero F50 boots have been produced in a celebratory gold colourway and feature the flag of Argentina, the years of Leo’s Ballon d’Or successes and a thank you message to fans.

While those boots are just for Leo, you can pick up your own gold adizero F50 boots through

To celebrate Leo’s win, EPL Talk has teamed up with adidas to give away five pairs of gold adizero F50 boots.

Messi GoldenBoots 20833 600x400 Win Gold adizero F50 Boots, 5 Pairs To Be Won

The winners of the contest are:

  • Guy Klein, Hunter Stevison, Justin Yerina, Jesse Middleweek & Chengchao Qu

gold cleats 600x416 Win Gold adizero F50 Boots, 5 Pairs To Be Won

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11 Responses to Win Gold adizero F50 Boots, 5 Pairs To Be Won

  1. aliy says:

    It is nice to see lio winning it..

  2. Laurence says:

    Just to remind you guys, the answers need to go in an email to:


    To be counted in the competition.


  3. shahzaib says:

    itll be awsome to see lio wining

  4. Ryan says:

    Winners announced?

  5. RR says:

    Was the winning answer just Paris? I tried to one-up the competition by being more accurate with Saint-Denis, France.

  6. Ryan says:

    I sure needed a new pair of boots, but congrats to the winners! Use them well!

  7. Andrew says:

    have winners already been emailed?

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