English Football Cards From Early Nineties (Pro Set): Photos

In the late 1980’s, football stickers were still the rage so when Pro Set launched a collectible card collection in England and the United States in the early 1990’s, they definitely turned heads. The quality of the photos were spectacular when compared to the tiny stickers from Panini, and it wasn’t any surprise that they became quite popular. That said, I wonder if they printed too many because for a few years I used to find boxes and boxes for sale at baseball card shows in the early-to-mid 1990’s.

Click on the above photo for a closer look at a small selection of the Pro Set cards I found in my garage. You have the great Cyrille Regis in his Coventry City kit (and very short shorts), the one-and-only Ian Rush in that sublime Liverpool kit, Ray Wilkins (with hair and a very baggy shirt) running across the pitch for QPR, as well as Billy Bremner of Leeds United fame (and pictured as Doncaster Rovers manager), Paul Merson firing a shot for Arsenal and last, but not least, Roy Wegerle of QPR. Although he was born in South Africa, Wegerle played for the United States as well as Blackburn, Coventry, Chelsea, Swindon, Luton and many other clubs. His brother Steve Wegerle was also a famous footballer who played for New York Cosmos and Tampa Bay Rowdies.

The Pro Set cards are a beautiful set. I’m sure that some of you, the readers, may have some of them. For those who don’t, you can probably find them on eBay.

5 thoughts on “English Football Cards From Early Nineties (Pro Set): Photos”

  1. Loved Regis so much – my first exposure with English football was in 1987 when watching a taped game featuring Coventry in the FA Cup where Regis scored and was pleasantly surprised to see them playing in the FA Cup (and winning the Cup) several months later.

    Was really happy that Roy finally had a chance to play in the World Cup too.

    1. I was wondering if you wanted to sell or make a trade for the Cyrille Regis card #45? My Son is in need of a few cards to complete his collection of this series. He has plenty to trade and would be willing to look in his extra pile to trade.

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