What Happens to Christian Miles Now That Rob Stone Has Joined FOX Soccer?

Reading the press release about the arrival of Rob Stone at FOX Sports this week, you would have presumed that Christian Miles was a goner. Without mentioning Miles’s name, the press release described how Stone would be hosting Goals On Sunday and FOX Soccer Match Day, both programs currently hosted by Miles, and even mentioned that Eric Wynalda had been shifted to studio analyst, but still didn’t say a word about Miles. So it’s no surprise that the blogs and Twitter were buzzing about Miles’s presumed demise.

Except that Christian Miles is still alive and well at FOX Soccer despite the smack in the face of not being mentioned in the press release. Miles will continue being the host of Goals On Sunday and FOX Soccer Match Day through Super Bowl Sunday (February 5, 2012).

And then beginning in mid-February, Christian Miles will be the new lead match commentator for FOX Soccer’s coverage of Serie A games on Saturdays and Sundays. Miles will replace the international feed led by Paul Visca.


36 thoughts on “What Happens to Christian Miles Now That Rob Stone Has Joined FOX Soccer?”

  1. Count me as one of many who will not watch this

    Miles is terrible.

    He would put me to sleep as the match commentator

  2. Fox Soccer is gonna bid for La Liga rights anyway so Serie A will be put on the back burner or tossed entirely since Real Madrid and Barcelona have bigger followings here and get more viewers. Serie A and La Liga tv rights are up at the end of the year.

  3. I’m sorry, but this is a new low for FoxSoccer. FS’s coverage of Serie A (at least in terms of commentary) is very good. This is a huge step backwards.

  4. Miles must have pictures of the boss. No other way to explain why he will be allowed to do commentate on a league he hardly knows. Many of the Serie A games that FS and FS+ show are also on ESPN3 and foxsoccer.tv. I wonder if the games on foxsoccer.tv will have Miles as the commentator?

  5. This is terrible news for american viewers watching Serie A…I am begining to really hate Fox soccer between this awful news and the horrible cheap HD they use!!!

    Visca and Richard Whittle are fantastic….Miles is so annoying and he is addicted to using stupid phrases like RICH VAIN OF FORM over and over again!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH

  6. I cannot believe Fox is doing this. Miles is awful and so annoying. The international feed rocks!!!

    Another new low for this terrible station.

  7. Give us your tired, your poor, your failed Canadian weathermen. When is Fox going to learn that the only reason anyone watches FSC is because they own the rights to the sport we love? Stop trying to reinvent everything, give us the game, give us the feed from announcers who are in the stadium, show us the pre-game warm ups, stop trying to turn everything into Monday Night Football. Also Warren Barton is a numpty.

    1. huh, every match on FSC has the feed from the announcers in the stadium. I agree with that ESPN with Ian Darke and Steve Macnamaman do a better job with pre match,half time and post match.

  8. Not good news as Miles is terribly boring. If Fox Soccer want to drop the international feed, they should get two good commentators like Gol TV has for La Liga. Sometimes I watch La Liga just to hear Ray Hudson. He may be over the top but at least he makes the match exciting with his creative language. Hopefully, Fox Soccer won’t take La Liga away from Gol TV.

  9. How come Fox are not taking ESPN’s lead and using real commentators for their shows. Macca and Ian are fantastic to watch. These American commentators are pathetic. I don’t watch Serie A anyway, but I think the likelihood is less now.

  10. Still a bit of a demotion for Miles. One step closer to the exit. He’ll join up with Bretos over at ESPN before too long.

  11. I miss Andy Houlihan. Miles most likely has a contract that Fox didn’t feel like paying off. But, clearly the writing is on the wall.

  12. I’ll add my voice to those who have said this: Visca is amazing. His exaggerated pronunciations of player names was good shtick, and he added excitement to the matches he did. I will always watch a game he’s doing simply because he is worth it. Terrible move by Fox Soccer to bump him, although great move to get Rob Stone.

  13. This may be a little off subject but has FSC decided against trying to acquire the rights to and then featuring Scottish Premier League or the English Championship as a replacement for MLS ?

    1. FOX owns the rights to the Championship, and shows many of those games on FOX Soccer Plus and FOXSoccer.tv

      As for SPL, I believe Premium Sports has the rights to those matches. Other than the Old Firm, I’m sure the other games don’t get much in terms of TV ratings.

      The Gaffer

      1. fox soccer.tv turned out to be a waste as they can’t show the games they show on the television channel due to “licensing reasons.” the reason i got the .tv service in the first place is because my provider doesn’t offer the channel for anything less than $30-$40 a month extra. what’s the point?

        1. Steve, unfortunately it’s the price many of us pay to watch the best league in the world, week in, week out. If I had to guess, most readers are paying $100 to $200 a month for their cable/satellite packages.

          The Gaffer

    1. Serie A fans may disagree, but I thought Miles and Sullivan did a good job of commentating in the Juventus match yesterday.

      The Gaffer

  14. Well, he was on Goals on Sunday today for the Carling Cup Final… is he back? Rob Stone is horrible, seems as if they’ve picked a random American baseball/football/basketball “sports” fan and asked him to talk about soccer, something which he obviously knows nothing about. I shiver everytime i hear him.

    1. Miles was doing the Saturday show, too. Who knows. Maybe Rob Stone had the weekend off or is moving to LA.

      The Gaffer

  15. TERRIBLE MOVE. Thank god for ESPN3 & downloads. The replacements are horrid. Bombard @foxsoccer to complain. I can’t believe they did this to us.

  16. I wondered what was going on.



    (I guess this is what happens when they lose MLS)

    I actually just dropped Gol TV because all they do is rerun el clasico. If Fox gets la Liga, that could mean Gol TV getting more Bundesliga. If that happens, I will have to get it back.

  17. I seriously cannot stand the new announcers for serie a. I love watching it on the weekends but i really cant stand the two new announcers What happened to the last guys? I think fox soccer made a huge mistake to have these guys announce the game. Especially the announcer that played soccer back in the day. His commentary makes me want to kill myself. From now on i will either be watching my calcio on my rai italian station where the commmentators have true passion for the game. Or if i need to watch fox soccer i will due it with the mute button on. Bring back the old announcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know the contact info for the fsc to make a complaint? maybe if enough people complain they will do something

    1. Giovanni, after this season FOX Soccer won’t have the TV rights to Serie A, so there’s no point in complaining to them for the few remaining weeks of the season.

      The Gaffer

  18. Can someone please tell Joker Wynalda to keep his hands out of his pockets and to stop playing with his pen? He really is annoying, and adds little or nothing most times.

  19. I miss Christian Miles. While I do recall Rob from his prior work on other sports channels, and I thought he did well back then, Christian keeps the conversation flowing on Goals on Sunday. Right now, Eric and what’s his name to his right, look like they’re bored, asleep, or recovering from a hard night. Christian knew his stuff, didn’t rely on his notes like Rob AND kept the other guys engaged in the broadcast. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rob. I even chatted with him during the Freddie Adu debut during an MLS Cup match in the 2000’s. Anyhow, if I were in charge, I would share duties between Rob and Christian.

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