What Would Your Dream Premier League TV, Radio and Podcast Wish List Look Like?

We all know that Premier League football is far more than the 90 minutes our favorite team plays each weekend. Throughout the week there’s plenty of programming, on television, the Internet and radio, to keep us informed and entertained about our passion. But what if, for a minute, you could pick and choose your dream entertainment guide to the Premier League.

Ignoring the constraints that prevent you from making that dream come true now, what shows would you watch or listen to? Would you watch Match Of The Day and Football Focus? Would you watch Sky Sports throughout the day? Would you listen to match commentaries of Premier League games via BBC Radio Five Live? Imagine, for a minute, the impossible.

With that in mind, I need your help to build what a dream-come-true entertainment guide to the Premier League would look like. I’ve created a calendar and I’ve filled in my recommendations of must-see TV and must-listen radio and/or podcasts. But please feel free to add, edit or delete as necessary. Anything goes as long as it’s not a web page (i.e. don’t list The Guardian or EPL Talk, but you can list specific podcasts and what time they’re usually released). You can include videos, podcasts, TV shows, radio debates, etc.  Whatever you find entertaining and think that fellow soccer fans would appreciate.

The key is to expand the possibilities and add the best-of-the-best even if it’s from a different country than where you live. My goal here is to determine what is the best bits of Premier League-related news and entertainment from around the world, no matter what the barriers are.

So click on the button below to access the interactive calendar. All times are eastern (GMT -5).

You can access the calendar via this text link.

Any questions? Post them below in the comments section.

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