What Are The 20 Premier League Clubs Wishing For in 2012?

Here is what the Premier League clubs are wishing for in 2012:

Arsenal: Gunner fans are wishing that scoring machine Robin van Persie continues his torrid streak.

Aston Villa: That Alex McLeish has a method to his “managerial tactic” madness.

Blackburn: Steve Kean is renting and not buying.

Bolton: Club officials are wishing the F.A. will bring in two more clubs into the Premier League in hopes that Bolton won’t be relegated.

Chelsea: Andre Villas-Boas decides on the correct starting eleven for his club so that they can make another run at the title.

Everton: That Landon Donovan can breathe some fresh air into the Toffees offensive attack.

Fulham: Hopefully Martin Jol can unite his squad to make another run at a Europa spot next season.

Liverpool: Luis Suarez starts to be known for his play and not for his antics.

Manchester City: That the club continues their blistering pace.

Manchester United: Alex Ferguson uses his genius to figure out the midfield problems.

Newcastle: Demba Ba decides to stay with the club through the January transfer window.

Norwich City: That the club can continue their steady pace and enjoy a second season in the first division.

QPR: The Rangers magically figure out how to score more goals at Loftus Road.

Stoke City: To make sure that an away trip to Britannia Stadium remains a difficult test for opposing clubs.

Sunderland:  That the likes of Sebastian Larsson and Nicklas Bendtner give the Black Cats an offensive identity.

Swansea City: The Super Swans wish that Michel Vorm continues his ridiculous form at goalie.

Tottenham: That the Spurs finish in the top four and qualify for next year’s Champions League.

West Brom: The Baggies wish that Shane Long and Chris Brunt can continue to inspire their teammates in hopes of finishing in the top half of the table.

Wigan: That Victor Moses keeps playing with flair and goalie Ali Al Habsi remains one of the best keepers in the league.

Wolverhampton: Wolves wish that Bolton, Blackburn, and Wigan remain below them in the Premier League table.

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8 thoughts on “What Are The 20 Premier League Clubs Wishing For in 2012?”

  1. Correction:
    Aston Villa: that randy Lerner sells the club before doing any more damage and takes mcleish, heskey, Hutton and James Collins with him on his way out.

  2. By the way I think this should be a new series, let’s call it Matt hacks miller points out the obvious. Qpr wants to score more goals, stoke want to pick up points at home and Norwich want to stay in the division. Duh.

  3. Liverpool admit their buy-British experiment has been a failure and start to buy quality from abroad and which would cost a lot less too. Oh wait, latest news is that they are interested in Darren Bent from Aston Villa and they will probably pay 30 million for him. Never mind.

  4. Gary: thank you! Kenny’s folly: the purchase of horticulturalists, lumerjacks and other beer league players like Henderson, Caroll and Downing is a disaster. Unmitigated disaster!

    Liverpool goes all out, crowd behind them v. top sides like Manure, Citeh, Chelsea and does well. But they don’t know what to do v. other kick-and-run sides like B’burn, Sunderland, Norwich, etc. and it shows the team’s desperate lack of creativity…

    God, I look at Silva and Aguerro and those two are football, the essense of football, the beautiful game, regardless of whether Citeh wins the title or not!

    The Gaffer put a former footballer’s article a couple of weeks ago about “there’s no right way to play football” and “Stoke City is an honest side”…for as long as English fans continue to praise “honest” teams and “footballers” like DeLap and Stoke City, England will never get past 1/4 of a major tourney…ever!

    Actually, Barca has shown in the last 5 years or so that there is the “right” way to play football and win and “wow” the world…Love them or hate them, there hasn’t been as dominant side in world football in the last 20 years or so as this Barca side.

    Big picture wise, w/ only 2 English teams left in CL(good luck v. Napoli and Milan, btw) and no English-based player in any “best of 2012” rankings, it makes you think twice about the Premier League being “the best”…yes, a lot of games are quite attractive to watch, but as long as “footballers” like Ryan Shawcross keep playing in the Premier League, the league will have some serious credibility issues with “purists” such as myself…

  5. Kenny Dalgleish is probably wishing Andy Carroll injures himself and is out for the season by – hell I don’t know – oxygen starvation or something after attempting to actually run ten yards and avoiding him the embarrasment of having to field a overpriced carthorse every week.

  6. Well said Ivan. There’s a big difference between good football and exciting football. The EPL has few rivals when it comes to excitement. Yet the better football is played in places like Spain where the technical abilities of the players are a sight to behold. That’s why the British teams will not win a major trophy any time soon unless they begin to produce players with technical ability and with a good football IQ. Watching players like Silva, Yaya Toure, Modric and company iluustrates this quite well.

    Unfortunately for Liverpool they have a manager who still thinks you can win today with a big target-man upfront. There isn’t a single top team in the world that plays that way. There’s a reason why. Football tactics have changed and just crossing the ball into the centre with the hope that someone will get onto the end of the ball is no longer the way to play. To add insult to injury Liverpool bring in a target-man that is slow and whose movements are terrible.

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