Top 5 Premier League Transfers So Far This Season

No5.  Charlie Adam (Blackpool to Liverpool – £7 million)

The midfielder who was so good that Sir Alex Ferguson said his corners alone cost £10 million. A stellar year at relegated Blackpool earned the Scotsman a move to the Merseyside for £7 million in what is turning out a bargain buy for the Kop.  Adam has played all of 15 games in the league this season and has been instrumental Dalglish’s attacked minded Liverpool. Sitting at the base of the midfield, Adam’s spear-like passing has given Liverpool a forward thrust that has been lacking since the departure of Xabi Alonso. He’s been able to open up the game from deep positions, leaving the grunt work to Lucas and given others to license forward. Many thought the Scotsman would be a bit part squad player; recent performances suggest otherwise and he’s turning out to be a fantastic purchase.

No4. Mikel Arteta (Everton to Arsenal – £10 million)

The question on every pundit and critic’s mind was who was going to replace the void left by Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal? Many thought that without their inspirational captain that the Gunners would lack an outlet in midfield and suffer a dramatic fall. But the Gunners  have raised their game effortlessly over the last couple of months and fingers will be pointing to the Robin Van Persie, but its Fabregas’ replacement that is the man behind pulling the strings. While not a like-for-like alternative, Arteta has steady the Arsenal ship and is surely worth his £10 million from Everton. Sitting alongside destroyer Alex Song, Arteta has pulled all the strings from deep in the Arsenal midfield, resulting in Arsenal playing a more direct counter-attacking game. His coolness and experience has help guide the Gunners through their rough patch and up the table. For £10 million he looks like another Wenger bargain.

No3. Emmanuel Adebayor  (Manchester City to Tottenham – Loan)

He might miss some sitters, but Harry Redknapp has finally got the decent striker he has always wanted.  Establishing himself in the starting eleven Adebayor has proven to be a good grab for Spurs – more so from the fact that he’s on loan from Manchester City. With Spurs playing with a lone striker system; 4-2-3-1, Adebayor has ousted Redknapp favourite Jermain Defoe. He provides many things that Englishman lacks – strength, quick feet and also an avenue for an aerial threat and with 8 goals in 11 games; he has also gathered a great understanding with the players around him, including Van der Vaart, Bale and even Defoe when the two are playing. The one kick in the teeth for Spurs is that Adebayor is unlikely to stay around another year unless they pay the man what he wants.

No2. Demba Ba (West Ham to Newcastle – Free)

The Senegalese’s position at number three is due to the fact that Newcastle was able to grab the former West Ham striker for free – and it’s turning out to be a vital grab for the club. 11 goals in 15 games has thrown Newcastle into battling for European positions. Ba has added physical presence up front, but has also formed a great understanding with fellow striker Leon Best and Frenchman Hatim Ben Afra. He’s already scored two hattricks this season (against Stoke City and Blackburn). If Newcastle is going to keep going places they need Ba to be proving that he’s the Magpies’ best buy.

No1. Juan Mata (Valencia to Chelsea – £23 m illion)

When you pay £23 million for a player, you expect him to worth every penny; Mata is that man Chelsea hoped he would be, after a series of very costly blunders (Torres and Shevchenko to name a few). The Spaniard has been on form this season and has slotted seamlessly in Andre Villas-Boas’ team. Able to play on either side of Villas-Boas’ front three or centrally, Mata has been that ‘spark’ that Chelsea have been missing over the last couple of seasons. Three goals and 7 assists – most crucially in Chelsea’s match with Valencia in which the Spaniard assisted two of Drogba’s goals in the 3-0 win – is a decent return for Mata. At only 23 years old, expect him to be around for this Chelsea side for many years to come.

And the worst five transfers so far this season.. 

Yossi Benayoun (Chelsea to Arsenal – Season loan)

A harsh one to put in the ‘worst transfers’ basket, but the Israel’s move to the Emirates was suppose to spark a return to form for the once Liverpool and Chelsea man. He’s struggled to get into the starting 11 (this might due to Arsenal’s recent good form) but even when he’s been given the chance, he hasn’t shown the skills that once made him a superb talent. Maybe some more game time will give Benayoun some form, but at 31 years old, he’s near the end of his best years.


Jordan Henderson (Sunderland to Liverpool – £16-22 million)

The Under-21 England international has struggled to impose himself at Liverpool since his move from Sunderland. Problem is that, he’s cost Liverpool a lot of money and in modern day football, results are expected. His erratic form can be attributed to Dalglish playing him out of position, yet when played in position, he’s even when he has played in his preferred positions, he still has struggled. The good news for him is he’s still only 21 years old and has time on his hands.

Stewart Downing (Aston Villa to Liverpool – £22.5 million)

The player to sum Liverpool’s season so far: solid, hard work but no end product. Downing has yet to score or assist anyone in the 14 Premier League games he’s played this season. While Downing does offer a lot of spark and hard running on the wing, it’s his job is to get in on the act. It doesn’t mean it’s entirely his fault: Liverpool has dropped points when they shouldn’t and the blame applies to his teammates as well. At 26, Downing should be reaching his peak and is expected to help the team out when they are struggling. At £22.5 million he’s proving anything but a bargain and needs to start to perform or he’ll be another “Andy Carroll” for the Merseyside club.

Bryan Ruiz (FC Twente to Fulham – £12 million)

The Costa Rican was been looked at by many high profiled clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus and Tottenham. Ruiz took a strange route and move from Dutch side Twente to Fulham thanks to Dutch coach Martin Jol’s connections back at home. Much was made of the Costa Rican but he’s hardly set the Premier League on fire. Two goals and one assist in 12 games isn’t a good enough return for Fulham who broke their transfer fee to get the player who was instrumental in leading Twente to the title in 2010. Adjusting to the Premier league is a hard for foreign players, but if Fulham are to scale the highs that their owner and manager want them too, Ruiz has to live up his game.

Samir Nasri (Arsenal to Manchester City – £25 million)

One of the sagas of the summer, Samir Nasri expensive move to Manchester City came after months of negotiating, with rumours of him going to rivals Manchester United. The Frenchman has failed to live up to expectations and given the hype, the inflated transfer fee and the fact that his manager, Roberto Mancini said that he “would like Nasri to play better” this could be a bad transfer for City. There is no doubting Nasri’s abilities, yet he has struggled to cement himself in the starting 11 despite many critics saying he would be City “missing puzzle piece”. His arrival has seen David Silva push himself to take the mantle of the team’s chief creator – something that many people thought Nasri would be. With City challenging for honours, Nasri will have to lift his game if he is to help City finally claim the prize of top dog. Or he could be another bust.


31 thoughts on “Top 5 Premier League Transfers So Far This Season”

  1. Downing and Henderson have both been incredibly frustrating. Having watched most of the games, Downing is on the brink of being a decent purchase. He’s had some bad luck striking the wood work and he’s missing assists from poor shots on goal from his teammates.

    Henderson though, has been, without a doubt the most frustrating player to watch. Even more so than Carroll because you know what you’re getting with Andy. Henderson’s play is so inconsistent it can drive you bonkers.

  2. I’ll second Scott Parker an add in aguero and cabaye. In fact, Newcastle have done good business in terms of transfers this season.

  3. Adam has been a good purchase but you are really over looking Jose Enrique. Great in D. (top of the league in giving up goals) just as good as Johnson going forward. Played on very short notice to start the year. ( I think one training session) Played in every league game and by all accounts a very good teammate.

  4. Henderson has actually had a solid season for such a young player not ever playing in his best positions. He had a solid game against Villa partnering Charlie Adam in the middle

  5. Wouldn’t exactly say Ba and Ben Arfa have had a good understanding this season. Ben Arfa has looked poor so far and even then he’s rarely featured. Best and Ameobi have offered more support for Ba when he has been on the pitch.

  6. If his team mates were putting away even half of what he put on a plate for them, he would be a good signing but it hasn’t happened yet and i think Downing’s been unfairly labelled as a flop. He’s also hit the post on quite a few occasions. The price tag is actually what annoys me. Same with Henderson. Has Kenny not realised that his best performers are those who cost next to nothing? (excluding Suarez). I mean, Adam (7mil), Enrique (6m) and Bellamy (free) have been his best players whilst Carroll(35), Hendo (20) and Downing (20) have failed to impress. Guess that is saying something. How weird is it that he is buying talent for cheap and potential for a lot more? Anyways, it must be said that Comoli would be the one to blame for those crazy price tags.

    1. A £25m fee for a player who spends so much time on the bench is not a good transfer. He could turn it around, but Milner has been much better this season.

      As far as the list, Parker should definitely be on there. Charlie Adam has fit in pretty well for Liverpool, but Parker and Cabaye have probably done better, and they also cost less. Tough job to name only five though.

  7. He wasn’t £25m for a start you need to knock off the obligatory £3m-6m that people seem to add on for a City player. he has played as much as any City midfielder with the exception of Yaya and Silva who have been involved in 4 more games. He has mostly played well but as with Lescott, Milner, Siva etc because they didn’t play every game which they won’t at City they were all apparently rubbish and a waste of money especially when it came to the fans of the former Clubs who revelled in them not being played every game as they would at their as they have smaller squads, but not true at all as all have clearly shown doubly especially in Lescott’s and Silva’s case.

  8. While he certainly shouldn’t be in the top 5, Roysten Drenthe has been wonderful for Everton so far. Without him they’d realistically be in the relegation zone.

  9. Usually don’t like it when people complain X player is missing, but I do find Scott Parker’s omission to be pretty surprising… I would have put him head and shoulders above Charlie Adam and Mikel Arteta especially when you consider he was actually cheaper than either of them! I have absolutely NO idea why Arsenal or Man Utd didn’t try to sign him, especially Man Utd for whom £5mil would’ve been absolutely nothing and who desperately need some midfield solidity!

  10. As is usually the case with these lists defenders rarely get a shout.

    Jose Enrique must be included in this list. To my knowledge he’s made every start for LFC since coming over, has been an absolute rock at LB, permitting Clarke’s excellent work with the CB’s breathing room to gel resulting in one of the strongest defensive lines in the league. He’s got to be one of the paciest, physical, resolute, and skillful defenders in the game today, certainly worthy of a look from the Spanish side, not to mention a top contender for defensive player of the year.

  11. Good work. I don’t want to be too bias as a Spurs fan but I hope Parker and/or Friedel would be in your 6-10 spots. Seriously love what Demba Ba is doing right now though.

  12. Ba is 1-just sublime and crucial to the team. for me Parker Jones, Mata and Adebayor somewhere after that. All 4 had had major impacts -where would United be with Vidic injured Ferdinand on last legs w/o Jones – so versatile too.
    The Spurs were literally in crisis after 2 matches desperate for a striker and a midfielder who could do the dirty work on the bit of a soft team -now people are talking top of league -I’d say that’s an impact- I do think Adebayor is actually overrated now – he gets goals but little else and he makes several mistakes a match – and takes minutes off each match. It’s interesting to see how transfers pan out. Modric staying with Spurs helped them but can Chelsea say he would have been better for the team than Mata- don’t think so. Vorm is pretty essential to the swans of course

  13. Not sure if I’d put Adam in this group. He has been inconsistent and many a time makes the wrong decision. Against Fulham instead of passing to the open teammate who would have had only the keeper to beat he chose to go it alone and Liverpool missed an opportunity and ended up losing the match. Agianst Villa he did the same thing and instead of passing to the open Shelvey tried to score himself only to miss. Didn’t cost them the game but it shows that he doesn’t always make the right decisions. If you’re going to pick a Liverpool bargain buy then it has to be Enrique by a mile.

    Cannot imagine how anyone can overklook Scott Parker. Look at where Spurs are in the table and a lot of it has to do with his influence in midfield.

  14. Parker’s importance: allows Modric to push further forward (so he can actually play like an attacking midfielder for the first time in years). Also, Parker stops many attacks in front of the back four. Tottenham haven’t had anyone who could consistently in recent memory. Parker fills the void perfectly, and does it well. He’s probably happy to do it too, given that he basically had to play every midfield role last year at West Ham.

    Adam’s importance: inheriting’s Gerrard’s mantle. I still agree with anyone who says he’s inconsistent, because that’s all he’s been.

  15. this is such a poorly written article. Charlie Adam has been been average AT BEST since joining Liverpool and in my opinion has really been the weak spot in the team, for somebody who sits so deep he plays 0 defense and has to cover the least ground of any CM in the EPL. Leaving off Parker and Cabaye is mind boggling you could fully argue that they should be 1 and 2. Oh and how on Earth do you put Bryan Ruiz on the list of worst transfers? How many players have come to the EPL from the Eredivisie and lighted it up in the first 3 months? very very few (Suarez). The rest of the people on that list all come from within the EPL how do you add in somebody who clearly hasn’t settled into the league yet? Henderson is what 19? Oh and I see that someone has mentioned Vorm who has clearly made a MUCH bigger impact than both Arteta and Adam

  16. Agree that Charlie Adam definitely does not belong in this group. As a Liverpool fan I’ve watched all their games so far this season and he has been too inconsistent to be considered a success. His decision-making is suspect. Liverpool’s buy of the season has been Enrique hands down.

    Parker has been by far the bargain of the season. To omit him from this group is insane.

  17. While not as exciting, Peter Crouch to Stoke has been a very good deal for Stoke City. While only having 4 goals this season, Crouch has added much needed depth to Stoke’s offense. Before, it was Walters and Jones (when Fuller was hurt). Even with Fuller, it is hard to compete in Europe and the EPL with just three good (not great) strikers. Crouch has added the depth Stoke has desperately needed, so that they can sit a Jones and get him off the bench instead of living and dying by the two forwards on the pitch at the starting whistle.

    As previously noted, the actual person left out that should be on the list is the 1.5 million pound transfer of Michael Vorm. His complete lack of goal scoring has been made up in spades by playing between the posts extremely well, rating him one of the best keepers so far in the EPL this season.

    As a L’pool fan, I can’t believe the songs L’pool paid for Adams and Suarez, yet the massive payments for the transfers of Downing, Henderson, and Carroll.

    1. i’ll second that. spurs can push their outside backs further forward if they’ve finally got a keeper they can be confident in. didn’t he go to spurs on a free?

  18. Demba Ba has been the best signing with no shadow of a doubt, Adam though is no way one of the top 5. Michel vorm over him!!!

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