Marquez Wants Out Of New York Red Bulls

After such a see-saw season by the New York Red Bulls, the 2012 off-season has begun with some training stints overseas with Tim Ream and Juan Agudelo visiting a few clubs in Europe. Back at Red Bull Arena, General Manager Erik Soler has seen what needs the club has to have to avoid the problems the side occurred.

The positives right now is that he is expecting both Agudelo and Ream to return to the team, picked up the option on Joel Lindpere’s contract and is looking to sign him to a long term deal. The real surprise of this club has been the play of the Estonian who has done a great job for the club.

Dane Richards will remain and Soler has told the local New York media that Frank Rost might come back on a lesser salary and is looking for another center back while hopefully using the third designated player spot for a creative midfielder during the summer window.

But when it comes to Mexican national team captain Rafa Marquez it sounds like he will be in the midfield permanently and after a lengthy two hour meeting after this past season ended, he would be staying with the club. Well it sounds like that announcement has changed.

Just recently certain sites have uncovered rumors about Brazilian side Flamingo already having negotiations with Marquez about ending his contract with the Red Bulls and MLS so he can sign on a free transfer. If this does happen then the Red Bulls will have two of their three designated player spots open.

Where was this change in attitude from Marquez? He came over when Barcelona didn’t want him anymore and played very well. He scored a big time goal at BMO Field against Toronto FC and made several fantastic assists to Thierry Henry, who converted them into the back of the net.

In a article he has said “Red Bulls know that I cannot be on a team that does not have the same expectations from me.” Also said that the league in Brazil is growing faster in every way and for him it’s a worthwhile offer. Is the Brazilian league growing faster?

I find that a little bit troubling as we all know the five time World Cup champions have produced so much world class talent at the same level as Argentina. The only problems that I’m aware of are the financial situations when these great clubs like Santos, Palmeiras, Gremio, Sao Paulo and Corinthians can’t keep their top players.

But once again the only players that have come here from Mexico and left on good terms are Omar Bravo, Cuathemoc Blanco, Nery Castillo and that’s it. Pavel Pardo is still with the Chicago Fire and will continue next season.

I would’ve hoped that the problems that arose from Marquez when he returned from injury at the Gold Cup final would be put to rest and that he can have a better season in 2012. Sadly for him it looks like he has decided to whine his way to Brazil.

32 thoughts on “Marquez Wants Out Of New York Red Bulls”

  1. it aint no secret players want a better environment to play in. up
    the cap space, allow free agency and autonomous clubs. those
    aspects will make the league more attracting to players. i mean
    brazillian soccer is brazillian soccer ive watch their games on gol
    tv and they are very very entertaining to watch and very fast pace.
    and thats were marquez thinks soccer is being played. plus marquez
    hasnt been well recieved by fans and staff. money can go along way
    to convincing a player to come and play but if the actual work
    space isnt so friendly to marquez then i dont blame him for wanting
    out. sure he was out of line at times but no doubt he tried to make
    it work on his end. its just about being in a competitive league
    and if he finds that in Brazil then so be it.

    1. Total Crap. Marquez has been garbage. He could play with the 10
      best players in the world and he would still be garbage. He is not
      leaving because of cap space, free agency or autonomous clubs. He’s
      a tool and players, fans and coaches figured this out and want no
      part of him.

      1. im not saying marquez isnt being paid enough or that he’s
        complaining about the fact the league doesnt have these traits; im
        saying that because of those things the league isnt attractive
        enough for prime players to come, thus all the good talents leave
        too early and good talent dont want to come till theyre ready to
        retire thus quality is low. i guess he feels that they cant
        ‘compete’ with him. is he right for saying that? no but it isnt the
        first time players said something along these lines, most
        interestingly not the first time a red bull player complained about
        the players (Frank rost trashed his teammates one practice). but
        lets put all that aside ill admit thats a seperate argument but i
        felt that Marquez honestly tried to make it work. i felt he did try
        to put effort in his game. i mean i blame more Ream than
        Marquez.and whether Marquez seems right or wrong by fans its true
        Red Bull hasnt really been too focused on meaningful goals. Backe
        didnt show up to the USOC game in order to compete in what was it
        the Audi cup? spent the whole middle of the season mucking it up i
        mean this was a team that was #1 in the east how did they drop all
        the way to the bottom? whether Marquez was right or wrong one thing
        is true, Red Bull NJ is a crappy club .

        1. Ream had a down season but was still better than Marquez, who was
          awful as a player, teammate, and supposed leader. Good riddance to
          this arrogant tool.

  2. Marquez is horrible to this league. He has done nothing for this
    league but bring his garbage rep with him. He thinks he’s bigger
    than Team, League, and Players in the league. He’s not. He’s
    nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. And he was never THAT good
    to begin with. His reputation in the footballing world is horrible,
    nobody wants him anymore. Go to Brazil, get schooled by real
    footballers like you did in Spain.

  3. I don’t understand why the MLS would just let him go and negotiate
    for free, couldn’t they get a transfer fee out of him? That part
    makes no sense to me.

    1. His reps are probably blowing smoke to the press with respect to
      that. They’re probably trying to lie/hype things up to improve
      their negotiating leverage.

  4. Rumors that someone else is interested. Yeah, there is a rumor out
    there now that I am thinking of running for president, please tell
    my employer…………………The guy was trash on a team that
    finished 10th. IF anyone was interested and NY could sell him they
    would have already done it.

    1. Who cares if they finished 10th, right? They still made the
      playoffs and had a shot to represent MLS in CCL, right? All that
      matters is the playoffs, right?

      1. Sorry but the MLS playoff system is one of the worst I’ve ever
        seen. The whole Wildcard thing is so juvenile. The whole playoff
        thing is juvenile. Their shouldn’t be playoffs. 1st place = you win
        the league, not some stupid cheap trophy they give you to feel good
        about actually doing well in the league.

        1. I was being sarcastic. Charles is always on here bashing single
          table/euros but once it fits his argument he smashes RB for
          finishing 10th place. Charles you can’t have your cake and eat it

      2. I agree with Robert, they made the playoffs, barely…..but they
        had ZERO shot in the playoffs. Is that better ? Single table guys
        bore me as much as the current EPL season.

          1. I don’t really get what your point is ? Are you asking me if I am
            smarter than some guy with a tag of ManU1999 who watched Man U play
            nobody ? Yes, yes I
            am………………………………………..There have been
            the Euro followers for the full 35 years I have been
            watching/playing/coaching soccer, they are free to do so, to me
            they are very casual fans and I am free to feel superior to them.

  5. Well there goes another Mexican player out of the league. He has
    that attitude most Mexicans have about MLS and everything in
    general, they think they are better than us and that we should be
    lucky to have them. Fuck off, let him go to Brazil, where he will
    be played once, then they’ll realize that he is not that good
    anymore, not that he ever was, then they’ll sit him on the bench
    the ready of the season. He will be back in Mexico in one season,
    the only place he’ll get the respect he thinks he deserves. I only
    respect a couple of Mexican players, who came over here and gave
    the league the respect it deserves. Paco Palencia even defended MLS
    when a Mexican reporter tried to make it sound like an amateur
    league. Hey we are still developing, we’ve only been around for 16
    years. The Mexican league has been around for a long long time, and
    what have they accomplished? The US always makes it further in
    World Cups “nowadays” so what has their old ass league help them
    achieve? Marquez is a tool. He, like many Mexican players, think of
    Spain as this football heaven! But what have they done there as
    well? Aside from Hugo Sanchez, a true goal hound who also has that
    holier than thou Mexican attitude, they are all bench players. I
    mean honestly, anybody here could be champions with the caliber of
    team Barcelona posseses. They haven’t missed him since he left,
    what does that tell you? Good riddance tool, keep butting that hand
    that feeds, see how far that takes you!

    1. I think he was pretty good at Barca when he was at his peak. He had
      a few injuries and got Pique returned from Man Utd and cemented his
      place ahead of Marquez in the pecking order. The fact Barca haven’t
      really missed him doesn’t tell us anything other than Marquez is
      not as good as Puyol and/or Pique. That’s hardly a sign of a bad
      player – to be fair, 99% of top level center backs playing the game
      are not as good as Puyol and/or Pique.

      1. Didn’t mean to write the word “got” in that second sentence. Should
        read: He had a few injuries and THEN Pique returned from Man Utd
        and cemented his place ahead of Marquez in the pecking order.

        1. by the ‘whiteboy’ reference i am guessing you are a pocho and not
          mexican, so i will treat your comments accordingly . . . but a
          couple of questions: 1) do you know the year when mexico last won a
          world cup elimination game? (hint: you probably weren’t even born)
          2) as most FMF guys say CONCACAF is worthless (to discount unwanted
          gold cup losses), remind me what happened the last 2 times mexico
          and USA met in a ‘worthy’ tourney (hint: copa america and world
          cup). answers: 1) 1986 2) 2002 USA world cup win, 199X copa america
          USA win point made, at best US/mexico are even at the national team
          level. please spare me the worthless banter that isn’t backed by

  6. Let him leave, this will give our club N.Y.R.B. 5.4 million to
    spend on youth and develop our team into a champion contender for
    the cup this season.

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