Why Liverpool Should Consider Signing Steven Fletcher

There are a lot of Liverpool fans talking about the need to purchase a striker in January, to bring some rain upon a very sun scorched and drought ridden chance conversion rate. In fact, 15 games into the season, Liverpool has the worst chance conversion rate into goals in the league: a feeble 8.9%. However the question remains: Do they need to purchase a new striker to keep their Champions League ambitions alive or, considering the amount of goals they were scoring under Dalglish last season and taking into account the fact they have their skipper to return in the next few weeks, perhaps the goals are already in them and as Dalglish keeps saying, “It’s just a matter of time before their luck in front of goal changes.”

If you were to ask Liverpool fans about their most desired transfer targets, headline grabbing names such as Cavani of Napoli, Higuain of Real Madrid and Mario Gomes of Bayern Munich would be touted. However if there is one thing Harry Redknapp has taught us in his 2 years at Tottenham, it’s that you can get your team into the top four on a modest budget: Tottenham having spent approximately £107 million under Harry’s tenure.

Bob Paisley was renowned for offloading players well before their twilight years. In fact he would offload them while they were still in their prime, timing it so that when they left they might have a season, at best, left in them. However two of Liverpool’s current strikers, namely Kuyt and Bellamy, are 31 and 32 respectively. Bellamy has shown fine form since coming in on a free transfer, while Kuyt has failed to show the same form of the past few seasons.

Liverpool is building for the future and they need younger strikers to be competing for places in the starting 11.

One name that is catching the headlines is Steven Fletcher with 6 goals in 10 games.

He may not have the tanned foreign name or the flare that most fans would expect to see as a transfer target but he knows the Premier League. He’s only 24 with virtually no injury record and his goal record from 2007 with Hibernian to the current season with Wolves speaks for itself: 1 goal in every 3 games on average and there is the added bonus of him and his family being avid Liverpool fans.

His heading ability is his most obvious strength. He likes to play short passes and flick-ons. Many would argue “Why buy another striker whose main strength is his heading ability when you have Andy Carroll?”  But Fletcher is in fine form at the moment and goals are something Liverpool can’t afford to wait for them to happen.

Whether Mick McCarthy would let his top goalscorer go from a relegation battling Wolves remains to be seen. This week he has reiterated Fletcher is not for sale. However money and transfer requests may give rise to a different response. Would Kenny Dalglish even consider such a target?  Goalscoring record in itself will not be the only thing considered and the question of whether a player like Fletcher would be able to cope with Liverpool’s style of play and the clubs ambitions remains to be seen.

Last season Fletcher averaged about 1 in 3 overall. This season he has 3 goals in every 5 games.

  • Suarez is 4 in every 9.
  • Andy Carroll is 3 in every 11.
  • Craig Bellamy is 1 in every 4.
  • Kuyt is 1 in every 16.

Fletcher has a better scoring ratio than any of Liverpool’s current strikers so far this season. Only time will tell if Dalglish is looking to buy a striker in January or if he would even consider Fletcher, but one thing is sure: If Liverpool do not correct their problems in front of goal soon, they will fall outside of the top four this season.

12 thoughts on “Why Liverpool Should Consider Signing Steven Fletcher”

  1. Wolves won’t let Fletcher go for what he’s worth, Liverpool would have to make much larger bid.

    Also, he’s scored more than “6 in 10”. It’s something like 11 in 16, I believe.

  2. As much as I like seeing Liverpool suffer buying the likes of Fletcher is not going to get them back in the top 4 anytime soon. I don’t know who a better option would be but they should be aiming higher in my opinion.

    If suarez actually converted 1-2 of the 16 chances he seems to get every game they might have a shot at 4th spot.

  3. The problem is that his style of play suits Wolves, but not the direction I think Kenny Dalglish is trying to take Liverpool. It’s the same reason Andy Carroll isn’t working out too well.

    If it were the direction he wanted to go, he has Andy Carroll that he can give a few years and more playing time.

    1. I agree, downing carrol, & even adam all were stars of their team, now with the reds, the problem is there are quality players its jus tht theres more than couple & the stakes are much much higher, its a very hectic season as of now for the reds, hopefully, things change around with the new yr around the corner. YNWA!

  4. Really believe a poacher with any semblence of movement or a attacking mid who can flare anywhere across the front. Champions league is worth too much not to make the investment. Dimiao or Gaston Ramirez…

  5. Despite him being a liverpool fan Wolves would rip us off for Fletcher because he’s in a good spell of form.

    People are talking about cavani,llorente and what have you but the price they would cost is beyond us and their happy at their clubs. Whilst Gaston Ramirez is an attacking midfielder.

    The striker for us is prolific in the bundesliga but is unhappy at his club due to not playing. That man is Lucas Barrios. He’s a poacher who can link up with well and is the right kind of age and price.

    He’s the answer, not fletcher.

  6. Liverpool doesn’t need another horticulturalist on the team; it’s bad enough that we have Downing, Henderson and Carroll (all three can be named “Kenny’s Folly”).

  7. DOn’t wanna say hey dominic what a great article, kinda sounds like fantasy footy to me…BUT he’s better than andy carroll at the very fockin moment…and plus he doesn’t have a pony tail….seeing andy reminds me of useless voronin….and again i feel voronin would have scored more if he was given as many chances as big andy…our big Geordie lad is good for nothing….Why not try Nathan Eccleston instead ? just a thought

  8. On the contrary Steven Fletcher’s short Wolves career to our dismay has been blighted with injury. He went missing in action for sustainable periods twice last season and has already had a spell in the treatment room this term leaving Wolves fans whincing with every challenge that goes in on literally our only hope of a fourth term in the top flight.

    He’s a class act in the air with amazing hang time, an instinctive goal scorer with a quality left foot. If Fletcher does nothing else in the game he is usually good for a goal, which is more than can be said for current strikers who have commanded much higher fees.

    He is also battling the ‘it’s easy to look good in a poor team’ label after spending his two and a half premier league seasons with relegation scrapping teams but if it’s goals that make a striker he is certainly worth a look. The only thing I can say is if Andy Carroll is worth 35 mill then Fletch is worth twice as much on goals alone, being effective in the air and scoring regularly is everything Liverpool hoped Caroll would be. Wolves paid around 7 million for his signature 18 months ago and by all intent and purpose his value has risen and with the inflated fees being banded about coupled with Liverpools continual big spending on mediocre talent (Carroll, Henderson etc) Wolves would want AT LEAST double this by logic alone to be tempted to part company with their talisman

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