Landon Donovan Joins Everton On Loan For Two Months

Landon Donovan has joined Everton on loan for January and February of 2012.

The popular U.S. midfielder has rejoined the Merseyside club on loan. Donovan previously had a very successful loan spell with Everton during January 2010. During his time at Goodison Park, Donovan played 13 games in all competitions, scored two goals, and was seen by many as a major factor in Everton’s improved performances at the time.

Donovan, who plays for LA Galaxy, said:

“The opportunity to return to Everton and play for such a well-respected club and a manager that I hold in such high regard was something that was simply too good to pass up.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Everton in 2010 and I’m hopeful that we can experience similar success this time around.”

The first match that Landon Donovan will be eligible to play in is Everton’s home game against Bolton Wanderers (to be shown live on FOX Soccer Plus and Donovan’s loan at Everton will run until after the derby against Liverpool on February 25 (ESPN2).

Regarding the loan signing of Landon Donovan, Everton manager David Moyes said:

“I am delighted that we have managed to get Landon back. He will give us some good experience over January and February.

“He did well for us when he was over two years ago and hopefully will return with those same qualities.”

What’s your opinion regarding Landon Donovan joining Everton on loan? Should he have tried to get a loan with a different Premier League side instead? And how well do you think Donovan will perform during this loan? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Joins Everton On Loan For Two Months”

    1. The more times he goes over there, the greater the likelihood he may end up eventually signing a permanent deal.

      The Gaffer

  1. As an Everton fan I’m thrilled to hear this, just wish they had the funds to actually get him for a year or two. Still need a true force up front and someone more creative in the mid.. a lot to ask for with the money they (don’t) have at this time of the year.

    1. They play good, direct, honest football, and manage to stay in the PL even with relatively meager means. Moyes is always a class act.
      They also have nine top flight titles, ranking only behind Arsenal, Liverpool, and the only Manchester club worth watching :)

      1. I apologize for the above statement. That was utterly lacking respect to the other footballing institution in Manchester. The one with great club ethos, sound financial underpinning, and a sense of community.
        I’m referring to FC United of Manchester, obviously.

  2. Donovan took a lot criticism for “running back to the States” after his less than successful spells in Germany. His maturity and confidence since, were reflected in his impressive stint on Merseyside.

    Everton is the most boring team in the top flight. Donovan – a fan favorite, will hopefully bring some much needed spark to this place-holder of a team.

    If successful, it’s time for Donovan, at his age, to seriously consider staying in Europe for a couple of seasons. Hopefully Moyes can convince his cash-starved chairman to oblige.

      1. It’s a race between Villa and Bolton for the most boring side this season. They’ve been awful. How Owen Coyle still has a job, I don’t know.

        The Gaffer

  3. Unfortunately it appears he has chosen to stay in the US/MLS. At his age I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s more concerned with his “brand” at this point. Playing for mid/lower table teams in the PL or a Bundasliga team will do next to nothing to grow his US image.

    Donovan will never lift a European trophy and he’s not a prospect at this point.

    1. I disagree Asheville. What does Landon Donovan have left to prove in MLS? If he wants to end his career on a high point (and respectable finish, in my opinion), he needs to assert himself in England on a full-time basis. Even if he didn’t win a European trophy, a solid performance for a club in England would be a far better way to end his career.

      He’ll be 30 in March. Why not end his career in England where he’ll gain far more recognition for playing in a mid-table side than a first place MLS team?

      The Gaffer

  4. I agree with the Gaffer. If Donovan can perform like Holden, Dempsey or McBride in the EPL, he’ll get more recognition.
    If Everton is smart, they’ll find a money to sign Donovan (he he wants to play in the EPL) and market Everton as “American adopted team” since they have Howard and Donovan in the team. At least, it should attract more US fans.

  5. Sounds like Friedel’s comments struck a chord!

    Good. There was truth in them, and Donovan should finish in the EPL. Totally agree with Gaffer. I see Asheville’s point though. It’ll depend on what Landon’s intentions are. Fans would hold him in higher regard if he put in a couple strong years in England though. Well… at least this fan would.

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