FIFA 12 or Football Manager 2012: Which Is Better?

Like most soccer fans, I have enjoyed playing the FIFA game franchise for the past several years. The game has made many improvements over the years in hopes to bring fans a real life game experience. There has been much debate on this site about which game is better, FIFA 12 or its main rival, PES 12. There are countless gamers who think each of these games is better than the other.  But I think another game should be added to this discussion and that is the long running Football Manager series.

This article is not meant as a review of Football Manager as I have never played any of the FM games; instead, this is a request for help. I read many of the reviews on Football Manager 2012 and the majority appears positive. They all hail Football Manager 2012 as one of the best football games on the market. Numerous of the reviews point to the extreme depth and detail of the gameplay features.

Rather than rely on anonymous reviews, I am turning to the readers of EPL Talk. Those that have played FM, sell me on it. What are the main differences between FM and FIFA? Which game do you think is better?  Should I include Football Manager 2012  in my gaming arsenal?

25 thoughts on “FIFA 12 or Football Manager 2012: Which Is Better?”

  1. I downloaded the FM demo, played for a few hours, and quickly lost interest. I felt like I was at work! I don’t get it at all. Just seems like you are constantly responding to emails, analyzing charts, etc etc. Apparently millions of people like this, but that game is not for me!

  2. I am new the FM series too (I just started last year with FM 2011). I absolutely love the game, but I think it’s really personal preference. If you’re the type of person that really enjoys the manager mode in Fifa or PES, then this game is for you. Football Manager is basically everything you ever wanted Fifa manger mode to be and more. I agree with FCAsheville, it’s not as mindless/passive as other games can be. But it’s great to shape your favorite team over multiple seasons.

  3. Comparing the two games isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. With FIFA 12, you play the game by controlling an individual user. You can control some team-specific things like formations and subs, but in general, you are locked into one player.

    FM 12 is an entirely different beast. Instead of controlling one player you control almost every little detail about the entire team. The depth is amazing. Are you unhappy your winger’s crosses are poor? Then create a custom training regimen for him to improve that skill. Hate your assistant manager? Then fire him and hire an unknown from Belgium. The tactical control is about 1,000 times better than what you can do in FIFA 12. You have to see it to believe it.

    I look at it this way. FIFA 12 is a game. FM 12 is a commitment.

  4. I will add one more piece….ABSOLUTELY demo FM before you buy. You’ll know right away if it’s for you. I knew I was done when I did a press conference that consisted of a bunch of drop down responses to the press questions. Felt like I was doing my taxes!

  5. If you have a lot of time, go for FM 2012. It will suck you in for hours. Really! You may stay awake till 2 a.m just to find the right player for the club, or to find the right tactic to defeat Barcelona (pass all the ball to Walcott!). If not, stay away. Sincerely, from a FM fanatic since FM08 who will have a final exam tomorrow and still can’t stop playing it. :(

  6. FM2012 is great, it really makes me want to buy apple products since the Android knock off MYFC is just garbage. The depth of detail that goes into FM is unreal. Its a lot of work, but if you fiend for FIFA manager mode (like me) then you will love it. Everytime I play FM it just irritates me that FIFA doesn’t put as much effort into their manager mode. FIFA Manager 12 for PC is very similar to the FM series. I can’t wrap my head around why EA doesn’t synthesize FIFA Manager into the FIFA series.

    *On a sidenote, if you’re more into gameplay than manager modes then you should be getting really excited for FIFA Street, looks like it’s going to be a far cry from FIFA Street 3. Apparently it’s going to be a lot more detailed too as they recently pushed the release date from January to March.

  7. ive been playing FMs since 2000 on FM 2000/2001. i dun think any games can compare to de excitement of being manager as it in FM. I played de demo of FM 2012, as addictive as ever..

  8. You cant compare the two – its like comparing call of duty to age of empires – ones about gameplay ones about strategy.

    You should buy both

    you cannot beat FIFA as a multiplayer – few beers, some mates round and a fifa tournament – or online.

    FM should be played on a PC – with hours and days of your life allocated to it, as once your hooked, nothing else exists.

  9. Football Manager is the one for me. Played all 3 games Fifa 12, Fifa Manager 2012 and Football Manager 2012. If you want to be a manager then FM is the one for you.
    I do agree with slimjim depends what you want

  10. i have played every fifa manager game and i must admit the games are getting worse the 3d engine is out of date and the game commentry is pathetic get a grip E/A and give the game a new engine how can the commentry sond sing rafa rafa when he has gone get a grip

  11. FM12 is addictive hence been sat here at work googling exciting young prospects that i can scout when i get home tonight but seriously give it a few hours to set it up once your past that stage its addictive

  12. Maybe it would be better if you compared FIFA manager and Football manager. But out of those two i would pick FM2012 for it’s more authentic realistic feel but if you want fun the FIFA manger is the way to go.

  13. stupid question.. Only nuts who compared fifa soccer 12 with football manager 12.. two big different games.. why not differentiate fifa manager 12 by EA with football manager 12?

  14. What is the OP on about?? They are two totally different games. One is primarily a simulation based game with a sports factor in it. The other is a pure sports game.

  15. Football Manager is a better game by miles.

    For one thing it doesn’t have the recently voted worst company in America, EA, making it.

  16. Another cool feature of FM is that it gives u a lot of leagues to manage across the world. For example, i am an indian and no matter how interesting BPL is, i will always want to manage an indian club. FM offers u this option. But u look for India in the FIFA map. u r lost!

  17. Fifa manager is user friendly… i guess… your skills as a manager don’t matter in this game thou.
    Football manager is all about patience as you can custimize a team from “scratch”. Way more realistic.

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