Chelsea Win Opens Up Premier League Title Race

Monday night’s match between Chelsea and Manchester City was a bizarre one. If you watched the first 30 minutes, you would have been spellbound by how superior Roberto Mancini’s side was. City was so much in control of this match that Chelsea looked like a mere mortal in comparison, unable to link passes together and looking worse than ordinary.

But that’s the beauty of soccer. No matter how much a team is in the driving seat, one goal can change everything thanks to a great run by Daniel Sturridge down the right and into the box, to cross to Raul Meireles and to tie the game.

The other bizarre aspect of the game was after Gael Clichy got sent off, you would presume that Chelsea would push forward with more tenacity due to their one man advantage. But Chelsea sat back and played an incredibly patient game. So patient, in fact, that they took the life of the match. The first half was entertaining. The second was a bore. That is, until Frank Lampard scored from a penalty to make it 2-1 to Chelsea.

At the end of the day, three points is all that matters. I don’t believe this was a superior performance by Chelsea, and I thought Manchester City could have done better to put this game out of Chelsea’s reach in the first half. But what it does tell us is that the Premier League title race is now wide open with Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all in the running. When was the last time we could say that there were six teams chasing the title at Christmas time?

It also tells us that Manchester City is not invincible. They can be overcome, which will give their opponents a boost in the upcoming games.

Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?

22 thoughts on “Chelsea Win Opens Up Premier League Title Race”

  1. One win over Man City and Chelsea have shot up to head the percentages on who’ll take the title??? Not a chance.

    It was embarrassing to see such a former powerhouse in the league celebrating this win. Not that the celebrating is a problem. But celebrating in the way they did has made us all acutely aware of how far Chelsea have fallen from grace. Bizarre.

    1. I think if you have a problem with the way Chelsea celebrated at full time then you really don’t understand how big a game this was for both teams. City win and they crush Chelsea’s season.

      After City were denied their penalty appeal the game slowed down and Chelsea took over. Mancini decided to play for the draw after the sending off, not really surprising, and City were hoping to escape with a draw.

      While Chelsea are still 7 points behind, they are def. in the race. They were 12 out to United last year and still made it a race. For City, Mancini has presided over being dumped out of the CL and can now potentially lose their grip on 1st this weekend. Just two weeks ago it was all about how City were going to run rampant.

    2. You’re the same type of person that called Arsenal’s celebration at Stamford Bridge embarrassing/bizarre.

      The only thing bizarre is your complete lack of understanding of just how appropriate their celebration was. Are you even following the season? No offense, but damn..

      1. MNUfan1991, Yes I think you will find clubs that can spend £20m-£30m on players will win titles well spotted but of course the fact the only teams that have won it spent the most means nothing just a coincidence I suppose? As knowledgeable as ever I see.

  2. I think City are still favorites and think Chelseas will be too busy with Champions League will be fine with finishing top 3 and going far in the FA Cup.

  3. I’m a ‘Pool supporter and even I couldn’t vote for them. I love ‘Pool and think with a big time striker to go along with Suarez, we could maybe sneak into the top 4 because they just haven’t given up many goals. But to win? No way…

    Still after this game, I voted City. Yeah, they lost once – that just means they won’t match The Invincibles – and really, I don’t think anyone thought they would anyway. They’ll still lose several more times, but I think they’ll get over 90 points and take the title…

    1. To say that Mata should be at a better club is just plain stupid. Let me guess you definition of a better team is on that has “more history” than Chelseas. I have to ask are you Nameless from the espnsoccernet boards?

      1. Never beento espn. And It’s not stupid, I just think he would mesh better with other players like him. The history bit has nothing to do with it. Brilliant player either way.

  4. Still see this as a two horse race between Man City and Man United. I have a hard time thinking Tottenham can keep pace with the juggernauts. As much as a L’pool title would be great, Liverpool will be too busy giving up points to teams because they won’t score 3+ goals in a game. Arsenal started too far back to compete and Van Persie can’t play like he has all season long. Chelsea does have the talent, but it’ll take a lot to get them neck and neck with the Manchester clubs.

    The Chelsea and Liverpool match-ups with City do prove that Man City is touchable.

  5. I think City are the obvious favorites because even though they lost, it was their first lose of the season and with a lack of correct calls for both a penalty to Silva and a red card to Chelsea early in the first half for a studs up tackle. Although, I think Chelsea can still compete if they bring their A game in January and Arsenal will have to do the same. But this is definitely a lot closer than recent years at this time of the year.

  6. 4 titles in the last 5 season and only two points behind with 20+ games to go, I’d say that gives us a small chance of winning the league again this year again.

    I can see the lead changing several times between now and the end of the season but Im sticking to my pre season prediction of utd winning and Chelsea/city scrapping for second and third fillers by arsenal and spurs.

  7. I agree with the article. A really interesting game to watch; City just went flat after the equalizer… I never would have predicted the end result (I love this about the game). I still think the Manchester teams will finish first-second (and probably in order of money spent), but the battle for the third and fourth spots is going to be exciting.

    Unfortunately, as a consequence of this game I could see City wanting to make a statement and unloading on the Gunners this weekend. Not looking forward to that game.

  8. honestly i’m just glad to see the phrase “top four” gone. yeah, i want the gunners to climb and climb and city sink and sink, but you gotta love the 6 or 7 team race. best season in as long as i can remember. tough to see city’s defense getting beat enough to let the trophy slip.

    god i love it when balotelli shanks though.

  9. The truth remains that MANU is an institution that cannot be ignored no matter what they are passing throug.They are still favourities to win their 20th league title this year.

    1. Why do people thinks that its has been written for Man utd to win EPL? The truth is EPL is not competitive as the Briton thinks and thats why even a team in poor form and average players like UTD is regarded as favorite. Man utd will win nothing this season.

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