Football Manager Handheld 2012, iPad Edition: First Look

Have you been wanting to take your managerial chops mobile? Sega has just finally released Football Manager Handheld 2012 for the iPad. This will be a brief first look of the game itself as I have only played it for 5 hours, so far.

Between April to October of this year I put in more than enough time on FM2011 to make me want it for 2012. So was it worth the $10? Maybe.

I was excited to get the new version as I was hoping for a few decent upgrades considering the iOS has been upgraded and the iPad 2 has a faster processor, but to be honest, I am slightly disappointed with the final product.

For one, the overall interface is still pretty much the same. There are no real differences that I see as of yet to distinguish this version to last year’s. That could be both a plus and a minus. If you are used to the interface, you will have no troubles navigating around the UI.

Of course the rosters are all updated at least through the summer of 2011.

One thing I think that is different is that getting some transfers done is much more difficult that last year’s. Where occasionally I may be able to slide a transfer through a rival team, this year’s version has it on lock down, I have tried and tried but there is no way I can pluck Carlos Tevez from Man City. But otherwise, doing transfers is pretty much the same as it’s always been and I have also seen a few bidding wars for players actually happen. For instance, I saw 3 teams all go after (and overpay in my opinion) Alex Song from Arsenal. I tried to get him for £20 million, but before I knew it Liverpool offered £26 million, PSG offered £29 million and finally he wound up at Inter for £31 million. So there is a little interest if you want to take the AI to task in the transfer market.

As far as the new modes go, I haven’t tried the Challenge Mode but it sounds like a fun way to add to the game by giving you scenarios to beat as opposed to just playing the game as is. The other addition is the Custom Tactics option which I am starting to grow fond of. I love having more control of where to set my squad members pre game on the field when I see that I don’t like the pre-made tactics and the way to modify it is almost endless.

The actual gameplay itself is pretty much the same. You still play a preseason, a regular season as well as Champions League if you qualify. Sega did get one more endorsed league added but depending on expectations, you may almost feel like Sega didn’t add too much more into the game to justify buying this year’s version. I was hoping for a little more of a graphical facelift, and maybe even something to rival FIFA 12 mobile (and its pseudo-management mode) but what you see is what you get. I think if you can hold out for a month or two, wait for a price drop to spring for FM2012 because I don’t think enough has been added and updated to justify it at full price, right now.


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