Who’s Been Scoring All Of The Goals In This High-Scoring Premier League Season?

The Premier League this season has so far produced a staggering 411 goals. Over the past few years English football has been dominated by which clubs have the most money to spend. Manchester City have obviously spent the most money this season, but which clubs are producing the most goals? In this article I also take a look at which strikers from the top seven clubs have scored the most goals.Take a look at the first table below where I compare goals scored at home and away after 14 games played this season and over previous seasons.

Premier League goals after 14 games played

This table below shows the club who has scored the most goals so far this season. It’s interesting to see that two of the bottom three teams in the league (Blackburn and Bolton) are sitting sixth and eighth in the most goals table below.

Team with the most goals this season

Premiership Top Goalscorers

Lets take a look at the top three strikers from the top seven clubs and how important it is to have all of your club’s strikers in form. Manchester City have kept all their strikers fit this season and this is why they have scored the most goals so far.

Roberto Mancini has had his critics this season but the one thing he has done is that he’s kept his top strikers fit. This will be important come the end of the season having already taking a +7 goal difference over their rivals Manchester United.

10 thoughts on “Who’s Been Scoring All Of The Goals In This High-Scoring Premier League Season?”

  1. this is cool, i like seeing all the stats like this, especially seeing Chelsea doing well! Seeing all the goals scored together is nice, just to see how well everyone is doing.

  2. what is the first graph telling us?

    its so small that you can’t read anything and it doesnt get any bigger when you click it.
    what is the difference between dark/light blue and dark/light red?

  3. The first graph is just a picture that the editors have put on, nothing to do with the article, its just to represent that this is a stats article I guess.

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