Premier League Gameweek 14: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week fourteen of the Premier League.

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1.  Tim Krul: Yes, Krul let three goals in, but he made several critical saves and kept Newcastle in the match.  Goalie of the month?

2.  Daniel Sturridge:  Playing more of an outside position, Sturridge was a force to be reckoned with against Chelsea.

3. Yakubu: His four goals helped Steve Kean keep his job for another week.

4.  Micah Richards: He didn’t have much defending to do this weekend, so he was able to work his way up the pitch and get involved in City’s attack.

5. Samir Nasri: The transition into the City squad hasn’t always been easy for Nasri, but the midfielder scored a goal and showed the passing and movement that fans have been waiting to see all season.

6. Steve Morison:  Morison was left as the single striker to go up against Manchester City’s defense.  He worked tirelessly with little service from his teammates.

7. Gareth Bale:  Tottenham’s main man turned in quite possibly the best all around individual performance of the weekend.

8. Phil Jones: Starting the match as midfielder, Jones scored his first Premier League goal for United.  Then later in the match, he was moved to his more natural center back position, excelling yet again.

9. Jussi Jaaskelainen: With Bolton down to ten men, Spurs were able to play pepper the Wanderers’ goal.  The superb play of Jaaskelainen kept the score from getting out of control.

10. Steven Fletcher: The Wolves’ striker netted two goals to help Wolverhampton secure a victory.

11. Gervinho: Supplied a goal and an endless amount of energy for the Gunners as they put away Wigan.

12. Theo Walcott:  The Arsenal speedster has been in good form of late as he has been a force down the right side.

13.  Gary Speed Tributes: In matches all around England this weekend, there were several tributes for the legend from Wales.  This was an excellent way to honor his legacy.



1.  David Luiz:  He was lucky not to be sent off early in the match against Newcastle, which might have been better for Chelsea because he played out of control for the rest of the ninety minutes.

2. Swansea City: While the “Super Swans” have played super when playing at home, it’s when they have been away that this squad has looked like a newly promoted side.

3. Anthony Pilkington:  Norwich desperately needed their midfielders to get involved in the offense against Manchester City.  But for the sixty minutes Pilkington played, he was unheard from.

4. Alex McLeish:  Just like his clubs at Birmingham, Villa seems unorganized for long stretches during most of their matches.

5. Manchester United scoring: Another match with scoring only one goal.  The high scoring United results from early in the season seem like a distant memory.

6. Gary Cahill:  It was a foul he had to give and he was probably unlucky to get a straight red, but all this was due to his heavy first touch that gave the ball away at midfield.

7.  Everton: These are the types of matches that the Toffees need to get three points from if they want to make the move to the upper half of the table.

8. Lee Mason: He missed a certain foul when Thomas Sorensen took out Tim Cahill on the edge of the box.

9. QPR:  They had a bit of bad luck with the offside call on Shaun Wright-Phillips’ goal.  But the facts remain that the Rangers still only have one win at Loftus Road this season.

10. Sebastian Larsson: He failed to impress the new boss with an unsuccessful penalty kick that could have most assuredly put the game out of reach for Sunderland.

11. Ali Al-Habsi: The Wigan keeper struggled all match long against Arsenal.

12. Kevin Friend: The referee for the Fulham/Liverpool contest had several questionable calls including going straight red on the tackle by Jay Spearing.

13.  Andy Carroll: The striker has not been in form as of late and there is still some question as to why he was started ahead of Dirk Kuyt.

15 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 14: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. i think L Suarez should make it on the jeers they say if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.Enjoy!

  2. 2 corrections:
    1) Bale is not tottenham’s main man. There are a lot of top players on that Spurs team and the success of the team is dependent on all of them. As a matter of fact, the spine of the team is the strongest its been in years.

    2) Can people stop blaming Carroll’s struggle on bad form? Carroll is an average striker but he is not top level(not even close). Liverpool only got themselves to blame for paying world class money to get an average player.

    1. Being a Liverpool fan myself I can honestly say that for a long time I was in the ‘give him time… he’s not at full fitness… he’s not quite there yet’ etc. But now I’m settled in the mindset that we paid out for a bag of s**t! We offloaded one to Chelsea for £50 million and then brought another one in for £35 million

  3. Oh, yeah, Suarez, master of the dive and the whine is for sure the top jeer of the week. In fact, we could just put him on this list each week before games are even played. He also needs a dentist to straighten out those buck teeth.


      this game is played with your feet, its not a beauty contest….

    2. The fact is that the other night after going down a little easy (but not illegitimately) Kevin Friend had a chat with Suarez and said “stay up”, after which he did. And what did he get? Pulled down twice at the edge of the area, a legitimate goal called off, and Hangeland hip checking him to the ground inside the area in as clear cut a case of obstruction as we’re likely ever to see this season.

      When he embellishes (as ALL players do) he’s called a cheat and when he stays on his feet he’s brutally treated with few instances of enforcement by the officials. I can think of no single player in the English game who receives the level of brutalization and indifference as does Suarez.

      No matter what you think of the man, it is not the job of the officials to become the moral police of the game. They are there to enforce the rules of the game. In the case of Suarez, they are letting their bias affect their judgement (such as it is), and it’s a disgrace.

  4. Jeers for Kenny Daglish for once again getting gis selection all wrong. Playing Carroll who has been terrible instead of Maxi who has been playing well and who scored a hatrick last season agisnt Fulham. Daglish’s insistence on buying mediocre to average British talent and sticking with them even when they play poorly surely must rank high up on the jeers list.

    1. So Maxi should play every game and then in March/April when you really need him he can be tired and totally useless.


  5. David Luiz did not play an out of control 90 minutes, had he done so as you say he would’ve picked up a second yellow. If you watched the match you would’ve seen him once again making some outstanding runs with the ball. He had one bad moment where he could’ve been sent off and he wasn’t. Did not influence the result at all.

    1. How can you it did not affect the outcome of the game. Playing with 10 men against Newcastle would have been a much tougher proposition.

  6. There should be a ‘Cheers’ to Clint Dempsey for becoming the all time leading goal scorer in the Premier League by an American. Even if was at the expense of beloved Liverpool.

  7. That straight red card for Spearing was one of the worst calls I’ve seen this year. He got the ball, cleanly and first, and if his follow-through caught the Fulham player, well, if you put yourself in a vulnerable position on a 50-50 ball, that can happen. I don’t even see what Spearing did as a foul, let alone a yellow or straight red. If he came through from behind, or got the Fulham player first before the ball, sure. But otherwise, terrible, terrible call. Hope L’pool appeal that…not that it really matters, because we still take the loss and it isn’t like Spearing is a “play every match” player anyways.

  8. Liverpool have not appealed the red card because Spearing did kick the ball with both feet off the ground and his arms outstretched. By the letter of the law it is a red card. Not every ref gives it especially if he thought there was no intent on the part of the player. If Liverpool had appealed and lost, the FA would have added another game to make it a 4-game ban.

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