Gary Speed Commits Suicide, Hangs Himself At Home

Premier League veteran footballer Gary Speed is dead, aged 42. The former Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Leeds United and Sheffield United footballer, who most recently held the post as Wales national team manager, apparently committed suicide at his home overnight, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Speed, who made 677 league appearances, was capped by his country 85 times (the most caps for an outfield player for Wales). He will be remembered for his wonderful left foot which helped Leeds United win the First Division in 1992. But he will perhaps be best remembered for being such a pivotal player in Bolton’s rise under manager Sam Allardyce. He helped the Trotters reach sixth place in 2005 and qualify for the UEFA Cup where they reached the last 32. At Bolton, Speed became the first Premier League player to make 500 club appearances.

More recently, Speed was national team manager of Wales where he helped his country to its best run of recent form after wins against Switzerland (home), Bulgaria (away) and Norway (home).

Gary Speed’s impact on football and Wales, especially, was immense. When EPL Talk interviewed Craig Bellamy this past summer, the Welsh forward admitted that Gary Speed was the only reason why the Liverpool striker was not retiring from the international game. Speed, who was a player’s man, was incredibly well-respected within the Premier League. It’s a tragedy that he is no longer with us.

His death will add a somber mood to this morning’s Premier League match between Swansea City and Aston Villa (8:30am ET/1:30pm GMT kickoff).


134 thoughts on “Gary Speed Commits Suicide, Hangs Himself At Home”

    1. I don’t believe Gray was a coward. Sad to think what he was going thriough to get to this. I like to remember his great contribution to football and human decency. What a man.

  1. Same here. Completely devastated by the news. Emotional tribute this morning from Swansea fans – definitely led me to tears.

    The Gaffer

  2. Noooo I actully met him I am born wales so is my whole family I love u gary I hope the angels are nice to u I will still always suppourt wales I am wild wicked and proud welsh come on wales keep going u were a good man gary speed I will miss u u were the best mananger eva in the history of all those years I love u keep rocking walesss love u xxx

  3. Gutting news, interesting listening to the pundits and ex-pros on Talksport today nobody has a bad word to say, astonishment is the main reaction.

    He played for Leeds in the first Stoke match I ever went to, one of those people who’s been around since I began following football.

    I can’t believe he was on Football Focus on the BBC yesterday talking about the future with Wales.

  4. I’m in total shock and disbelief. Always liked him as a player since his Leeds United days despite the fact that I am Man United fan

  5. so sad hope you find the peace you could not find while you were here.tonight when we all go to bed please say an extra prayer for his family and his children they will live this day for the rest of their lives.please God give his family the strength to get thru this trauma.RIP Gary!

  6. Of course Speed played a pivotal role in the turn-of-the-century Newcastle side that was a Champions League contender – they hosted AC Milan 9 years ago today. Bellamy was on the pitch that day, as was Speed’s close friend Alan Shearer. Seems to have been universally liked and admired; terrible loss for Welsh football and for his family and all his clubs and supporters.

  7. Shame. Before the likes of Beckham, Speed was the poster boy of the 1st Division/Premier League in early 90’s, often gracing many a weekly magazine cover in his days at Leeds. More importantly, he was a good footballer – he successfully adjusted his game as he aged at Newcastle and Bolton. I was looking forward to see him manage a Premier League Club. My thoughts are with his family.

  8. Oh what a great man! blah, blah, blah. Only a coward tops themself – especially leaving kids behind. What a hard life he has had, living millions of people’s dream. Meh. No sympathy for him here, It’s his family I feel sorry for. And no, I’m not a Manure fan.

    1. What sort of a man are you!!!!!! Are you sick or something you know nothing and you say that yes it might beautiful suicide and yes you can say that but have some respect will you, its not his familys fault but you wouldn’t care how they feel saying something like thats insulting to them whoever you are your not even human you must have no feeling no emotions whatsoever. I cant believe that comment got published.
      At least when Gary Speed looked in the mirror theres probably more of a man more of a human being than you’ll ever be, so don’t judge until you know the facts just show some respect to his family and not speak ill of the dead R.I.P Gary Speed.

      1. There is simply no reason, NONE, in the world why a man would kill himself and leaves the resonsibility of bringing up his kids to his wife. He has denied love, compassion and care to his family. Suicide is selfish and almost a blackmail. Gary may have been a good footballer and manager, but if I was his child, I will find it extremely difficult to forgive him. God did not ask us to kill ourselves when we have a problem. He tells us to be brave and courageous. Suicide is a cheap way out of problems that leaves many people broken. Except he had a mental problem whereby he could not control himself or weigh the impact of his death on his family, no reason to shed tears for him. Those tears should be reserved for his unofortunate family.

        1. I guess you’ve never experienced depression. Statistically, there’s a high chance that you will at some point in your life, and then your opinion may change.

        2. Boli this is in YOUR opinion. Suicide is a serious illness, NO ONE I assure you will just decide positively to commit suicide to spitefully leave everyone angry and upset. Medical case studies and statistics show that victims of a suicidal attempt and/or death has NOT denied love and care for their family, in fact it is the exact opposite, they do think about their families moments before the attempt and/or follow through is made but, upon the actual action, the mind over rides that thought and their decision is final. The difference is the mind is powerfully convinced through active and reactive thinking.

          One person’s suicidal thoughts and actions are extremely different to another’s. What I mean by this is, the degree and tempo of suicidal thought is so high and diverse that no two case studies (apologies using this term) are the same. In fact one case study does not even come close to another.

          We cannot judge or critise anyone who succeeds in their suicidal death, we can only remember their good moments they shared with us, family and friends. It is we who have to open our hearts to them and learn to forgive them. Obviously this will take time depending on that person grieving process.

          Boli, your message came across to me sounding very angry. I stand to be corrected, but it sounds like you have had someone you know who has lost their life to suicide, and if this is so, I can tell you now that relative or friend wouldn’t want you to feel this way, but to embrace YOUR LIFE and move forward.

          Garry was a GOOD man regardless of his decision to end his life. THAT SHOULD BE REMEMBERED!!

          Dr G

    2. Disagree with your opinion on how cowardly suicide is! It’s heartbreaking and frustrating for his family on how he could do such a selfish act. But it is by no means ‘cowardly.’ I’d imagine it’s not an easy decision to end your own life. The man was obviously at his lowest point and has got himself into a spot of bother. Who knows what was going through his mind?! But thoughts are defo with his family. I don’t think this is the end of this story?!

      1. Sorry “Mike” but I believe it is cowardly. If as you say he “has got himself into a spot of bother” then he should face it like a man, not go and end his own life leaving a distraught family behind.

        1. There are varying causes of suicide and some may be acts that are escaping from something they cant face. It is terrible to stand in judgement though.

          Obviously he was shocked, devastated and scared of something so much that he took his life. It wont have been a rational considered thing…im sure…perhaps. Either way i would say that the dad of his two boys was not a coward but a wonderful man who just made a poor decision out of a moments madness. To call a suicide cowardice is inhuman.

          Stop and think.

    3. You’re a disgrace.

      This is a dark day for me as a Leeds United fan. He helped us win the title and was part of the best midfield anyone’s ever seen in England – Gary McAllister, Gordon Strachan, David Batty, Gary Speed.

      With those comments, you’re not a football fan, you’re not even a person. We need to find out why this happened and make sure it NEVER, EVER, happens again.

      Gary, Good night, God bless. Sleep well.

    4. I guess you’ve never experienced depression. Statistically, there’s a high chance that you will at some point in your life, and then your opinion may change. By the time you’re suicidal, your mental state is so disturbed that there is no “easy” or “difficult” way out… suicide becomes the only conceivable answer.

    5. ‘Boli Atepa’ you are a prick no1 asked what is your opinion on what god believes about a legend and a role model so if you have any respect in the world cram it you prick. Gary Speed rest in peace the reactions of all your friends such as Craig Bellamy and Robbie savage show the world how much good you have done as a person.

    6. Hmm, whilst I’d say that you have no obligation to feel any sympathy, I’d have to say that your statement indicates an inability to comprehend any state of mind beyond your own, which is obviously very limited. Not only that, there’s seems to be an element of venom in your words; that tells me you haven’t really taken a good look at yourself.

  9. My heart is with the family today of Gary, only he knew what he was going through to lead him to end, but while he is at eternal peace, his family are in pieces wondering why….Time is a healer and pain will turn to memories.. People will need to respect that they want time to come to terms with this and to help them people will need to stop speculating and posting mean things as this does not help them and may lead to another member of Gary’s family to think they need to do the same.

    Gary wherever you are, I hope the stars are still shining bright for you….Clearly by comments made, you were indeed a GOOD MAN, your memory and legacy will live on forever….RIP, xx

  10. I have watched him playing for Bolton in the EPLlive telecast by ESPN. He was a nice playerwith agility and speed as the very name indicates. It is a great tragic death. May his soul Rest in PEACE.
    Tomy Jacob,Trivandrum,Kerala,India.

  11. @Me – The fact that you finish with “i own you all” speaks volumes. t o s s b a g!

    RIP Gary Speed – Premier Legue Legend

  12. Sad day, however also a very selfish act, god knows what goes through someones head, to carry out such a horrendous act.

    Hopefully his family, will be able to come to terms with it and be able to get on with their lives.

    Sleep well, you must have secretly been going through hell, they say the camera never lies, it clearly does in this case

    God bless

  13. maybe he has a head injury that has brought on such an act, I know of this because I have an upper cervical, head injury, and, am aware that this can bring on depression and worse, the use of the head as a battering ram into the ball and snapping of the upper cervical ligaments results in brainstem injuries, other examples of the effects of this injury are prevalent in Hockey, and Gridiron Football recent suicides. I am stunned and affected as well nonetheless, I am a big fan of Gary.

  14. Damn! What a shame. I remember him fondly as a player though I didn’t understand his impact in the sport until this happened. My condolences go out to those who are affected by this.

  15. R.I.P speedy what a great guy!! X have any of u disrespectful ppl thought that he could have been told he had motor neurone disease which most athletes get and wanted to end his life before he made his wife and children watch him suffer and start to waste away ?? Believe me I would end my own life than make my family watch me suffer, so all you with nasty things to say just remember karma is a bitch and hope to god some day you come face to face with something that destroys u !

    1. If you truly believe in “Karma” then surely something bad will now happen to you in return for wishing a nasty fate on others? Also, I doubt your God or any superior being would grant your wish.

    2. I have read the scriptures and nowhere is it granted that a man should kill himself when he has a problem. It says we should take trials with joy and be brave and courageous. Forget Karma, it’s a figment of your imagination. Truth is, we don’t even have the right to kill ourselves. Not a good occasion to speak harshly but it’s also a good time to tell ourselves the truth, lest someone else tries this. It is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to commit suicide, no matter what the problem is. Take your problems to God. If you will die because of the problem, die; but do not do it yourself. Rreligion aside, where’s the moral in that?

      1. What team does God support Boli?
        Wrong noticeboard! This is for people who want to pay their respects to a footballing legend. His private live is none of our business. RIP Gary.

  16. Let us judge the man for his great èootball ability . Thanks Gary for giving so many fans so much pleasure x

  17. Far too many people on here know NOTHING about depression, mental illness and how it affects your mind in such a different, awful way. The fact that he had a dream career and millions of pounds and great family reinforces the point that NO-ONE is immune from mental illness. It affects doctors, pop stars, footballers, business people, young people, old people, rich and poor…everyone!!

    1. Zara you’re the first person to speak any sense. The people who are attacking him have absolutely no idea about mental illness because they have been fortunate enough never to have suffered from it. You don’t just get up up one day and decide ‘Oh, my credit card bill is rather large I think I’ll kill myself.’ Or I read the comment he must of got himself in a spot of bother’. If you believe this then I pray you’re not a medical practitioner.

      Gary was suffering from a serious illness. The brain is an organ like any other and can become defective. In about 10% of people, at some time in their lives, they will suffer from mental illness.

      I as a Bolton fan am deeply saddened by his loss. I hope he can find the peace that he was unable to find in his life.

      Sweet dream fella.


  18. why are the whites always behaving like this ? committing sucide each time they have problems, they should learn from Africans on how to endure in unfavourable situations , After all they brought us christianity, they should read the bible the way we read it and know that God can change all ugly situations. Sorry Garry you lost faith and hope in God, my prayer is for God to have mercy on you. Who on earth did you leave your family to. and to the rest of the whites pls learn to take responsibilities. Sucide is not the answer but JESUS is.

    1. Hello Jonathan,

      A very talented man died today. His family are the people who will live with this act and it never leaves you. I know I been unfortunate enough to find my husband.
      Although it is not right and nothing is really insurmountable in life. He must have been in a very bad place at that point in time.
      However what gives any of us the right to Judge. Does it not say in your christianity, that only God can judge!!!
      If Jesus you say is the answer, then what was the question???
      My heart felt thoughts and wishes go to his wife, children and family for they are the ones left to deal with the fall out from what he did.
      How very rude of you calling us whites, if the it was the other way round I would be racist. So that makes you
      (probably of the darker ilk) racist too.

  19. At the end of the day a man, for a reason we may never know, has took his own life. He had a life most of us could only dream of, a beautiful wife , two young children a mansion in Cheshire and manager of a international football team.
    Walk the streets of any major city and see the down and outs trying to keep warm in the shop doorways with only a plastic bag for company, yet they hang on to life.
    Gary, Why?

  20. Some times it’s best if we say nothing, sometimes we have problems that we can’t speak about, god bless you Gary

  21. So, so sad, a young life gone and as is often the case a well liked, respected individual. Unfortunately the amount of comments debating suicide are in this case a bit premature, as I’m sure that no one here has any clue about the chain of events leading up to such a tragic act. There are too many possible reasons for what has happened for any of us to comment on what has happened, it could be an intentional act, it may be not, cry for help, accident etc. The sad fact is that a young, talented MSN is no longer with us and that in itself should be treated with the dignity it deserves.

  22. Disappointing to see some of the ‘judgements’ here from so called Christians ! I am a Christian and it is for God to judge ! Gary Speed has committed an act that we are all struggling to understand but as someone myself who works to support and represent mental health service users we must try and understand ! All I know is that he was a much loved and respected man and for the rest we may never know why ? RIP.

  23. Karma, whites, African, Christianity, religion. Do you guys have any sense?? Just waiting for a reason to act like sick f#@ks. Atleast respect his legacy before babbling. God knows what was in his mind…. RIP Gary speed..

  24. I respect everyones view and comments on the tragic death of Gary Speed… However, PERSONALLY.. I do not think he hanged himself.. yes he was found hanged but just does not make sense to me.. I”m sorry, I refuse to believe, it sounds fishy and something else is gone wrong here.. The guy was on Football Focus and I really enjoyed listening to him talk and he looked really happy, smiling and confident.. he was spoke about the future about coaching and Wales too.. and then to believe that he hanged himself the next morning does not make.. maybe did but I just can’t make sense of it in my head.. seen as I saw on live on TV like 8 hours earlier!!!! Either way, wish his two sons and family all the best. A sad day for anyone to die, but especially when your 42 and have your life to enjoy with your family and friends.. very very very sad!!!

    1. People with suicidal depression often appear ‘normal’ to others, and may even seem happier than usual once they’ve decided to take their own life, because at that point the burden has been lifted from them.

  25. Can’t believe how gutted I feel today. Gary is one of 11 genuine heroes who brought incredible success with Sgt Wilko’s Leeds team. In our hearts mate and always marching on together. Leeds Leeds Leeds forever. Love you. Sleep well Speedo.

  26. As previously stated, some people have no clue about the nature of mental illness, depression and its effect on the mind! “Selfish act”, “cowardly”, “face your problems” “religion”, give me a break. If you must comment please make sure you know what you’re talking about first. Ill educated, ill informed comments are of little benefit to anyone. My thoughts go out to Gary’s family and friends. R.I.P Gary.

  27. It’s the fame game. them people are not like us. you see it all the time..its hard to care any more. People on telly are just toys for us ….but of course they get paid in spades for it and lead charmed lives …It’s what everyone’s thinking so why not say it? I know nobody has come forward with a reason yet, on other forums they are saying if it was depression they would have said so by now.

    So what’s left? ….drugs, booze, infidelity, child-sex scandal, rape accusations, bribery and corruption

    what next. the press will have their day, you will get your story and wait for the next
    ….life goes on for us on the council estates of the UK

    1. You’re reporting a rumour as fact there mate because The Sun themselves have said that’s total bollocks today!

  28. RIP Gary Speed people do things for different reasons , some of us are strong some are weak what people do in life is there perogative.we don’t understand why people make decisions but we must learn to live with them wrong or right. my thoughts are with your friends and family , you was a legend Gary Speed .

  29. So the gay thing is a possible ?
    It would make sense . maybe couldn’t handle the revelation…..hmm
    the Sun might have posted the withdrawal after the fact … that’s possible…..

    I mean come on …what will they look like the day after he was found swinging to put that story out,
    they would have got a slamming from the bleeding hearts …you may have something Tommo

    Got any links to them stories ?

    1. If the story is true then they couldn’t have put it out today anyway because they don’t currently have a Sunday paper. If they did have a Sunday paper and they did put the story out it would have gone to print before they knew he was dead anyway. The Sun and News Corp thrive on sensationalist headlines that ruin peoples lives – it’s what they do! Can’t see the Sun wanting to get embroiled in anything too heavy at the minute anyway, not with all the phone hacking stuff still going on. If they DID have a story on it then it WON’T be seeing the light of day because it’ll end up being labelled as their fault he killed himself and that’s just the ammunition we (the great British public!) need to see the end of the Sun just like we did with the NOTW!

  30. May his soul rest In peace. Why can someone like him hang himself.

    Can we get this answer?. I feel sorry for the kids he left behind and this can always be on their mind. We hope and pray that things like this don’t happened to our heroes and guys we look into in our lives.

    He will be miss by all those around him.

  31. It’s all good everyone saying suicide isn’t the answer and people should talk things over, but is it just me that thinks that every one of these ‘he shouldn’t have committed suicide, he has a family’ etc comments are completely missing the point? We’ve lost an unbelievably good man, icon and top class footballer that gave 100% every game for every club he played for. Those comments aren’t going to change the fact that he’s gone! RIP Gary Speed, you will be missed by all, thoughts are with your family and friends.

  32. yeah i miss the NOTW too! .. I mean we own these celebs, politicians and stuff you know. I mean the phone hacking when you first hear it sounds a bit wrong ….but then again wouldn’t we all just want to listen to it ? ….of course you do ! …anyone that says anything else is a liar. I man come on phone hacking never killed anyone, but guess what we have heard more moaning about it than you would with a multiple murder case …i mean come on here !! . lets be sensible. the public have a RIGHT to know. It will be a sad day when we lose our free speach you know

  33. Zara and many others you are totally right! I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and don’t know to this day what triggered it, it is so hard to stay in control of your own mind even with medication! When suffering from these illness’s it’s so easy to hit rock bottom and so hard to get back to any normallity!
    Long life Newcastle fan and all my thoughts and condolences go to the family and everyone associated with Gary Speed. Always remembered and never forgotting RIP Gary.

  34. All commenters,you did not know speedo so your comments are irrelevant how dare you judge a man you did not know,you can justly judge the act but not the man as he gave so much to the people who went to see him
    his wealth irrelevent,his lifestyle do not need a reson for death but for life your own need to know the reason for speedo’s death is in itself a appeal for whats going off in your own life and its surroundings,Death is itself alone the answer to life and life is the question to death and once you have figured out what that means.a man has died leaving a family devastated by the loss and the act ,you should all support the one fact that we all trully know, we will miss him and that wave, that wink ,that goal, that smile he gave you when you where watching him play was his way of saying thanks for coming to watch me.He left in a way that some people find cowardly but i tell you this not one of you will leave this earth without being terrified of death so celibrate his achievments and grieve his passing and console his familys loss as they need your love and kind words now more than ever.

  35. Black people don’t hang themselves they just shoot and stab each other.

    RIP Speedo. Once a Blade always a Blade.

  36. To those who think he is a coward: You never walked in the man’s shoes and have no idea what kind of hell the man may have lived in. You idiots think he offed himself to be selfish… Maybe a little dose of Seratonin uptake ENHANCERS could put you in the mood to feel pure hell. Little known drugs used would have you ripping your skin off. How dare you judge a man who quite possibly had major chemical imbalances. You think this is caused by a guy not being tough enough or little ghosts put in his head? He just had a bad day and forgot about his wife and kids?

    RIP, and may those who cant understand never feel your pain, even in their total ignorance.

  37. I red almost every bodys posts an ting an just remember he who is with sin throw the first stone or insult to gary I dnt no if he killed himself or not you will find out when my lord and yours jesus christ returns to purge this world ov sin an sinfull men. Just no this; all u people who put comments up or read comments to pray for garys soul and for his familly in this time ov trail to there burdens on the one man who can bear it I sed his name alrealy. Man is destond to die once afta that face judgement , a lot ov people have died since I have writtin this letter. Pray for those dead and for those who r dead and r walking around right now . Rip gary and all those who lose there lives amen.

  38. To you people who talk about mental illness. For it is written BEWARE for your enemy and mine the devil prowls around like like a lion looking for somebody to devower. If u r feeling depressed SHOUT OUT IN THE NAME OV JESUS depaart from me. Deppression may be ur way ov being tested and refined be strong and couragous trust in the promises ov jesus for he is the ttruth and the light and u cannot hide the light . Pray for gary an his family and for this world. See the sign look at this world which IS perishing. Ur right black people r destroying ourselves, y because read the start ov this . AMEN

  39. It is a sad day ……….we will never know the pain of other people may his family find peace,
    we are not the judges… of what this man did…… only GOD judges……..
    walk a mile in a mans shoes before anyone speaks……. of cowards.
    RIP gary…….

  40. Surprised there’s been no mention of Michael Hutchence. Makes more sense to me and is much more common than people think. Regardless, a horror for his family and friends. RIP.

  41. Nowhere does it say that GS committed suicide / took his own life. Calm down everybody, it might not have been intentional. Even if it was, it’s his business.

  42. As a married man of 4 and newcastle fan i dont give a flying xxxx if he was gay he was a legend and seemed a top bloke. The sun or star shd be ashamed if they were behind this pushing him over edge if true. RIP Gary

  43. For those saying Gary speed is selfish you are both lucky and ignorant at the same time.

    Lucky that clearly depression has never affected your lives.

    But this also makes you ignorant to the illness and the affect it can have on a person and their loved ones.

    My husband had depression and I have come home from work several times over the years to him in bad bad states and had to help him through. When things like this happen it brings it home what a dangerous illness this is and you can go from happy to suicidal so quickly. Scarily so.

    So please stop saying he is selfish when you do not understand. You are not only disrespecting him, his family and friends but you are dis respecting every person who is affected one way or another who is affected by depression.

    At a time of shock, disbelief and upset ignorant comments like yours are best kept to yourself.

  44. As a lifelong Newcastle fan and someone who has ‘been there’ as far as Gary Speed’s state of mind is concerned, I’m deeply, deeply saddened by this news – unfortunately I’m just as saddened by some of the comments being made here. Gary Speed was a great footballer and more importantly, from what I can tell, a good man. His apparent suicide doesn’t change that and doesn’t make him any less worthy of our respect.

    If you’ve ever felt suicidal, you’ll know that selfishness isn’t a factor – on the contrary, you can feel almost as if you’re doing the world a favour by committing the act. The fact is, though, we just don’t know what was running through Gary Speed’s mind and never will. And it’s not our place to ask. Pointing fingers is all too easy these days.

    Instead of judging and venting our sanctimony, our thoughts should turn to his family – even as he left them behind, I’d like to think he loved them deeply and I hope they find the strength to endure these difficult days as they come to terms with his loss. Rest in peace Gary. You’ll be missed.

  45. Please Please leave the race issue out of this never a subject without someone bringing up race! Thoughts of suicide affects people not the colour of your skin. There are a lot of people on here and other forums saying Gary Speed was a good man a great person. Unless you knew him personally, know one can make those statements. Next MEN we never ever talk about what is going off inside our heads. There are numerous agencies and organisations to contact. Before anyone says anything about my comment YES I HAVE SUFFERED with depression and YES I WAS CLOSE TO SUICIDE. Statistically you will find that more men than women suffer with depression and this is because we feel it is beneath us to speak out. I am not saying that he suffered with depression but the very fact that no one knows why he did it suggest that he kept things to himself. Sometimes it is damn hard to find someone to confide to we feel alone and vunerable and we go over the same questions in our head and get the same answers. If you men so protective of loved ones want to help yourself and your loved ones. Try to use that same courage to talk to them or others. It is a sad time for his friends, family and the football world.

  46. I was raised in the church as a little girl, however…………… Over the last few years I have been through a hell of a time and I am still not through it, by no fault of my own!!! So where was God or Jesus Christ when I NEEDED HIM and where was God & Jesus Christ when Gary needed him?????????????? and dont say they carrying me or I will scream.

    We don’t know if it was depression or not, we don’t know what’s happened!

    Those self righteous idiots keep you comments to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the rest – I am a Leeds girl (although I now live in Newcastle,strange it was the 2 of the several place he played :)!!) but my family have met Gary several times he was a FANTASTIC footballer and a proper Gent, a really lovely bloke.

    We need to think of his family now and not start rumours that could affect his boys. Do we really need to know why he did it – scandal or whatever, a life has gone.

    But LUFC Fans & NUFC Fans – we will remember him always regardless.

    Gary you are a legend RIP and my love goes to you and your family X

  47. There seems to be a lot talk here about depression, but this is just speculation. In my own limited experience, most people that have killed themselves through depression alone were known to suffer depression to some extent – even if they hid much of it. It seems more likely to me that it was an event – or potential event – of huge importance and possibly unfaceable shame that would cause such a sudden and tragic change. A pending news revelation of some kind is, of course, possible but a betrayal or embarassment within the family or hidden financial problems could equally be the culprit. None of which is any of our business, even if we are intrigued. But it does seem that labelling him as a closet depressive is jumping the gun.

    Like everyone else, I just hope his family cope OK. The fact that the police have labelled it “not suspicious” tends to suggest either obvious accident or suicide (because a note was left). If the latter, let’s hope this gives the family some kind of understanding.

  48. someone who commits sucide will definatly not be blessed by god. The time and date he died he was destined to go at that precise time and date.

    On the day of judgement we will all wish we can come back and do this life again so we belive. God will ask us say “if you had gold equivelent to a mountain would you ransom yourself”?

    We will say yes

    God will say i asked you much much less…. i.e worship me.
    the correct way is not once a week or when you feel like. people of this forum wake up we have a purpose in life we have not appeared from a big bang.

    1. “we have not appeared from a big bang.”

      Hurry. Give this man a Nobel Physics Prize. Penzias and Wilson have nothing on him.

      No. Seriously. If you don’t know what I’m on about without Googling these names, you can keep your uninformed opinion to yourself.

  49. Moatstar why is it negative comments should be removed?

    do you not think god has created us so therfore our energies should be to worship the one god that has created us.

    The truth hurts…

    the problem is we think we are on this earth and we will live for a while so lets live life to the MAX. forgetting we will be accountable in the hereafter

  50. After having read some of these horrendous comments, I think the smart thing to do would have been to just disallow them from the beginning. It was a sh*t-storm waiting to happen.

  51. His pain is over. It’s his kids I feel for. They will spend the rest of their lives wondering why and possibly blaming themselves.

  52. Why are people hijacking this forum trying to convince us all of the existence of an after-life and of God/Jebus or whatever else you call him/them/it? You should go over to the fairy-believers forum, not a forum like this where a decent man is being mourned. I truly hope that whatever has made Mr Speed tragically end his life in this manner, it doesn’t turn out to be ‘controversial’, but if there are personal reasons behind this that could possibly cloud peoples memories of him, then they should be buried with the poor man. RIP Gary Speed

    1. Todd, I’ve blocked a ton of inappropriate comments for this thread, so it could be a lot worse! I think it’s appropriate for football fans to be able to post their messages of condolences.

      The Gaffer

  53. And the end of the day what he did is a horrible thing to do not just to himself but for what his family now need to deal with.Like who found his body can you imagine how traumatising it must be for his kids to grow up with the idea they were never good enough or worth living for?
    He was a true hero in sport and since i’ve been supporting football since i was a kid and gary speed has always been apart of my childhood football memories!
    he will be dearly missed but the fact he was a true legend does not allow us to ignore the fact he commited sucide a selfish death.
    However i dont want the be disrespectful and ignorant to the fact we all dont know what the guy went though and for how long.i love football and love gary speed.why oh why gary!!!
    Rip Gary you will be missed dearly!

  54. Christians-if you know the scriptures then you should know not to judge the man. I pray God does not judge you so harshly. Fortunately, God is full of grace towards us

  55. all the rumours seem to indicate he was about to be exposed by tabloids as either:

    (a) gay …michael barrymore style
    (b) involved in some sex scandal ….rape accusations or something
    (c) something even worse such as a gary glitter

    it will come out in the wash
    its nothing new for celebs lets face it

  56. i mean none of it might be true ….but a wise man wouldn’t spring to his
    defence too quickly all I am saying

  57. and i think we should delete all the religious comments, as some are extremist and blasphemous.
    if it does turn out to be one of the 3 situations above of course there is no room in our religion for these types anyway….so we shouldn’t be bringing God’s name into this at all. Period !

  58. now that couple of days have passed, is it wrong to try to understand/guess his circumstances for death??

  59. I hope for his reputation that there was nothing about paedophilia because that will completely destroy his image, and people’s perceptions of him. Having extra marital affair or even that he was gay is something people will be able to overlook, albeit his character will be defamed somewhat given his reputation of being a family man who doted on his children, but paedophilia is unforgivable.

    I say this because there are some rumors on the net suggesting one of the tabloids was going to report something along those lines, with the gay line being most taked about. However, I do stress that these are at the moment very vague and unfounded rumours.

  60. We don’t know yet the reasons why he felt he had to take his life, and I cannot judge him, but what a terrible tragedy.

    When I first heard the news, it shook me to the core and I just couldn’t stop crying over a person I have never known personally.

    The real casualties are his family who had to witness his death like this. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go to them, especially the kids. I hope they will find a way to overcome the trauma in time.

    RIP Gary Speed.

  61. sad day but life goes on.yes he was a good player but a good man im not sure as i didnt know him. do good men leave a wife and kids without a husband and thing for sure his kids have no one to look up to other than a man who left them alone. whatever trouble id never leave my kids to fend for themselves, hope this makes me a good man

  62. after reading through the many various comments there are many who make good and valid points. There are also many talking crap. He took his own life the end. It now only effects his family, not single minded muppets many of you are. He has depression? – how the hell do you know ! What we do know is he was a great football player and now manager and up and till now a great role model for many. Using these sites people should discuss the good points in his life nothing else the rest is not your business its his families. RIP to a legend!

  63. weather he was ill or not he was still in a sane state which means he knew what he was doing. After reading some of the comments i must point out we dont judge the intention only god judges ones intention we as human beings judge the action one commits… in this case SUICIDE. This is the one thing as far as i know this will take you to the fire of hell…so please feeling sorry for him means nothing… save yourselfs

    question for everyone to ponder over…

    What is our purpose in life?

    Do we think we will live for a short while and do as we please and think no one will hold us to account?

    The prophet of the belivers has said if you could hear the punishment of the grave your buried are going through you will never bury your deceassed… these are not the exact words but some off.

    So people this life is a test you decide heaven or hell. the choice is yours.

  64. Speed is a coward who leaves his family behind. He is an insult to humans who work 60 hours a week at $2 an hour to support their families. They are in a much tougher situation than him but they continue to support their families and sacrafice for others. It is embaracing that everyone is praising him recently for his selfishness and arrogance.

    1. No, humans who tolerate being paid $2 for a 60 hour week are an insult to humans. Stand up for yourself instead of blaming your subserviency on a troubled man far away on another continent.

  65. It seems that my post did not make the cut. I think that is unfortunate confirmation of the fear of the proverbial “elephant in the room”.

    1. Gonzague, your comment was a perfect example of something that was complete off topic and not related to a soccer website. If you want to write your own theories, write them elsewhere, not on a soccer blog.

      I’ve decided to close the comments thread for this post.

      Gary Speed, rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.

      The Gaffer

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