EPL Podcast Weekend Review, Open Thread: Have Your Say

There are so many talking points from this Premier League weekend that it’s going to be tough for Laurence McKenna and the EPL Talk Podcast crew to know where to start.

To help drive the discussion, post your questions and suggested topic ideas in the comments section below. It’s your chance to have your say. The best comments will be read out on-air. Were there incidents you saw this weekend that deserve deeper analysis? After thirteen games into the season, are there clubs who you believe we should dissect that have been overlooked in previous episodes?

Here are some suggestions to help stimulate the conversations:

  • From the Liverpool versus Manchester City game, who was your man of the match?
  • With Liverpool getting a win over Chelsea and a draw against City, can this help the Reds push on to become title contenders?
  • Deconstructing Manchester United. What is going on with the performance of this side?

Thanks in advance for your input. Laurence McKenna and the EPL Talk Podcast crew will be looking through your comments before they begin recording tonight’s episode.

15 thoughts on “EPL Podcast Weekend Review, Open Thread: Have Your Say”

  1. To the EPLtalk crew,

    Please spare sometime on how Lucas Leiva has evolved as a player from Rafa benitez era to present?

    Also what does Jordan Henderson offers in the game? is he the right player for lfc ?

    and finally Did Liverpool missed Maxi Rodriguez in this match?


    1. Give Jordan the same paitience you gave Lucas and I believe we will be greatly rewarded.

      I think Maxi should’ve come in for Dirk instead of Carroll and kept Jordan in the middle of the pitch. Pushing Jordan wide right…

  2. Can someone talk a Liverpool supporter off the ledge? The whole dominating the final 10-15 minutes and creating a plethora of chances thing is eventually going to starting leading to some wins, right?

    1. We’re in it for the long haul. We’re currently in the process of bedding players in. Nobody expects an overnight miracle and I for one am really happy with how we’re progressing as a team. Look at the position we were sat in this time last year under Roy! Give it time and within the next few seasons we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with once again.

  3. A few suggestions:

    1) There’s now a gap between the top seven teams in the Premier League and the other 13. Which of the teams in the bottom 13, if any, have a chance of breaking into the spots for the Europa League?

    2) What side should Arsene Wenger field mid-week in the Carling Cup against Manchester City? Does he dare risk fielding some youngsters?

    3) The last time no managers in the Premier League had been sacked by this point in the season was five years ago. What’s the reason why managers such as Bruce, Kean and Coyle are still in charge — when in previous seasons many of them would have been sacked by now?

    The Gaffer

  4. Thought United played better during the second half. They are just in a stretch where they can’t find the back of the net. Ashley Young had a couple big misses as did Fabio.

    Laurence brought up a good point last week about the lack of “vision” from this United side. I agree completely as the passing and creative play has been absent recently.

  5. 1. Joe Hart is my man of the match and Pepe reina may be my number 2 choice
    2. Liverpool will just miss top 4 finishing 5th or 6th
    3. Man U? honestly not sure but are they starting the right 11 most games expecially in the back?

  6. 1. MOTM was Joe Hart every time.
    2. We’re not in with a shot at the title this year – there’s not a person here on Merseyside who thinks we are! We’re looking at the future and building a squad that’s able to push and challenge in the coming seasons. It’s not an overnight thing!
    3.Since being put in their place by City they’re not the same side. It knocked them totally. They got a draw against Newcastle and it was deserved as well! Ferguson won’t be around that much longer – he’s getting on a bit now so I hope they make the most of his time here because once he goes I have a feeling Man U will be sitting pretty in mid table going back to their 80’s days!

      1. Like previously mentioned it would be nice to hear some love for Lucas, as we’ve been seeing these insane, dominating performances for almost 2 years now…extremely underrated player worldwide.

        And Liverpool proved to be the best defence City has faced in the league this season thus far…is it time to start thinking about Skrtel/Agger every week and a bench role for Carragher (barring injury)?

  7. Dont forget that the ref was very biased.

    Also, Reina had a handball just outside of the box. Ref let it go.

    Not to mention, Silva should have scored at the end. He dribbled Reina and beat him and had the ball on his right foot to slot it in the corner of an empty goal, but he dribbled Reina again to try to get it on his left foot.

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