Will van Persie Win The Scoring Title?

“Fact Or Fiction” is a series that will be run every Friday. In this series, an assertion will be made regarding an impacting topic in the Premier League. EPL Talk writers Matt Hackenmiller and Earl Reed each offer their views on whether the statement is “Fact or Fiction.”

Fact or Fiction: Robin Van Persie will win the Golden Boot award this season.

MH: Fiction. It would be easy to respond fact with the way that Van Persie is performing to this point. The Dutch International has been on a tremendous run the past few weeks, but goals tend to come in bunches. This could be one of his hot streaks that could be followed by a long drought of goals. Also, there will be competition for the award from talented forwards like Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, and Demba Ba. With that said, there is still a lot of football left to be played and the Gunner striker doesn’t exactly have the best record of staying healthy. An injury could always derail Van Persie’s season and any hopes of winning the award will be lost.

ER: Fact. It’s no secret: if Arsenal wants to score goals, they have to get the ball to Robin van Persie at this point. He’s the only player in any kind of finishing form for the Gunners, and honestly he’s morphed into a machine. He’s doing it in both the Premier League as well as European competition. He looks extremely confident right now. Injuries are the biggest concern for the Dutch international, but maybe he has finally put those problems behind him. With guys like Gervinho and Theo Walcott being so unpredictable, he’s going to be relied upon heavily. And it’s not like teams don’t expect it; he’s really the only guy scoring, and teams still can’t handle him right now. 2011 has been the year of Robin van Persie, and he’s done a lot of this with either an injured or nonexistent playmaker.

What do you think, is it fact or fiction that Robin Van Persie will win the Golden Boot award this season?

5 thoughts on “Will van Persie Win The Scoring Title?”

  1. Considering every one remains in form, only an injury to Van Persie or to a City striker could cause Van Persie not to win the golden boot. And injury to a City striker will cause game time to go way up, and I think Aguero and Dzeko have the highest goals to minutes ratio in the league.

  2. As long as van persie stays fit he will be top scorer. He is the focal point of the attack at arsenal and will start all matches if fit and not rested or injured. Arsenal playing with 1 striker also helps him. Another factor is the rotation of strikers at man city meaning other players not playing as much as van persie which gives rvp an advantage. He is also playing for a huge new contract next season (either at arsenal or another club) so thats another factor.

    The fact that van persie has always been injured the past few years means he will fatigue in the later part of the season b/c his body will not be used to playing so much so that may cause a dip in form but as long as wenger rotates a little more (as he said he would) this may not be a big factor.

  3. At this time hell ya he will win the gboot but get real rvp will never play a full season he is the best forward in the epl when fit

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