Happy Thanksgiving Day: What Premier League Clubs Should Be Thankful For This Season

Here is what Premier League clubs should be thankful for this year:

Arsenal: First and foremost, Robin van Persie. Not to mention the resurrection of the Gunners campaign after such a slow start.

Aston Villa: The emergence of Gabriel Agbonlahor as an all around striker.

Blackburn: Fans should enjoy their time in the top flight.

Bolton: That Blackburn and Wigan are still in the Premier League, so Bolton has a better chance of not finishing last this season.

Chelsea: The play of Juan Mata has been a breath of fresh air to this club. Also, that King Roman will not sit idly by during the January transfer window.

Everton: No matter how disappointing the first few months have been, David Moyes always seems to find a way to turn the club around, helping the Toffees climb up the table.

Fulham: Craven Cottage remains one of the best home grounds in football.

Liverpool: Andy Carroll can’t get much worse. Even with that said, Liverpool has a talented squad heading towards a Champions League spot.

Manchester City: The growing maturity of Mario Balotelli as he ceases all the antics and shows everyone what a talent he is.

Manchester United: Another season with Sir Alex Ferguson in charge as he continues to instill a winning belief in the players and fans alike.

Newcastle: For a tremendous start to league play and the return to health of Hatem Ben Arfa.

Norwich City: For being one of the early surprises in football this season.

QPR: It appears that Neil Warnock will keep the Rangers out of relegation and a part of the top flight for another spell.

Stoke City: The Europa League group stage will soon be over and Stoke can return to being one of the toughest defensive teams in England.

Sunderland: Fans should be thankful that Steve Bruce couldn’t possibly mess up this squad much more.

Swansea City: For holding their own against the bigger clubs as Michel Vorm establishes himself as one of the goalies in the league to be reckoned with.

Tottenham: The managerial style of Harry Redknapp makes the Spurs one of the most entertaining clubs in Europe.

West Brom: The inspiring play of Shane Long.

Wigan: That Roberto Martinez will do everything in his power to keep this squad competitive all season.

Wolverhampton: Thankfully Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan are in the league, which may keep the Wolves from being relegated.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Day: What Premier League Clubs Should Be Thankful For This Season”

  1. “The growing maturity of Mario Balotelli as he ceases all the antics and shows everyone what a talent he is.”

    City might be thankful…but i am not. I WANT MORE ANTICS AND AMAZING FOOLISHNESS

  2. Balotelli still has his antics, which I hope don’t go away. I don’t think he’s necessarily made any improvements in the maturity dept. though. As long as he’s scoring goals, he can do anything he wants. Good for football imo.

  3. I am thankful to Wenger for brining Van Persie to the club’s forklore and making him this blistering star man that he is today. I always believed in this guy, and now he is showing the world what he is capable of. I thank him for making us Gunners be proud of our team again. Playing superbly and scoring magnificently. I am thankful I became a Gunner for life.

  4. Newcastle should be thankful they got 35 million pounds and got rid of Andy Carroll in the process. It is not a coincidence that Newcastle are so much better without him.

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