Napoli vs Manchester City, Champions League: Video Highlights

CL Highlights: Napoli/Man City

Commentators Martin Tyler and Ray Wilkins summed it up perfectly before the game kicked off. The atmosphere at Napoli’s decrepit stadium in Italy was absolutely spectacular. This was a game that the fans and players were up for against a Manchester City side that seemed unstoppable.

For those of you who have watched the match or have yet to see it, the above highlights show how dangerous Napoli were. It was a game where both teams missed some golden opportunities to change the fate of their season. But it wasn’t meant to be for City on a night where they puffed and puffed and puffed, but couldn’t blow Napoli’s house down.

4 thoughts on “Napoli vs Manchester City, Champions League: Video Highlights”

  1. Joe Hart gives up too many near post goals for my liking. If he doesn’t fix that, it will become a flaw that opponents will play on, in the same way that teams prey on Tim Howard’s weakness to the high shot.

  2. I wonder if Samir Nasri is enjoying his seat on the bench… Anyway, assuming City will fail to advance, this could be a good thing for City. They can play the reserves on Thursday nights and focus all their attention on winning the Premier League. The first team players will be much fresher without playing those mid-week Champions League games.

    As for Nasri, maybe he will get a run-out on Thursday nights…

  3. good match to watch would have got Kun on sooner and was M Richards hurt never saw the pitch.tough road to get to the final 16 in the end it will help for the EPL tittle chase.

  4. Really wish Mancini stuck with Richards and Clichy who have been vital in the Premier League so far. Kolarov and Zabaleta are much slower than Clichy and Richards, which surely hurt against Napoli’s counterattacks.

    In a do or die game like this, Mancini should have stuck with his top squad.

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