Piers Morgan Goes To Hollywood To Boost Chelsea vs Liverpool TV Ratings on FOX

The reaction to the appointment of Piers Morgan to FOX Soccer’s studio team had been mixed from Wednesday, when the announcement was made, through today. Now that we had a chance to watch him interact Sunday for the broadcast of Chelsea against Liverpool, what’s your opinion? Share it in the comments section below.

Piers Morgan is the type of person who people either love or hate. For me, today’s match was the first time I’ve seen him on television. I know he hosts a talk show on CNN (never seen it) and he was a judge on America’s Got Talent (I’ve never watched the show before), and I’m aware of his role on a British tabloid, but before today’s match, I had no bias either for or against him. So when I watched him today, it was with “new eyes.”

In terms of his analysis and personality, I thought he was perfect. He had a great energy. He spoke with authority and while what he said wasn’t anything groundbreaking, he had a good on-air personality and carried himself well. It was a job well done.

Earlier today I decided to search on Twitter to see what the reaction was from the public. And there I saw why FOX had hired the guy. There were a TON of tweets about Piers Morgan being on FOX. Many were from people who didn’t care about soccer. Some were from soccer fans who badmouthed FOX and Morgan. But the bottom line was that people, whether they love him or hate him, watched. And that will only serve to help the TV ratings.

29 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Goes To Hollywood To Boost Chelsea vs Liverpool TV Ratings on FOX”

  1. You’re right that he’ll increase TV ratings, but I still think FOX can do better. Morgan may attract attention, but he is not a professional football analyst.

    1. But I think that’s the point. FOX has gone Hollywood with their TV productions. They’re shooting for the mainstream and don’t want or need a professional football analyst that no one, other than die-hard soccer fans, would know who it was.

      They want a name and face that mainstream America will recognize. Piers Morgan fits that bill perfectly, and still checks the boxes for the ex-pats and anglophiles.

      The Gaffer

      1. But that’s not how they cover their other sports. Granted, the other sports are American and are more known here in the U.S., but coverage is always done by someone from the sport. Yeah, people watched, but I don’t want the future coverage of the World Cup Hollywoodized, and I don’t want it like that now, either.

    2. He isnt a football analyst, but Costigan and barton are? Both of them are highly biased towards the clubs they support and the managers they like. Piers is fine. Fox has the best football analyst in America in Bobby McMahon and do not utilize him properly. He should be LA and they should ship barton/costigan and Kyle Matrino on

  2. His analysis wasn’t any worse than Kyle Martino’s. I’d rather that he wasn’t there but he didn’t embarrass himself like Strahan or Curt Menefee did last year for the Champions League final.

  3. I rather think the better move for the Network broadcast is using the Sky commentary feed. Tyler and Neville did a fine job and overall the crowd noise comes through better.

    1. Yeah they both did great. Both thought the Drogba free kick was in for minutes after we all knew it wasnt and Neville couldnt see that Suarez was different than Lucas.

  4. I equate Fox hiring Piers Morgan to ESPN hiring Rush Limbaugh some years ago to do NFL Countdown. It’s not the best move for the viewers at home but builds buzz because both guys have groups of people that have strong opinions of them.

  5. As an Gooner, I have come to detest Piers for his fickleness when it comes to all things Arsenal. But I have to admit having him in FOX Soccer’s studio is definitely good for TV ratings and general awareness of the game in the States. I know a couple of guys who came around to watch the game cos of Piers. You can’t be neutral with this provocative guy. Good move.

  6. Maybe my expectations were low but I thought he was actually quite good. His opinion on Torres and Carroll were spot on. Unlike some celebrities who are clueless about what’s going on in the EPL I thought he was in tune with the goings on. Obvisiously Fox could do better but I don’t think they did themselves any harm by inviting Piers Morgan.

    On another note, why does the ball in the MLS Final look so small? It’s terrible that they are using a ball that appears odd looking on TV. Poor choice of color.

  7. I also had no opinion of him before the match and think he did a good job. I can’t stand Twellman (is his first name Taylor?). The mute button gets a real workout whenever he’s on.

    1. Twellman has improved a lot, but I still remember how awful he was when he commentated the Spurs against San Jose game.

      The Gaffer

  8. I thought he did a fair job…but I sincerely hope it doesn’t become an Arsenal soapbox on which he annoyingly rambles, like a giddy schoolgirl. There ARE other teams, and players other than Van Persie.

  9. As a Philadelphia Union supporter, I get more than my share of Taylor Twellman’s commentary and for my money he is the best American color guy by a million miles. He’s funny, self-deprecating, excitable, and just as brutally honest as we want our commentators to be. Surely he can improve, but compared to John Harkes, Twellman is a regular Craig Burley.

  10. This is what we have to look forward to in the 2018 and 2022 WC. Also since FOX got the WC bid does that mean ESPN wont be showing any MLS matchs during that stretch since they only reason they showed them now was because MLS matches were tied to the WC TV rights?

    1. MLS TV rights for ESPN expire in 2014, so it’ll be up to ESPN whether they want to put in a bid for MLS for 2014 onwards.

      The Gaffer

      1. Ya, I know they expire in 2014 but I thought they were tied to ESPN getting the WC rights. Like if you want the WC rights you also have to take some MLS matches too.

  11. He didn’t do anything for me bit then again 99% of the hosts on fsc are useless in my opinion, the worst of all being that Irish muppet Keith costigan. How that fella makes a living as a football pundit is beyond me.

  12. PM was actually pretty good I thought. He was informed and was able to speak inteligently about the EPL. The fact that he is an Arsenal fan and likes to talk about them is fine by me as long as he has informed opinions which I thought he did. As an infrequent guest I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Fox again. If he improves Fox’s ratings or gets more casual viewers watching all the better. We all benefit as it means more and continued soccer on US TV. Whenever someone is talking that I can’t stand I hit the mute button. We all have that option. I am just grateful that Fox and company afford me the opportunity to watch EPL, Serie A, MLS, and other leagues. The games are more important. As long as Fox keeps televising them I’ll be happy.

  13. Why do they have this little cozy sitting area instead of everyone sitting on a panel? One minute we’re looking at the panel and in the very upper LH corner you can see Wynalda and PM, then they zoom over there chat for ten mins chat and zoom back to the panel, yet you can still see Wynalda and PM in the corner of the screen. It’s like a bad Spanish soap opera where the actors peer out from behind the scenery boards to see their cues.

    One time they cut back to the panel and everyone had changed for MLS chat! It’s ridiculous and comes across as amateur hour. The one thing PM brings is a little edge. He speaks his mind, rightly or wrongly depending upon your viewpoint, but it’s more interesting than to constantly hear “Man City are strong” or Chelsea are in trouble” Barton knows the game but cannot explain himself very well. And how many times do we have to suffer his silly arrows on the screen illustrating how a pass was made into open space.

    Costigan must have pictures of someone.

  14. i wasted 10 minutes waiting for the post match analysis of the liverpool chelsea game, but all we got was a two minute opinion. i want my 10 minutes back. forget famous names, i want proper analysts breaking down the game, like graeme souness and jamie redknapp on the uk feeds.

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