Piers Morgan Goes To Hollywood To Boost Chelsea vs Liverpool TV Ratings on FOX

The reaction to the appointment of Piers Morgan to FOX Soccer’s studio team had been mixed from Wednesday, when the announcement was made, through today. Now that we had a chance to watch him interact Sunday for the broadcast of Chelsea against Liverpool, what’s your opinion? Share it in the comments section below.

Piers Morgan is the type of person who people either love or hate. For me, today’s match was the first time I’ve seen him on television. I know he hosts a talk show on CNN (never seen it) and he was a judge on America’s Got Talent (I’ve never watched the show before), and I’m aware of his role on a British tabloid, but before today’s match, I had no bias either for or against him. So when I watched him today, it was with “new eyes.”

In terms of his analysis and personality, I thought he was perfect. He had a great energy. He spoke with authority and while what he said wasn’t anything groundbreaking, he had a good on-air personality and carried himself well. It was a job well done.

Earlier today I decided to search on Twitter to see what the reaction was from the public. And there I saw why FOX had hired the guy. There were a TON of tweets about Piers Morgan being on FOX. Many were from people who didn’t care about soccer. Some were from soccer fans who badmouthed FOX and Morgan. But the bottom line was that people, whether they love him or hate him, watched. And that will only serve to help the TV ratings.


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