EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show: Open Thread

No matter whether you’re a Chelsea or Liverpool supporter, or if you’re a fan of a different team, you must admit that the game at Stamford Bridge was exciting stuff with end-to-end action. But it finished with an away win for Liverpool. That one result alone generates a ton of talking points that could be discussed on today’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast . . . is Chelsea out of the Premier League title race, have Chelsea fans (and Abramovich) run out of patience with Andre Villas-Boas, should AVB drop Terry and Luiz, and can Liverpool take this victory and push on to break into the top four?

Those are just some of the talking points from one game out of eight played this weekend. But we want to hear from you to direct the conversation and topics discussed on today’s EPL Talk Podcast starring Laurence McKenna, Kartik Krishnaiyer, Jesse Chula and Kristan Heneage. What questions do you have for the guests? What topics should they discuss?

Post your feedback in the comments section below. And the best comments will be asked on-air tonight.

What an incredible weekend in the Premier League. So many developments, and we still have one match to go.

Thanks in advance for your valuable input and feedback.

18 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show: Open Thread”

  1. Here are some suggested topics to consider:

    * If it is time to bench Luiz, Terry and Mikel, who should AVB bring in off the bench to replace them in future matches?

    * What is wrong at Manchester United? The team plays like they’re missing their mojo.

    * Which of these three teams is underachieving the most in the Premier League, in the bottom half of the table: Stoke City, Sunderland or Fulham?

    The Gaffer

    1. As for Man United, well, part of it is Vidic missed time as did Young, but also, Fergie made some errors this year that hasn’t happened before. Against Man City he put in the likes of Evans and Wellbeck instead of going with Hernandez and Jones and this is not the only time he messed around too much with the roster. It’s a long season but Hernandez and Rooney have to start every game. Just a thought, why not turn Berbatov into a mid fielder? Have a great day.

  2. Should AVB stick with Torres and let him build a relationship with Mata? I think that Mata plays much better with Torres .

    Also, should Bellamy and Maxi start next week against Manchester City? I feel like they played great today and think they should keep their place.

  3. Have Chelsea become new Arsenal? Should they bring Hiddink as football director to help AVB instead of replacing him? Is it really AVB’s fault or Chelsea simply need an upgrade their starting line up? If latter what positions need to be upgraded? I personally think that benching Terry, Luiz and Mikel is simply not enough. Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, Cole and Malouda are no longer EPL title contender caliber players. Torres is shadow of himself and it looks more and more unlikely that he will ever regain his best form. Finally, are Chelsea out of the title race? Should they accept it, start rebuilding and make Sturridge, Turnbull and Romeu regular starters?

  4. Based on how well Liverpool played today (particularly during the first half), is there room in this side for Steven Gerrard when he returns?

    The Gaffer

  5. Chelsea need to shake things around up front, that much is clear after today. Drogba needs to go, there I said it. How much did Lukaku cost to just sit the bench? If they’re going for the long balls like they did today, a big target with some pace on him would have been ideal. I expect them to sign someone big in January for sure.

  6. A fit Gerard is till better than Adam any time of the day. The question is will Gerard ever be 100% fit? I think not. Therefore, Gerard will not play every game and that will benefit Liverpool as in the past they have been too reliant on him.

    The bigger questions for Liverpool is will Andy Carrol ever be good enough to play regularly? When he came on late you could see why he isn’t favored right now. Very poor touch and gets the ball taken from him very easily. Suarez thrives when he is playing with quality players with intelligence and that’s why Maxi and Bellamy were chosen today.

  7. I think Meireles would be a great fit to replace Mikel until Essien comes back. I think Terry still deserves his place, but Alex needs to be paired with him, and Cole and Ivanovic can play the outside backs. Chelsea already have guys like Lampard and Mata that aren’t a great help on the defensive end, so playing Luiz just makes me want to pull my hair out (no pun intended) . As a fan, I’d hope that AVB starts going with the more defensive oriented backline to help shore things up.

  8. Is this going to be the week that Kartik finally stops sandbagging and just tells us the truth – that Man City is hands down the best team in the league?

    Every week he bs’s on the podcast and downplays how good Man City has been. It’s getting to the point of being condescending imo.

    I mean, how can you with a straight face make the claims that
    1. Arsenal has been playing the best football the past 6 weeks
    2. Chelsea has “hands down” the best squad on paper

  9. I think Luiz is out of control in general & therefore a liability on the back line. Also, Terry is looking very slow–he’s lost a step or two with age, and must play smarter back there. Terry seems to be in denial about this.
    Except for a stretch in the beginning of the 2nd half today, Chelsea just doesn’t look like they’re playing as a team. It seems this season that Chelsea and Manchester City have traded places in that Chelsea looks like a ‘great’ team on paper but doesn’t show much chemistry in the game just like Manchester City was for the last several years. Now Manchester City is looking first rate and firing on all cylinders.

    Essien can’t get back in the lineup soon enough. Torres needs to start playing or go elsewhere.

  10. 1. What’s wrong with Chelsea and Manchester United?
    2. Have we reached the point where Spurs have jumped into the title hunt with the Manchesters and 4th place is actually between Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool?
    3. Should Maxi be picked over Downing every week?

    Finally, what is Robin van Persie worth on the market right now. Only Messi and Ronaldo are better than he is right now!

  11. The plastic Chelsea fans need to keep there mouths shut about firing AVB and hiring Guus. I’m fine with Chelsea finishing in the top 4 and playing for UCL, League and FA Cup while we turn the old guard over. I think we need to start using Romeu at CDM. Play Mata in a more central role like they did in the second half. Alex, JT, Cole, and Ivanovic as the back 4 and they need to not be bombing forward until they learn how to play as a team.

  12. the second half was better no doubt. The first half was very frenetic and unsettled. The players were not getting time on the ball. The second half was more settled and both teams grew into their stride as the half wore on. The Craig Bellamy asisst to Maxi was a scrappy goal and besides that, there was very little seperating both sides. I’m sorry to say, but when you talk about end-to-end and exciting, you don’t mean that when a players gets the ball at his feet, he just completely lumps it over to the center forward 30 yards away and the oppostion does the same thing. When you do that over 45 minutes, it’s surely not a good enjoyable half to watch. So bottomline, first half was forgettable(which is why you think this was an exciting, end-to-end match), but the second is where we saw better quality of football from both sides. Overall, an average game, considering the quality o players on both sides of the pitch today.

  13. I have been asking Kartik this the last few weeks on twitter.

    First Chelsea isnt the best team on paper they have won only one of the last 4 PL titles and according to Kartik they got that one by a bad ref decision. They have an aging core.

    He is an old Man City fan, he sees all the faults in CIty and all the postives in the rivals, is my only explanation.

    Remember he said the Spurs were the best squad in England last year, then he switched to Chelsea at the beginning of the year, and now its Arsenal who besides Chelsea hasnt beaten one good club. (Who is in a tail spin anyways). On Saturday he actually tweeted.. that not many clubs will got to Norwich and win.

    I love hearing Kartik’s analysis but I find him too harsh on Man City, Sorta like the farther thats harder on his own kids than the other players he coaches.

  14. 1. Liverpool play better when they have Maxi and Bellamy in the side. Carroll is a liability and should only come off the bench. Liverpool need a better right winger as Kuyt is in decline.
    2. Chelsea need to drop Luiz and Terry from their backline. Alex and Ivanovich should start there. Play Torres in place of Drogba because Torres is just low on confidence but Drogba is in decline. Miereles should start in place of Mikel.
    3. Aresenal may be the team in form but they are becoming too reliant on RV Persie and that could be their undoing late in the season unless they buy more quality players in January.
    4. Spurs have two games in hand and if they win both, against Villa and Everton, which are winnable they will be in third place and in pole position to be in the top 4.
    5. Blackburn and Wigan will probabaly be relegated. They should be based on perfromances so far.
    6. Swansea play the most eye-pleasing soccer and I hope they stay up.
    7. Stoke are in trouble and the Europa league may be taking too much out of them.
    8. United don’t look as good as they have these past few seasons and will be beaten for the title by City. United will make it tought for City as they always find a way to get results even when not at their best.
    9. City will win the title as they have the best squad and they will be able to overcome any injuries to their star players better than any other team.
    10. I hope Newcastle remain in the top 6 for the rest of the season as it would be good to have an outsider in the thick of a European spot.

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