UPDATED: US Men’s National Team Home Shirt for 2012-2014: Leaked Photo

UPDATED: The US men’s national team home shirt for 2012-14 will be red and white according to a leaked photo on the Internet.

Designed by Nike, the shirt features red and white hoops with a black rounded-collar and a US flag on the inside of the shirt. While the red and white stripes are very patriotic, it’s another example of a shirt design by Nike which is overdone. While Umbro continues to produce shirt designs with a ‘less is more’ approach, Nike prefers more outlandish designs. A perfect example of this is Manchester United’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season.

While the above photograph doesn’t shown what the entire shirt looks like, I’m not a big fan of it. The shirt design looks like a cross between FC Dallas and Doncaster Rovers. For a country the size and importance of the United States, I would have preferred to see a classier shirt design rather than something that looks like a rugby shirt.

The photo was revealed on the very reliable Football Shirt Culture website, so the chances of this being the legitimate shirt are extremely high.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

63 thoughts on “UPDATED: US Men’s National Team Home Shirt for 2012-2014: Leaked Photo”

  1. Do not like. The US needs to stick with simpler designs that are
    classier. This latest round of shirts were very nice with the sash
    down the middle. Also, the USSF logo is terrible and needs to be
    changed. It shows up as looking even more amateurish on a shirt
    like this.

    1. Duuuude, where’s Waldo? The US should take a page out of the Philly
      Union original design – inspired by the uniforms of the
      revolutionary troops. I agree, the last jersey designs were the
      best in years.. Seriously, what’s wrong with doing a classic navy
      blue with a red & white strip on the sleeve, or something?
      we’ve suffered through a lot of abominations.. lets not return to

      1. I agree. Navy blue shirt is best, maybe with a single, thin red and
        white stripe down the side or across the middle, and red and white
        stripes on the edge of the sleeves (like France’s current away
        shirt). Red and white stripes on the socks would be a nice touch.

  2. I don’t like the design either. I would be interested in seeing the
    red hoops muted such as the less intense red when viewed through
    the collar (on the back of shirt) or with light gray hoops with red
    piping in key areas.

  3. I hate these. Hope to God it’s not true. But remember that we get
    new jerseys for each world cup, so we wouldn’t be wearing these in
    2014 as you stated above. Jerseys are every 2 years.. we’ll use our
    next kits through the qualifying phase up until 2014.

  4. Speaking for many American Outlaws and myself this design looks
    ghastly, like FC Dallas or a amateur club rugby team. We would like
    to see a more tasteful design and I recommend using only solid
    jerseys because the hoops do not belong on a national team shirt.

  5. Can’t we keep the sash? I understand Nike wants to release new
    shirts so they can sell more merch but why not keep the sash? How
    about a white with blue sash shirt? Maybe redo the detailing but
    keep the overall theme. Do they change Mexico’s shirt theme all the
    time? How about Brazil’s? No. Mexico is always solid green for
    their home jersey and Argentina is always vertical baby blue bars.
    Why can’t we make the sash as our timeless theme?

    1. “understand Nike wants to release new shirts so they can sell more
      merch” thats every major brand out there, not just nike. and if you
      look closely you can actually see that they did indeed keep the
      sash, its in the first picture you’ll definatley see it in the red.

  6. Let me guess the home shirt is going to be navy blue with white
    stars on it. Shirt looks awful as does our crest. The only thing I
    can say from looking at that photo is that it could be a t-shirt
    because it looks like the crest is screen printed on to the shirt
    and not an sewn actual badge. I would like to see a classy shirt
    like the one England wore in the last WC.

  7. I hate the US Soccer logo more than the jersey. That thing is
    amateur and needs to redesigned. It should look classy and
    professional. We are going to look like clowns out there.

  8. What’s with the third red stripe? It looks like the middle is
    missing? Is that some sort of design aspect I’m not getting or just
    the photo?? I usually like hoops but i think this is a bit odd.

    1. Nice eye for the sash. Yes, we get crappy sash motif combined with
      odd, ugly hoops. Thanks, Nike, for making our Nats out to be the
      Oregon of international soccer.

  9. Looks lame. However the US won’t be wearing this kit at the next
    World Cup if Nike stay on its current pace they will change the
    design just before WC2014. Remember the ‘hoops’ polo home kit and
    the dark graphite away kit from 08/09.

  10. Are they paying us to take this crap? I can’t believe that with all
    their vast ess and elegant never go out of style.talent Nike would
    come up with such crapM Timele

  11. I guess I’ll disagree with pretty much everyone and say that these
    shirts look awesome. Can’t wait to buy one. Very classic, very low
    key, me gusta.

  12. i guess im the only one that likes it. i mean there are other
    designs i would pick over this one but its not bad. i really like
    it. however i would have much rather preferred USSF to keep a all
    white design . i may come off bias since i love nike so much but
    still its not that bad. BTW the candy cane red is due to the type
    of fabric. this is a replica. if any of you are lucky enough to see
    or purchase the authentic version instead of the replica you can
    totally see the difference in the colour. i bought a replica of the
    2010 qualifier jersey and later bought the authentic version and
    theres a total difference in colour. so i assume the real thing
    will be a more purer white and a deeper darker red. all in all i
    hope Nike continues to sponsor USSF, beats adidas anyways. funny
    thing is is that every single time i go on footballshirtculture.com
    no matter what jersey got leaked absolutely everyone says its ugly,
    no one seems to be pleased with anything NIke, Adidas, Umbro has.
    then when the official release rolls around everyone automatically
    loves it. maybe we live in a “need it now” society. i say wait till
    the official release i bet everyone will love it. i remember that
    what happened to the 2010 world cup jersey anyways.

  13. I’m slowly coming around to this kit. But, think what I’m
    struggling with it the lack of a distinctive and consistent USA
    kit. Here is my thinking. You know who other nations are and you
    know who their fans are in the stadium because of a distinctive
    home kit. Brazil is yellow. Holland is orange. Argentina vertical
    blue stripe. Samurai blue. Sure Japan changes the subtle shadings
    within the solid blue every few years. But from 100 yards, the sea
    of Japanese fans each wearing kits they bought over the past 10
    years…all look like they’re rocking solid blue. USA kits have
    been all over the map. For the last WC, they added the sash…and
    most of us thought this would be the new distinctive element.
    Okay….so, white jerseys with a blue stripe are the Americans. I
    wasn’t crazy about it…but i’m onboard. Then we got the red kit
    (via fan request) and USSF told all USA supporters to were red to
    games. Okay…so, red (preferably the red kit with a sash) tells
    you that USA fans are in the house. Now, I’m hearing that
    horizontal stripes of red and white are the new home kit. I
    understand the thought process. The stripes match the US flag.
    During the national anthem, NBC can show the American flag waiving
    majestically and then cut to passionate fans wearing this kit…and
    those visual elements will tie together nicely. But, here’s the
    thing…if you do this…do it…and never change the the basic
    elements again. In five years, I wanna look at the crowd of a USMNT
    game and get blurry vision from all the fans wearing candy stripes.
    I want other nations to call us the candy stripers in distain. I’ll
    take your candy stripes…but only if you tell me we’ll be candy
    stripers together…forever.

    1. This is a definite must going forward for US Soccer. They need to
      pick a base home color combination/shirt design. I think it should
      be white with a blue sash as that is what the US wore back in the
      day and it will add a little more history to the shirt. Either that
      or go back to the denim blue shirt with the stars on it from World
      Cup 94 and require players to grow out their hair and beards Lalas

  14. WTF! Seriously? STICK WITH A DAMN DESIGN US SOCCER!!!!!!!!!! I
    think the white is fine, we dont need anything else. The sash was
    nice as well, but these hoops are awfully ugly

    1. US Soccer has no say in the design. They have a deal with Nike and
      thus, Nike is in 100% control over how the kit looks. It annoys me
      when fans fail to realize this.

  15. We need to keep the Sash!!! This jersey is awful. Why not try a
    White with Blue sash? White with a Red sash? We should have a Blue
    third kit and stars all over!!

  16. Blech! WTF is wrong in the Nike design room? Does Nike secretly
    hate US soccer? Does US soccer have anyone at all reviewing the
    proposed kits? My theory is that they put pictures of every kit
    currently available to any team in the world on a dart board and
    have a blindfolded drunk throw a dart…voila! The New USMNT kit
    for any given period. Seriously…this is bad.

  17. The thing I dislike the most is the rounded collar instead of the
    more sleek V-neck design that we had with the 08/09 kit. The 08/09
    kit has been the best one so far but even with that, I didn’t like
    the gray mixed in with the white. We don’t need gray on the
    uniform. For the USMNT home kit, I would like to see a similar
    version of the 08/09 home shirt EXCEPT in navy blue color and with
    red horizontal pinstripes and white lettering, with red shorts and
    navy blue socks. There are already too many world teams that wear
    red so the USA should go with blue tops and red bottoms, which is a
    more of a “classical patriotic” color.

  18. These are almost as terrible as the ones we wore in ’94. Nike, stop
    letting your employees eat hallucinogens when designing jerseys.
    Your flashy jerseys for NCAA football are horrible, your new soccer
    jerseys are horrible,and because of you our national team will look
    like a bunch of candy canes while qualifying for WC14.

  19. So we go from our best kits ever to what may be the worst?
    Spectacular. I understand the goal is to sell more shirts, but I
    think Nike has managed to create something that will do the
    opposite. This shirt does not say USA to me. FC Dallas maybe, but
    definitely not USA. Pass

  20. Couple of things: I agree with the comments about the SASH… and
    so does Nike, as you will see a faint sash is part of the design
    (from the nike logo down to the right). That said, I’d prefer white
    shirt with blue sash myself. Secondly, I remember when our current
    kits came out and everyone dogged on them. Now ppl are generally
    okay with it… same will happen w/this one, pretty standard.

  21. Am I the only one who thinks we should ask Tommy Hilfiger to design
    the kits? He’s made millions combining red, white and blue in
    fresh, fashionable looks. And he’s 100% “made in USA” style
    respected the world over .

    1. Not a bad idea. Though I’d give my grandmother a shot a making a
      Nats jersey before allowing Nike another chance at a kit.

  22. Guys.. It’s just a jersey.. You all keep talking about history and
    keeping the jerseys the same. The US National Team is always
    changing their shirts. It’s not like we have a rich soccer history
    or anything to keep the same. The jerseys will look great on the
    players. Yes, they look a little bit like a candy cane but it’ll be
    ok.. This shouldn’t be stressing you guys out this much. It’ll be
    ok. They will probably still make it into the World Cup and they
    might even make it to the knock out stages.. I’m sure you all will
    show your support no matter what the jerseys look like.

  23. Ugly as hell. Does Nike really think this is going to sell Jerseys?
    Looks like freakin FC Dallas. Embarassing, ive already seen
    comments from players that they dont like it either.. WTF..

  24. I have to agree with poster above, when they first came out I hated
    them, but after seeing them in a few games, I have started to
    really like them

  25. Why can’t Nike follow suit with the US Men’s Basketball team and
    make similar or just-as-cool designs with the Soccer jersey? These
    new jerseys are horrible.

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