FIFA 12 Has Already Determined The MLS Cup 2011 Winner: Find Out Who


FIFA 12’s simulation engine has analyzed LA Galaxy against Houston Dynamo in the 2011 MLS Cup, and you can now watch the above video to see who they predict will win as well as footage of all four goals scored.

Do you agree or disagree with the prediction? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


7 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Has Already Determined The MLS Cup 2011 Winner: Find Out Who”

  1. It’s just sad that a dev team in Canada can’t make any of the MLS
    stadiums. They used to have the Home Depot Center in pervious
    versions of the game. Now when you play either LA team you play in
    the cold/snow later on in the season because of the seasons set for
    the stadium that looks kinda like the Home Depot Center. They could
    easily have Quest Field or whatever the stadium sponsor is now for
    the Sounders since they already have the stadium made for Madden
    and the same for the Revolution.

  2. Agree with CT Blues. They target these things toward a British
    audience, with the boring British announcers “so 3-1 is the final
    score here” this isn’t the 81st game of the baseball season, it is
    the MLS CUP !…………………………….. The out of place
    language, announcing a game in the rain/snow ( even when playing
    LaLiga it rains about every game ). ………………………They
    should be able to tweek it just slightly to have it more
    relevant…………………can I buy the Spanish speaking version
    in Seattle ?

    1. I got mine on sale for on EA’s Origin service on PC and I can pick
      what country I’m from which I’m guessing what announcers I get.

  3. I like the score :) Not impressed with FIFA 12 though, nothing
    exciting about the build up or the trophy win. The game doesnt flow
    smoothly or realistically to me and there is no difference in
    graphics for 4 years! Also am I the only one that is annoyed with
    Beckham still being bald in the game? I mean the guy grew out his
    hair 2 years ago and is the most recognizable athlete in the world.
    It’s not a biggie but it shows how little they care about MLS in EA

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