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Piers Morgan Joins FOX As Studio Analyst For Upcoming Premier League Games

piers morgan Piers Morgan Joins FOX As Studio Analyst For Upcoming Premier League Games

In a surprise move, FOX Soccer has announced that Piers Morgan will be a studio guest for two upcoming Premier League games to be shown live on US television. The first will be the November 20 game on FOX Soccer featuring Liverpool against Chelsea (also aired later in the day on FOX), while the second one will be Chelsea against Manchester United live on FOX on Super Bowl Sunday (February 5, 2012).

Morgan, who will serve as an analyst as part of the studio team, is best known in the States for his CNN talk show. The former America’s Got Talent judge is one of the most vocal Arsenal supporters in the entertainment business.

“Piers Morgan brings insight, humor and a keen ability to analyze the game,” said FOX Soccer General Manager David Nathanson. “Aside from being a loyal Arsenal FC fan, he follows the Premier League closely and is a great addition to our broadcast team.”

Love him or hate him, what Morgan brings to FOX is street cred and a name recognition. Reading between the lines, the appointment of Morgan appears to be a move to increase the ratings of the broadcasts on FOX rather than FOX Soccer. Having someone recognizable like Morgan should increase the already record ratings the Premier League games have received on FOX.

The move by FOX is another positive sign of the network’s attempt to grow its soccer audience. If Morgan improves the ratings and on-air chemistry, don’t be surprised if the opinionated English talk show host plays a more prominent role in future soccer broadcasts. Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones recently appeared on FOX’s coverage of a Premier League game.

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26 Responses to Piers Morgan Joins FOX As Studio Analyst For Upcoming Premier League Games

  1. Nick says:

    He’s an idiot. Bring back Bullet Tooth Tony.

  2. SoccerLimey says:

    …..and my Aunt Betty will be on the following week.

    FOX go to great lengths to put the sport of soccer into the mainstream of sport in the USA and then they trivialize the whole thing by bringing this guy on to be a ” studio analyst”. What credentials does he have to do this job other than he’s an Arsenal fan. Big freakin’ deal.

    Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  3. Simon Burke says:

    Jesus no. Most gooners hate him. He is the ficklest of the fickle. Slags off team one minute, praises them the next – just watch his twitter feed during a game to see how quickly he flip flops. He is the lowest common denominator of brainless fans but somehow he feels his opinion is worth a lot. Its not. Bad decision.

  4. The Gaffer says:

    I’m willing to give him a chance. Both games don’t feature Arsenal, so maybe he’ll be more objective.

    The Gaffer

    • trickybrkn says:

      Like his CNN show… Thing is I don’t dislike him, I just think he is a really bad interviewer. He gets lost in the bullet points of questions he wants to ask, then letting an interview flow…

      He might might not be bad as the ‘English’ guy on the set. Where he can just relax and flow with the conversation… I liked Vinnie Jones. I worry that they are hiring based on accents.

  5. Simon Burke says:

    Its not the objectivity that bothers me Gaffer – its his boorish mouth. He’s pro Arsenal, he’s anti-Arsenal… he’s slagging off Michael Owen, he’s slagging off Rio. He thinks he’s funny but he’s not. He is a media-whore craving these stars to respond to him so he can think he’s relevant. He’ll have no trouble going on the air and saying “Chelsea played poorly” or “United were brilliant” or vice versa. He has no insight – and is the equivalent of me or any other fan from Sky’s fanzone going on air and whittering on and stating the obvious. He really thinks he knows it all. The fact that his team’s own fans recognise just how two-faced he is shows you what a treat we’re all in for.
    He’ll be loathed by the neutrals too.

  6. MNUfan1991 says:

    FSC should feature live Twitter sparring with RioFerdy5 and TheMichaelOwen.

  7. jtm371 says:

    just another reason to tune in at kickoff piers is a jackoff.FSC needs to clean house.enjoy!

  8. Jake Islas says:

    Whether I like him or dislike him, really doesn’t matter. Who cares about the studio analysts? I don’t think any of them bring anything to the table worth listening to, Warren Barton isn’t very good at all, and followers of the EPL already know the storylines before the game so what does a studio analyst add anyway? I don’t even listen to them. I care more about the commentators of the games the most.

    As far as him as an Arsenal supporter, I think he does a good job because he says what he feels needs to be said. Some supporters blindly follow their team and support the manager no matter what is going wrong. He puts his neck out there and says unpopular things, which I respect. So many in the public eye say what everyone wants to hear because they’re afraid of criticism. John Harkes, for example is terrible, blind and biased. Many like Harkes don’t have the balls to say what needs to be said and have subtle ways of being biased without really sticking their neck out there like Morgan.

    I think he’s a good addition.

  9. Efrain says:

    Geez, as I read through the article at first I thought, whats this guy from CNN going to do for soccer, then I saw he was a gooner, so that made it better, then I saw all the negative comments on his support for Arsenal. Now I dont know what to think, Im so emotionally conflicted lol. Guess Ill have to wait and see….

  10. CTBlues says:

    At lease Vinnie Jones actually “played” professional soccer.

  11. Pete says:

    I feel sorry for you yanks, I can’t stand Morgan, I don’t actually know why he is famous. I think he started out as an editor for one of the rags over here and the next thing he was judge on x factor with everyone saying who the hell is this guy.
    Seems a strange move to put him on a football show, I mean what does he know? He’s never played, never managed, never had anything to do with the game.

  12. Attaturk says:

    I guess because of the NFL duties, Michael Strahan was unavailable.

  13. JW says:

    If ESPN brought in a “celeb” analyst like this, they’d be hammered for demeaning and patronizing audiences. It just goes to show how far FOX has to go in terms of treating American viewers seriously that some are actually commending their efforts for this…

  14. Dave says:

    You yanks get all the British rejects and you love them anyway. PM is a lightweight journalist/celebrity only made important by being on TV. In this day and age it’s not about what you say but how you say it and how loud or controversial you can be. Please keep him in the States. This coming from a Gooner.

    • J says:

      I do not like him, and I do not want him here. I’d rather send him back to your side of the pond.

    • Pakapala says:

      On one hand, we do get a bunch of brittish rejects like you say, because there is that weird underlying thought in the media that as long as you have a brittish accent you must be a great football commentator, or pundit, or host, etc…

      But I have to say ESPN has been moving away from that lately, hring a bunch of very good brittish commentators at least, and getting analysis from the likes of Roberto Martinez.

  15. Nonsense says:

    Piers who?

  16. J says:

    I don’t understand this move at all. This isn’t going to help soccer appeal to the American sports fan at all, who is not already following soccer, and will turn off people like me who are and who don’t like Piers Morgan and know he never has anything useful to say. Fox doesn’t have “celeb” analysts on for NFL or MLB broadcasts, so why this? All of the people for NFL or MLB have experience in either playing the games or coaching or have been announcing/analyzing for years, this guy has none. Why does soccer get different treatment? I was totally incensed over Michael Strahan on for the Champions League on Fox last spring. If this is the way they’re starting to prepare for their World Cup coverage, I’m definitely very skeptical and not impressed at all.

  17. Harry Cee says:

    I have to ask this question…is Fox bringing him on because he knows what he is talking about or simply because he is British?

    • 3one3 says:

      It’s probably because he’s British and has an American following because of the Apprentice and his show on CNN. I don’t see him adding any real analysis of the game.

  18. Martin says:

    And FSC keeps getting worse, making ESPN look better and better.

    Please fire everyone and start over, Fox. I literally watch nothing but the matches on FSC.

  19. Brian says:

    This is the reason why I only start watching FS about 30 seconds before the game starts. I could care less who they have on before it or what they do. My time is precious and I don’t like wasting it on drivel.

  20. BigAl says:

    Another step backwards for FSC. I couldn’t agree more with Brian. I like Piers Morgan’s CNN show – but with the awful Warren Barton as the resident “analyst”, the show needs strengthening in that areas, not further trivializing. And an Arsenal fan to boot – awful again! Seems like all you need is a UK accent to get on that show as an “expert”. Oh well, at least they get switched off when the live feed from the games is on!

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