MLS Needs to Focus On DC United and Revolution, Not Second New York Team

Just as my fellow MLS Talk writer Robert Hay has listened to Don Garber’s press conference two weeks before the MLS Cup Final at the Home Depot Center, I too listened to that press conference and I have to say that every time the commissioner talks about the league I feel that he has done a solid job running it.

But once again when it comes to the stadium issue for the supposed second New York City side that could be in either Brooklyn or Queens (regardless if it is the Cosmos or one of those three different groups that was with Garber for the USA/Ecuador game at Red Bull Arena), I was surprised to hear that he has a dedicated man in the league office for this tough task.

I was wondering if Mr. Garber ever gave this much extra effort to help out two charter members of the league that is also having a bit of a problem getting their own stadium in two areas of the country along the Atlantic coast.

I mean who doesn’t love to hear about the Raccoon living in the penthouse that is the decrepit and slowly falling apart Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in our nation’s capital when chunks of concrete continues to fall from the upper deck.

While I understand that it’s been tough sledding for Don Garber talking turkey with the politicians from the District of Colombia, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the situation. You all remember my article on what Prince George’s County in Maryland did when they pulled a 180 from yes to no. That was a disgusting thing they did to the supporters of that club.

Or what about the situation with the club that is owned by the Kraft family and continues to use their NFL Stadium as a home when their MLS side desperately needs a better identity and a better home somewhere near or around the city of Boston. I guess they aren’t that much of a priority either.

For the supporters of DC United and the New England Revolution, they should be in an uproar right now because it looks like Garber has lost the plot. While it would be a major notch on the belt to actually build a soccer stadium from within the five boroughs of New York City, the fight to fix this issue for the game in the USA is not finished.

This obsession right now to build a soccer stadium in New York City should be third on the list and the plight for both DC United and the Revolution should be first and second depending on who is able to get that feat accomplished.

Yes I know it took over fourteen years for this franchise knows as the MetroStars/New York Red Bulls to get rid of all the governmental red tape and finally build Red Bull Arena. But for this league to be strong from top to bottom, all charter members deserve to be helped first before you go and tackle this type of project.


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