Football Statistics – The End of All Arguments Has Arrived


Ever felt the desire to prove someone wrong in a football debate but don’t have the statistics to back it up? All you have to do is look up some Premier League stats and add them to your argument. So the next time you’re in an argument with a family member, mate or even your dad, blow them away with a dispute-destroying statistic from!

Although the ”who’s better? Messi or Ronaldo?” debate will never quite go away, this website can offer a clear-cut answer to many of football’s questions.

For instance, has David de Gea been criticised far too harshly this season? According to the stats, yes he has, as the Spaniard has the best saves/shots ratio in the league. And just how good has Juan Mata been at Chelsea since his arrival? As reported by’s statistics, with 7 goals and 4 assists since moving to England, he’s proven to be one of the best buys of the summer.

Perhaps individual statistics aren’t your cup of tea either though. Maybe you’d like to know just how superb Manchester City’s start to the season has been. How many aerial battles have Roberto Mancini’s men won? What is the successful pass percentage of the team? How many shots do they average a game? All can be answered by logging onto

Also you might like to check out pivotal games from the season. Take the Manchester United v Chelsea game which the hosts won 3-1. Despite having 50% more shots than United and more than twice the amount of corners, Andre Villas-Boas’ side contrived to lose the game. Equally, you might like to know just how United lost 6-1 to City at Old Trafford. Although having 49% and having far more corners, they were still humiliated in their own backyard.

How many shots were inside the box? How many outside? All brought to you thanks to!

And the beauty of the website is that the statistics aren’t restricted to Britain. If you’d like to check on statistics from La Liga, Seria A, the Bundesliga and beyond, they also boast a library of information on pretty much any match that you would be interested in!

So check out for all your football statistical needs!


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