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Watch the New FOX Soccer TV Commercial (Video)

fox soccer logo Watch the New FOX Soccer TV Commercial (Video)

Fox Soccer Anthem :60 from Guillermo Lecuona on Vimeo.

If you’ve been watching FOX Soccer during the past week, you may have noticed a new TV commercial that shows soccer fans around the United States sharing their passion for the beautiful game.

In the new TV commercial, FOX Soccer blends together the different ethnicities, sexes and age groups that make up a sample of the soccer community in the US. The commercial paints a new dawn in America with soccer fans being energized about the sport and sharing their team pride with friends and strangers.

The new TV commercial has a feel-good factor about it that previous ones didn’t. The new commercial is not selling FOX Soccer as much, but it’s selling a feeling (as well as some product placements for FOX Soccer products seamlessly blended in).

While the Lamborghini is a bit too much, I do like how they incorporated a mixture of supporters from West Ham, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Inter Milan, Manchester United and others.

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16 Responses to Watch the New FOX Soccer TV Commercial (Video)

  1. trickybrkn says:

    proper nutter with a crossed irons on his hand. coyi.
    did notice one branding flub, the lipstick on the mirror with FSC. but its very nice creative and good to see them going big.

  2. dan says:

    now how about they support their own damn league then. i have no problem with americans supporting the premiership, i just wish they would have the same love for the teams in their own backyard.

    • trickybrkn says:

      I support the Union. There are some rabid fans on the river end, and while I enjoy watching the Union, I don’t have anywhere near the connection and love I feel for West Ham. Maybe cause Union has two season under its belt. and I’ve been supporting West Ham for over a decade…

    • john says:

      @Dan Why would Fox Soccer dumb money into creating a commercial for the MLS when they lost the rights to NBC? It’s business and has nothing to do with not supporting MLS teams.

  3. Steve says:

    All manyoo, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, big surprise…..ignore the league leaders. The future is Man City and these commercials have missed that.

  4. Christian says:

    Love it. Encapsulates the energy and fervor I have for the game very well. Doesn’t hurt to see the 7 train here in Queens represented either ha ha.

  5. Patrick Starr says:

    hmm no MLS teams represented?

  6. manu-now says:

    No kidding there is no MLS team represented—–if baseball were a comparison, the European teams would be Major League teams, and the MLS teams would be the Minor League teams—in some instances, maybe Little League teams would be a more apt comparison.

  7. Publius says:

    Who does the music for the commercial?

  8. Jimmyboy says:

    Music is Rogue Wave- Harmonium

  9. Alex says:

    Great ad. I think that over all, this century will be the century of soccer here in the U.S. It is destined to become the most popular sport here. It is truly the world’s past time, and the U.S. can’t escape that. Won’t happen over night, but sooner or later, soccer will rule here in the U.S. as well. Plus, it’s just so much better than basketball, baseball, American football, and hockey anyway.

  10. Xavier210 says:

    0:09 if anyone knows where i can get that Liverpool flag I’ll appreciate it. Thanks

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