Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 11: Open Thread

If you live in the United States, hopefully you enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning to prepare for a very hectic day of Premier League soccer. Kicking off the day is Newcastle United against Everton. In the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned how Newcastle is becoming the second favorite club for many Premier League viewers. They’re entertaining, very fast and feature several skillful players (most importantly, Demba Ba). Everton, meanwhile, is no pushover, so expect to see two sides battling it out for the precious three points.

Dare I say it, but this Newcastle United side is beginning to look more like the glorious Kevin Keegan side of the early to mid 1990’s.

At 11am ET, there are a ton of matches to choose from including Liverpool against Swansea, Manchester United versus Sunderland, Arsenal against West Brom, Blackburn against Chelsea, and Aston Villa battle Norwich City.

Note if you live in the United States and want to watch Liverpool against Swansea live, the only place you can watch it is on If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, Manchester United against Sunderland can only be found on, too.

You know the drill. Before, during and after the games today, post your comments, questions, rants and raves in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 11: Open Thread”

  1. Great to see Derek Rae back on US television. And I don’t know about you, but I loved the opening from ESPN2 today. I’m not a Newcastle supporter, but I got goosebumps from that. It perfectly captured the pride and history of being a Newcastle United supporter (and showed some great shots of famous icons around the city).

    The Gaffer

  2. Big match for both Chelsea and Blackburn. Chelsea hasn’t been that great recently, and Blackburn really needs points. I’m a Blackburn supporter, but I can’t see them beating Chelsea.

    By the way, what’s the etiquette on posting to this thread? I assume all match spoilers will be fine? I won’t have time to watch the match until tonight, so if spoilers are allowed, I won’t read the thread until after.

    1. Spoilers are allowed in the comments section. I purposely don’t post results or match reports in the form of posts on this site until later in the afternoon (if at all), so the comments section here is the only place that you’ll see spoilers where people watching the games live can chat back and forth.

      Great question.

      The Gaffer

    1. The clocks change tomorrow, yes, but the early Saturday kickoff started at 8.45am today instead of 7.45am ET.

      The Gaffer

      1. Oh, you are absolutely right Gaffer. I was up at 4:30am last Saturday watching ESPN’s pre-game. My mistake in trying to correct you.

  3. Gaffer: agreed about the intro; the little special they had w/ the Newcastle fan (didn’t catch his name) was a testament to the amazing followng Newcastle United has.
    Great first half, wonderful second goal by Newcastle, should be an exciting second half.
    I am not a Newcastle fan, but I am glad that they are having a great season so far…their fans deserve it!!!And with all the malice against Mike Ashley ( a lot of it deserved), it’s nice to see the club doing something right…

    1. I agree, Ivan. I’m writing a piece right now about Newcastle that I’ll publish this afternoon, which touches on some of those themes.

      The Gaffer

  4. Another depressing showing by Everton. They’re playing as if they’re afraid of all of their opponents. At this point they may as well be. I’m not even angry.. just upset. Seems to be a common sentiment for us.

  5. This is sounding like a broken record, but hats off to ESPN once again. Their post-match interviews with Ryan Taylor and Steven Taylor, as well as their segment and interview with Sir Alex Ferguson were superb.

    The Gaffer

  6. Swansea are wearing their home white kit for the 11th league of the season. They’re still yet to wear their new away kit once (although, for good reason today — the orange would clash with Liverpool’s red).

    C’mon you Swans!!

    The Gaffer

    1. And Swansea’s looking more likely to score so far at the half. The effort at home is getting very frustrating for us Liverpool fans.

  7. Liverpool continues to make mid-table sides look like Barcelona…

    Liverpool MOTM: Reina
    Swanselona MOTM: Vorm

    Probably the best goalkeeper battle of the league this season though.

  8. Swansea played like they were the team trying to get into the top 4. Swansea could have won it. They definitely played better than Liverpool. Liverpool only came alive in the end and Swansea’s keeper was terrific.

    Henderson, Adam, Downing and Carroll were made to look like Championship caliber players by Swansea’s youngsters. That’s what you get for buying mediocrity. Swansea will definitely stay up if they continue playing like this. Well done Swansea!

  9. Thank God I didn’t see Liverpool today. I have said it many a times and will say it again: with Carroll, Henderson and Downing to League 2. “The new and improved” Liverpool…get a real coach, Kenny is a legend, but a footballing legend. With him, mediocrity is guaranteed for years to come. Who in his right mind would spend so much money for such awful awful players? Newcastle getting rid of that lumberjack is the best piece of business they have ever made!!!
    I did endure a dreadful Manure/Sunderland game. I admit I loathe Manure and I am very biased. However, watching them this season, makes me think: Isn’t it obvious that the emperor is naked? Is it going to take another 1:6 beating for people to see that? They looked beyond awful today. I understand that they play the Wed-Sat schedule, but, boy, have they been attrocious so far…dropping Rooney in midfield is plain stupid, a desperate attempt to accomodate a Wellbeck/Chicha striking partnership…Wellbeck has the potential for development and the talent of a XIX c. English miner…why is the obstinate Scott sticking with him? Apparently teams still go to Old Trafford, bent over, and go home happy they have lost only by a goal to zero…With Fletcher and Chicharito to nowhere…I truly hope Arse, Chelski and even Tottenham will give Manure a run for the 2nd place this season!

  10. Thank you Swansea for showing the world what a bunch of overrated clowns Liverpool are. Swansea made Liverpool look like a Championship team. For Liverpool fans, that’s what you get when you buy mediocrity. None of Carroll, Downing, Henderson or Adam would get into another team in the top 6. That’s how poorly Liverpool have bought. And they spent 100 million for this mediocrity.

    I’m really enjoying watching Swasea play. I’m gald I’ve seen so many fo their games this season as they are a joy to watch. Well done Swasea and I hope you stay up. You will if you continue to play like today. Granted liverpool are va very average team even at home but still Swansea deserve credit for the way they played. I love it when teams play to win even away from home.

    1. Sorry Harry but I think that’s quite disrespectful of what Swansea has to offer. Liverpool created chances but they’re having a tough time getting the ball in the back of the net. Adam had a good game. Downing had an excellent game in the first half and penetrated down the left wing, and floated in several very good crosses into the box. But Swansea were equal to Liverpool during many moments in the game.

      It’s not that Liverpool played badly. I’d argue that it’s Swansea who played so well.

      Don’t be too hard on Liverpool. They’ve got a good team but Andy Carroll should never be a starter for the Reds unless it’s a FA Cup match. He doesn’t add anything to Liverpool unless it’s a long ball to the far post or a set play.

      The Gaffer

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