Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Leaked Photo

Manchester United’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season will definitely generate a lot of opinion, thanks to a photo which has been leaked on the Internet.

Man United’s new home shirt is a tartan print featuring their dominant red with faint black lines. The tartan print is most probably a mark of honor to celebrate Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years as manager of Manchester United.

The red shirt designed by Nike features a black v-neck collar, while the back of the shirt doesn’t feature too many surprises.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a photo of Manchester United’s away shirt for 2012-13.

What’s your opinion regarding Man United’s new home shirt? Share your opinion below. And don’t listen to the trolls or naysayers who may claim this is a fake design. There are always a bunch of them complaining, but nine times out of ten they are proven wrong.

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37 thoughts on “Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. No chance this is it. If so, Nike will not sell many kits next year. They always play with smaller teams, but never something this radical with a club like United. It’s hideous

  2. Spot on! Mad for plaid, I just hope these pics are real, if its real I’ll buy both. If its not Scottish its CRAP, LONG LIVE SAF!

  3. Frankly, they could change the color to poop brown and if they said it was in honor of SAF, it would be a hit. And I say that not to knock Man United fans, just to make my point that anything honoring Ferguson is going to be popular…and going to be deserved. He’s arguably the greatest coach in the history of the modern English game and you don’t have to be a fan of the club, nor do you have to make an attractive kit, to recognize that.

  4. Isn’t it WAY too early to have a leaked kit? I mean even MLS hasn’t had any and they are due for new season in only a few months!

    Feels like a fake to me too much, although it looks real. Could be a very smart marketing campaign to generate buzz early for next jersey.

    1. New kits are designed and ordered by football clubs at this time of the year for next season, so the timing of the leak is legitimate.

      The Gaffer

  5. I am tired of buying customised (both home&away including goalie) wears every season. Is the the effect of having american’s as chairman??? (average american=strictly captialism/money).

    1. Football clubs selling football shirts every season have been happening long before American owners bought Premier League clubs. It’s not going to change either unless people stop buying the shirts.

      The Gaffer

  6. @brad….sooo because were 3points behind…he shiuld retire? Pffft.
    Hes said hes got about 3-5 years left depending on his health.
    Long live fergie!!

    1. we’re not 3 points behind , we on 86 same as sh*tty er city , its only goals that split us , anyway shirts crap ( if it real) an i cant see fergie leaving on an empty season .

  7. Should be sponsored by ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’… because Sir Alex ‘makes the call’ for added time or timely pens whenever it’s close.

  8. Thanks for saving me money again this year, Nike! Keep making ugly kits for my favorite clubs and my wife will be happy with the money I’m saving!
    For all of those complaining about Adidas’ MLS kits, take a long hard look at what Nike is doing to the biggest clubs in the world and the USMNT…

  9. Seriously hideous! They can at least make the side stripes for the scottish tribute…not the entire jersey! These look like pyjamas! Nike is selling us short and such disrespect to the entire meaning of the genuinely beautiful man united jersey range….the very first Nike jersey for Man United back in 2003 was by far the best…but this is just hideous!

  10. i actually think this is one of the best looking jerseys produced for united in a while.. although it falls behind 96/97, 06/07 and this years. i think the white v-neck may look a little better. all the negative press isnt surprising. i think kits have the ability to ‘grow’ on people though. just a personal opinion..

  11. Anyone know when doest they start selling 2012/13 shirt at old Trafford stadium? Which month? After the new season start or before?

  12. If they had really wanted to honour fergie they could of put a whiskey bottle and a packet of Danish Bacon on the front.
    Accross the back massive cracks.

  13. not liking the shirt but aslong as i breathe ill where what ever shit the team i love is wearing!!!!!

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