Manchester United Away Shirt For 2012-13 Season: Leaked Photo

Manchester United’s away shirt for the 2012-13 Premier League season will be a blue and black tartan design — possibly to honor Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years in charge of the Old Trafford club.

The leaked photo features Manchester United’s away shirt with a v-neck collar. The rest of the shirt features no prominent designs, which is good news when you consider that the tartan print is bold enough.

Designed by Nike, don’t be surprised if many naysayers dismiss the shirt as a fake. But based on the design of this one and the quality of the photos, it looks like it’s the real deal (especially when you look at the design of the inside collar shown below.

What do you think of Manchester United’s new away shirt? Share your honest feedback in the comments section below.

Here’s a photo of Manchester United’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season.

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12 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt For 2012-13 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. No chance. Nike won’t release ANOTHER blue away kit for United (after this year’s). Besides, they always recycle the away kit as next year’s third shirt, which means they’d have another blue away AND a new third shirt. Just doesn’t add up (I expect a white or black away kit)

  2. erm… it looks horrible, my grandad sed itz sumfin like wat he wears wen he plays golf. this shirt is revolting. MAN U 4 LYF

  3. fakes , probarly photo shop . united will not have another blue kit . there blue hooped shirt this season will be there third kit for next season . there away will white for next season .

    1. Gary, every year people leave comments saying these type of shirts are fake, only to find out that 99% of similar comments are wrong, and the shirts end up being the correct ones. Just saying.

      The Gaffer

    2. Is that blue one not the goalkeeper kit? I’d be surprised if the home and away kit’s were exactly the same but different colours

  4. Not saying this is a fake but United do rotate their away kit with their third kit the next season.
    in 09/10 the away kit was black, in 10/11 the away kit was white and this year it is black/blue. I believe it is highly unlikely that they’ll use this kit next season as the away kit, my bet is on a white away kit with this season’s black/blue away kit becoming the third kit for next season.

  5. The gaffer, it’s impossible for this blue shirt to be legit, there were black “away” shirts circulating this forum last year that looked legit aNd the blue shirt ended up being the away shirt. As the away short this year is blue that means next year it will be our 3rd strip. Therefore next seasons away shirt will not be this blue one seen in the picture.

    Just saying

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