Premier League TV Viewing Audience Numbers In the United States, 2008-11

TV viewing audience numbers for Premier League matches on U.S. television have come a long in four years. From 19,000 viewers in 2008 for one game to more than 1.6 million for a recent Premier League match. Along the way, the league has continued to grow in popularity in the United States for various reasons.

To illustrate how the viewing numbers have increased over time, I’ve created an interactive timeline (see above) that you can scroll left and right to see a pretty comprehensive review of TV viewing audience numbers for the past four years.

Have fun playing with the timeline.

And if you happen to have TV viewing figures prior to 2008, feel free to add them to the timeline above (sign up for a free account with Dipity and edit the timeline).

5 thoughts on “Premier League TV Viewing Audience Numbers In the United States, 2008-11”

  1. The advent of the DVR has made these numbers possible. Having all the EPL games mostly available on the weekends also makes soccer more attractive in the states. I follow the Champions League as much as possible but who is home at 3:00pm on a tuesday? Without a DVR I wouldn’t even know Champions League exist. Thank goodness EPL doesn’t play that much during the week.

  2. Love that Spurs v. Gunners takes the second to top spot. I’m a huge Spurs fan (I’m sure in the vast minority in the US). Good to see that EPL matches are bringing in the ratings. I just wish we’d have something more similar to SKY over here. I hate the model of FSC as the only channel, then FSC+ for a straight $15 a month. Pretty crazy expensive if you ask me – all for 1 channel that carries the non-major matches (and many on delay or replay).

    Also, except for the maybe Man Utd, Chelsea, and Arsenal, Sirius/XM satellite radio isn’t an option either. This needs improved.

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