EPL Talk Turns Six Years Old

Today marks the six year anniversary of EPL Talk. It was November 1, 2005 when EPL Talk first launched. The concept was the same as it is now: To bring an independent voice to the coverage of the Premier League for soccer fans around the world.

EPL Talk is the oldest soccer blog in the United States (and perhaps the world?) that’s still running. And the EPL Talk Podcast, which launched in early 2006, is the longest running soccer podcast worldwide (the honor should go to A Game Of Two Halves, but they’ve currently on a hiatus). In the six years, we’ve published more than 7,400 stories, while you — the readers — have posted more than 100,000 comments.

A lot has changed in six years. The reason I initially started the blog was that I felt isolated, and I knew that other soccer fans felt the same way. Other than BigSoccer there was no way for soccer fans to gather online and share a common interest in the experience of watching the Premier League.

That has completely changed. Now there are so many options and so many more people following the league and talking about it in public and the mainstream.

As usual with EPL Talk, we’re continuing to work on new ideas that push the envelope. Keep an eye out for some new columns and features in the coming months.

And for you newer readers, yes those are some of the old EPL Talk logos pictured above.

Thanks everyone for your loyalty and continued support!


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