Man United 1-6 Man City: Tactical Analysis (Video)


Manchester United fans will probably not want to watch this video as it may be too painful for some, but YouTuber JohnGME has analyzed a few of the goals from the 6-1 drubbing by Manchester City to expose the errors that United were causing. Namely, their midfielders didn’t track back well enough, and their defenders were completely exposed with only three at the back after Jonny Evans got sent off.

The video does raise the question of whether Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t do enough after Evans was sent off to shore up the back four for United. Should he have jettisoned Anderson or Welbeck to make way for Vidic while the score was still one-nil to City after Evans got sent off? In hindsight, I believe Ferguson made a catalog of errors Sunday beginning with his team selection. But it’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, right?

Even though it’s only been a couple of days since the Manchester derby, I still can’t believe what I saw — how Manchester City made United look so inferior. Even when Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-1 in 2009, United didn’t look as vulnerable as they did this past Sunday.


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