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Mario Balotelli Sets His House On Fire

mario balotelli Mario Balotelli Sets His House On Fire

Mario Balotelli accidentally set his house on fire early on Saturday morning after playing in his bathroom with fireworks. Manchester City’s Italian striker escaped from the house unhurt, but it’s yet another incident in the very surreal life of Mr. Balotelli.

According to The Guardian newspaper, “he has told club officials he and four friends were setting off fireworks through an open window. The bathroom towels set on fire and the blaze quickly spread. Balotelli has claimed that one of his friends had set off the firework. That, however, is unlikely to spare the player a reprimand from Mancini and a reminder that City’s management staff would have expected him to be asleep at that time rather than exposing himself to the possibility of serious injury.”

Whether Balotelli’s behavior will affect his chances of playing in the Manchester derby tomorrow, we’ll find out tomorrow. However this is another in a long string of incidents that Balotelli has been involved in including wearing an AC Milan shirt on TV while he was still an Inter Milan player, throwing a dart at a Manchester City youth player, having his car impounded in England 27 times in one year, and when he was pulled over by police in Manchester, he had £25,000 in cash sitting on his passenger seat. When questioned why, he said “Because I can.”

Balotelli, 21, sounds like a bored young adult with a lot of time on his hands and plenty of money to burn (excuse the pun).

What are your thoughts regarding Balotelli? Should we be concerned that he set his house on fire, or is this just another fascinating development in this character’s real-world life?


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10 Responses to Mario Balotelli Sets His House On Fire

  1. Todd says:

    You hit the nail on the head: he’s a bored young adult. And calling him an adult is a stretch. His skill on the pitch is what I’d call world class potential, however his antics off the pitch are nothing short of children’s tomfoolery. I enjoy watching him play, but his arrogance is just so unappealing. Dude needs a serious attitude adjustment. I’m interested to see just how Mancini handles him, considering he seems to be doing well with the whole Tevez blowup.

  2. PaulfromMiami says:

    It is a non-story to me. Is it against the law to light up fireworks?

    • trickybrkn says:

      well, the fire brigade was called at 1am… so yes it was illegal.
      the latest you can set off fireworks is 11pm or midnight of bonfire night.
      you don’t wanna know why I know this…

  3. Flyvanescence says:

    I love Balotelli. entertaining and productive on the pitch, and a riot off it.

  4. says:

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  5. trickybrkn says:

    and ban the IP.

    what year is this? it actually breaks my heart to think people even think this way….

    just unbelievable.

  6. striker says:

    hmm like the Bayern Player, hmm interesting, maybe a trend

  7. HSV says:

    yep the Player Breno from Bayern was that, but he also have troubles and a injury.

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