5 New Features of EPL Talk


Many of you will have noticed that we’ve been continually tweaking the design of EPL Talk over the past several weeks. While it’s still a work in progress, I want to bring to your attention five new features that you may not be aware of (watch the above video).

The redesign is in beta, so we’re continuing to make changes and refinements to improve your web experience.

The biggest change of them all is the speed of the site. Before, most pages took approximately 15 seconds to load (take a look at the old site to compare). Now the new site loads in approximately 2-3 seconds. The speedier site also features a larger width for the articles. The benefits of this are (1) larger videos instead of the smaller ones that were on the old site, (2) larger photos, and (3) more of a website reading experience instead of a typical blog post format.

We’ve made countless other changes (including less advertising, so the pages load faster). As with any redesign, it takes a while to adapt (I’m still getting used to the redesigned TechCrunch and Facebook, for example), but hopefully you’ll be open to the changes.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage.

6 thoughts on “5 New Features of EPL Talk”

    1. Thanks for the feedback. But can you give me more detail? Both the new site and old site list seven articles on the homepage, so how were you able to see older articles better on the old site? Just need to better understand your feedback. Thanks.

      The Gaffer

      1. every article had the same amount of space on the old site. every picture was the same size, and all the text was the same size too. I think the twitter feed smack in the middle ruins it. If i recall properly, the old site had a twitter feed on the side. Also, with the old site, I tended to going to previous pages to see if i missed any articles that might have interested me. now i barely scroll down all the way…

        1. Thanks for the additional input. The homepage on EPL Talk now features the Twitter feed more prominently under the main image in the section that reads “EPL News.”

          Meanwhile, the link to previous pages is the same as the old site. Seven articles on the homepage, and seven on the page prior, and so on and so forth.

          We took some of the best features from the old site and incorporated them into the beta design, and streamlined a lot of other things so the pages load faster.

          The Gaffer

  1. I have to say it’s a great all round website,I’ve been reading it (and listening to it) for years…
    The comment and analysis articles are always very good, this is an area you should really concentrate on as its one of the best atributes of your work.

    top marks all round from me!!

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