5 New Features of EPL Talk


Many of you will have noticed that we’ve been continually tweaking the design of EPL Talk over the past several weeks. While it’s still a work in progress, I want to bring to your attention five new features that you may not be aware of (watch the above video).

The redesign is in beta, so we’re continuing to make changes and refinements to improve your web experience.

The biggest change of them all is the speed of the site. Before, most pages took approximately 15 seconds to load (take a look at the old site to compare). Now the new site loads in approximately 2-3 seconds. The speedier site also features a larger width for the articles. The benefits of this are (1) larger videos instead of the smaller ones that were on the old site, (2) larger photos, and (3) more of a website reading experience instead of a typical blog post format.

We’ve made countless other changes (including less advertising, so the pages load faster). As with any redesign, it takes a while to adapt (I’m still getting used to the redesigned TechCrunch and Facebook, for example), but hopefully you’ll be open to the changes.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage.


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