ESPN2’s Coverage of Liverpool Against Man Utd Nets 456,000 Viewers

ESPN and FOX are not only competitive when it comes to bidding for World Cup TV rights. They’re also very competitive in the TV ratings game, namely the number of viewers watching Premier League matches on U.S. television.

EPL Talk can reveal that ESPN2’s broadcast of the Premier League game between Liverpool and Manchester United on Saturday, October 15 had a viewing audience of 456,000 — which is exactly the same number of people who watched the September 18 broadcast of Manchester United against Chelsea on FOX Soccer. Both games represent the largest TV viewing audiences so far for U.S. coverage of the 2011-12 Premier League.

Meanwhile, 48,000 viewers watched Liverpool against Manchester United on ESPN Deportes.

6 thoughts on “ESPN2’s Coverage of Liverpool Against Man Utd Nets 456,000 Viewers”

  1. Speaking of TV coverage, a funny observation from my Comcast feed this morning:
    Wolves vs. Swansea is being labeled “English Championship Soccer.” An honest mistake, or intentional slight?? Hahaha

  2. Sorry Gaffer, haven’t been on for awhile and missed that post! Just thought I slept through the rest of the season or something!

  3. Now if only espn will start broadcasting the monday games on tv instead of internet. Yet again the 10-31 game won’t be televised by espn only on deportes. More proof that espn is not dedicated to soccer. Come on espn get with it! Talk shows, poker instead of epl?

    1. I have to agree. ESPN3 (if you can get it) is no substitute for ESPN2 HD. I feel the quality of the EPL product may be slightly better than Fox, but a least when the game are in Fox, you do get the opportunity to see the tape-delay on TV.

      Another criticism of ESPN is the ManU v. Everton game being shown on ESPN Deportes next weekend.

  4. tomorrow’s Manchester derby will be watched by billions around the world. It’s becoming the 2nd biggest derby right behind Barca v RM. I think City is gonna win, 2-1, goals from Nesril, Yaya, and Hernandaze.

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