UK Government Vows to Leave No Stone Unturned About Hillsborough Disaster

British Labour Party politician Steve Rotheram gave a passionate plea Monday to the House of Commons on the topic of the Hillsborough Disaster. The Liverpudlian MP, who was at Hillsborough on that fateful day in 1989, argued for the disclosure and publication of public documents relating to the Hillsborough disaster.

The debate was in response to an E-Petition, which collected more than 139,000 signatures to support a full disclosure of all government documents.

In a moving speech, Rotheram closed his opening remarks by reading out the names of each of the 96 who died resulting from the Hillsborough Disaster. The names of the men, women and children echoed through the chamber of the Houses of Commons — the first time these names have been read aloud in the lower house of the parliament of the United Kingdom.

In Rotheram’s speech, where he shared the truth about what happened, the MP reiterated what the Taylor Report had found, that there was no substance that ticketless fans caused the Hillsborough Disaster.

“As Home Secretary I will do everything in my power to ensure the [Hillsborough] families get the truth,” said British Home Secretary Theresa May. “No government papers will be withheld from the panel. No stone will be left unturned.”

The findings from the Hillsborough Independent Panel are expected to be revealed next year. Finally the truth will be revealed about what happened that day such as the what extent the government gave to the police strategy of blaming the supporters for the disaster, why the coroner instituted a 3:15pm cut-off time be established (where no evidence was heard after that time), and what was discussed in the secret cabinet meeting that was held within 24 hours after the disaster happened where then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her top-level figures gathered to discuss how to react to the tragedy.

Finally the sense of injustice that Liverpool supporters have felt for 22 years has been brought to light inside the British Parliament. When the complete wealth of documentation will be publicly shared next year, only then will we — the concerned citizens around the world — know the full truth of what happened on April 15, 1989.




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