Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 8: Open Thread


The Premier League is back after an excruciatingly painful international break. And it’s back with a vengeance featuring the two most successful clubs in English football history: Liverpool and Manchester United, live from Anfield.

Today’s starting lineups:

Manchester United: De Gea, Evra, Jones, Ferdinand, Evans, Giggs, Smalling, Park, Young, Welbeck, Fletcher.

Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Enrique, Carragher, Skrtel, Lucas, Adam, Gerrard, Downing, Kuyt, Suarez.

Surprisingly, Manchester United have gone with a very defensive line-up. However, their bench includes Rooney, Hernandez, Valencia and Nani. My analysis is that Manchester United will try to stifle Liverpool’s attack and hold on for a draw until the 65th minute mark and then send on very attack-minded substitutions to get the goal that’s needed to either draw or win this game.

Before, during and after the Reds against Red Devils game, and for all of today’s Premier League matches, feel free to post your questions, observations, rants or raves in the comments section below.

After the mammoth early match on Saturday, there are plenty of other games in store, including:

  • Chelsea against Everton,
  • Man City against Aston Villa,
  • QPR vs Blackburn,
  • Norwich versus Swansea,
  • Stoke v Fulham, and
  • Wigan against Bolton.


15 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 8: Open Thread”

  1. United w/ one shot on goal, getting away w/ a point. Overall, a poor poor game, didn’t come into life until the Gerrard’s fluke goal (Adam was not even touched by Rio). If that’s the “best” the Premier League has to offer…
    United will implode this season, and their total mediocrity will be exposed soon.
    Liverpool found a way to not win this game, still playing kick and run football, with Suarez and Gerrard at times the only people w/ any footballing creativity…
    I know the teams are coming back from an international break but, boy, this was an awful game of football…

  2. Im looking forward to see if Tight Shirts FC a.k.a Fulham can continue their run of form against stoke.

    And i see the product of having a squad like Man City’s in their starting lineup today. Interesting.

  3. People have almost zero perspective these days.

    Complain away at SAF starting 11, but they competed in a North West Derby. Read the word derby and you can see why the match was so compact and on a knife’s edge. The starting 11 gave United a chance to win the match, knowing the quality on the bench would make an impact and they made the impact.

    AND on top of the international matches the past 10 days or so, United have to travel to Romania or wherever for Champions League I believe for a Tuesday match against Otelul THEN travel back for ANOTHER derby.

    Squad rotation, protecting your players (Rooney) and understanding that the season is extremely early in all competitions is what SAF had on his mind. Oh and by the way, United gaining a point today is more than the previous 3 matches at Anfield, which they lost.

      1. Really? Please explain how your ignorant comment compares to the observation.

        I guess Liverpool fans don’t remember Rafa Benitez and his FACTS rant since “some people can’t make a point without being a total d-bag”.

        Lots of anti-Manchester United haters out there these days due to jealousy and pure ignorance. FACT.

  4. Man U-Liverpool game was an absolute snoozefest till the last 15 minutes. I really wish the big clubs would open it up from the get go when they play.

    Stoke 2-0.. Fulham didn’t get a shot on goal until extra time.. Dempsey looked gassed from USMNT play and Zamora/Johnson were completely shut down.. This game could have been 4/5-0.

    Bolton gets a big win at the DW..

    1. Wigan made two silly defensive mistakes and lost possession in midfield to allow Bolton to score their three goals. Wigan need to button things up!

      The Gaffer

    2. Just got in from the Stoke match, awful game from both sides. That prick Danny Murphy got plenty of stick. Martin Atkinson was the inept official on display today. Jol’s excuse on the aftermatch interview, the grass was too long and it was too windy! Some kudos for the Swansea fans in The Oatcake fanzine today.

    1. Will do when I’m in work next week. I’ll PDF the fanzine. There’s a match report, front cover and ‘Away day League’ report you might like.

  5. I’m a Liverpool fan, and people are being way too harsh on Liverpool AND United. This is what the FA gets for scheduling this match after an International break.

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